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  1. Yeah, we decided to opt out as well and donated some of the balance. We have a six-month old though, so that was a big factor in our decision. It's going to be a bummer not being in the stands but look forward to taking our little one to her first game next season.
  2. Appreciate it and thankfully they avoided contracting it.
  3. I know people's thoughts on this topic vary, but just wanted to say stay safe out there. Took precautions but still contracted COVID-19. I was out of commission for three weeks. Thankfully I didn't have breathing issues, but it still sucked to an incredible degree. My symptoms included fever, coughing, congestion, headaches, body aches, loss of smell, fatigue, and hives. The last one is a weird one, but they're seeing it more and more. I still have a cough and my stamina is worthless, but thankfully almost back to normal.
  4. LOL, not sure how we won...but we won. I'll take it. This game was as ugly as it gets. If Ramey doesn't heat up at the end, we lose. Totally agree with @tejasrulz, Williams needs more PT. It is downright painful to watch Kai play defense, which tells us how bad Baker is. Finally, for the love of God, get Sims more touches down low. At this point, he is our best player (sorry Matt).
  5. Get ready for Saturday. Apparently Hepa and Lidell are both out. We may have no choice in playing Baker extended minutes.
  6. I can't put into words how embarrassing this was. CDC, you have to buy him out at the end of the season. There is no other option.
  7. McGuire coached TEs for Baylor in 2017-2018. Sounds like he’s great for recruiting and is well-respected among Texas HS coaches. Why not call him up, point to the Aranda hiring over him, and offer him the TE job?
  8. It basically same down to Hepa hitting open 3's. They left Hepa open a number of times, challenging him to hit the 3. Tonight he did, so cheers to the young man for rising to the moment. Not looking forward to Saturday, though. We're going to get smoked.
  9. Oh, I know they’re garbage. Shows how bad they are that we beat them by 14. Also, expecting to shoot anywhere close to that percentage on a regular basis is downright insane, but I fully expect us to continue to launch 3’s thinking we can. Sigh...
  10. Amazing what happens when the team shoots over 40% from 3.
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