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  1. I could see him retaining Ash, especially considering their prior history at Ohio State.
  2. On a side note, @Jameson McCauslandor @Aaron Carrara, have y'all heard anything regarding Hepa? He's been the ultimate cheerleader from the bench and still seems locked in and committed to the team. My buddy and I were joking Shaka should just make him an assistant. Anyway, wondering if he just plans on red shirting this season, especially with the depth of team and limited playing time. I know there were also some access issues to practice facilities for him until he returned to Austin. I guess he could also be a transfer candidate. I'd hate to see him go since he seems to be a great presence
  3. I’m assuming this might be what they’re referring to: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/EJA769/history/20201203/1736Z/KOSU/KDZB Sorry for being that person to post the flight aware link.
  4. In watching the games so far, I've been really impressed with Coleman, Ramey, and Kai Jones. AJ has had good and bad games and I think he'll round into form. GB3 is a ridiculous athlete that's adjusting the college game. It will be interesting to see how much his jump shot develops over the season. I will always love the energy Hamm brings off the bench, and as I said in another thread, Cunningham's basketball IQ is ridiculous. The two players I'm concerned about so far are Liddell and Sims. Liddell looked good early last season and then disappeared. Unfortunately, this season, he looked
  5. I hate to say this, but our best lineup has Kai at the 5. Jericho slows us down too much and mucks up the offense. He's not rebounding at the rate to make him a mainstay in the starting lineup.
  6. Frustrating he hasn't played more. I'm assuming it's due to him having 2 fouls?

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