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  1. A lady at school makes them every year. They are good. The best I ever bought were from the Valley, when I was living in Corpus. Oh my, you could order pork with cheese and jalapeño, or cheese and jalapeño, the list went on and on. An elderly man went to office buildings, and his family made them. They were outstanding.
  2. Off topic, but have all of you fellows finished all of your Christmas shopping? My last purchase came two days ago, and the tamales that I ordered were delivered today. I ordered 4 dozen & wish I had ordered 6. On-line shopping has certainly helped this working woman finish Christmas shopping in a timely manner. I think that I am going to top off my grandson’s Christmas with tickets to a Longhorn basketball game for the 3 of us. Hoping to catch a baseball game after. Hook ‘em!
  3. Uh-hem, has anyone considered that they may have told some or all recruits without letting anyone else know. Recruits can be pretty tight-lipped when it comes to their college choice. I haven’t seen ours mouthing off, not at all. Not a ripple during all of this. Hook ‘em!
  4. May this particular horse Rest In Peace. He died a very slow, painful death. Don’t take offense, I have had STAAR tests to monitor since Tuesday. Almost over! Next week finals. That is definitely cruel and unusual punishment Hook ‘em!
  5. I think if Royal had played a schedule with this many games and so few on the roster, when the injury bug hit, the team would have suffered. Blame it on the NCAA. They want the D1 money, but they don’t want to up the scholarship limit. They need to. As far as the injury vs development. Herman has developed players. If you can’t see it, you don’t want to. This argument is counterproductive. Giving space to bash Herman when Meyer developed the talking point. Really? Meyer? I don’t even listen to that bitter faker. He has an agenda to hurt Tom’s reputation, and I, for one, just laugh every time he tries to ‘very professionally’ discredit him. Hook ‘em!
  6. Have you ever seen Texas play Utah? Fly out of SA after game and go to Vegas.
  7. Great Opponent The message: Buy tickets and rock the Dome.
  8. I think there is a whole lot of parity in college football. imo, our problem, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, Herman has had 2 full recruiting classes here. That first recruiting class they barely held together, with the exception of a few special players like Sam. This year, we were playing a lot of talented youth, and then the talented youth got hurt during the heart of the season. We don’t have the depth for that.
  9. Overshown was injured, or so I heard. When he played, he was amazing.
  10. You are kidding, right? Herman’s first recruiting class was put together with string and bubble gum after Strong quit recruiting early his last season. We were really fortunate to get the players we did, including a few diehard Longhorns like Ehlinger. I freely admit that I am no x’s snd o’s pro, heck it’s easy to see that I’m much more of a cheerleader. That said, Herman’s first real class was BJ, Caden, and all of those other sophomore starters you saw gut it out through injuries. They are warriors, much like Ehlinger. But even warriors are not as effective when they are injured. I saw one of them, may have been Brandon Jones knocking people down but never using one of his shoulders (left I think). I was pretty sure he was playing hurt because he knew we needed him out there that much. The Offense: Recall the haphazard, lackluster series we saw during the first quarter. I was pretty certain that was Beck’s final exam which he flagged badly. Now consider the cohesive offense we saw later in the game. The offense where one play set up another, the offense that drove down the field and scored. The players were the same. The opponents were the same. Who do you think was calling those plays? I would bet lots of cash that it was Herman. Herman took responsibility because he made the hires. I think it’s a shame that Orlando had to go. Beck was in way over his head, as was Wareheim. It’s time to quit bashing Herman. CDC isn’t looking over Herman’s shoulder. He is relieving him of some of the due diligence that is required when someone is hired for a job at a place like Texas. Due diligence that Urban Meyer should have done when he hired Zack Smith and others. (There you go, Urban, you sanctimonious mouthpiece.) Herman, hire the best darn offensive & defensive minds out there, and let’s roll in the W’s!! Hook ‘em!
  11. Hi, all. I have been around and have checked in occasionally, but it has been an incredibly busy fall, work wise. It is silly, but I have been working about 6 days a week, and I am fast. It’s just an incredible work load, and get this, I volunteered! Didn’t realize it would require this time commitment though! You know what they say, there is one born every minute. Uh-um. To top it off, I bought a new puppy in August. She is precious, but it does take time to train them properly. She is good though. Haven’t missed a Longhorn game, though. i really do think injuries played a huge role this year, and it hit us hard because most of our talent, with a few exceptions was in the last 2 classes. i hate to lose Orlando I thought a lot of the man, and I don’t even know him. I understand we gave up a lot of yards this year, but the injuries we had in our defense were absolutely stunning, as were the number of Freshmen and Sophomores who were starting. But, I am not an X’s and O’s pro, to put it mildly. I’m looking forward to a great season next year. Probably won’t be back tonight. At least 2 more hours of work & I started at 2:30 this afternoon. Like I said, silly. Hook ‘em!
  12. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was very good. Friday was great when I saw the Texas offense assert itself again. I truly believe that Herman started calling the plays himself after the first futile drives. The difference was just too dramatic. After those first drives we simply dominated, and the offense was fluid, fun. btw, is there anything that Roshon cannot do when it comes to football? That drive where he and Sam carried the load, and we scored. What a statement! Big Mal, what a beast! His energy could power a major city. I’m going to miss that young man next year. Dev, too. Every time he touches the ball, I just wait for something good to happen for us. Shakelford, he is another one who rallies the troops. I felt really bad for Collin. He missed so much of his Senior year. For those of you bemoaning the injuries, haven’t you ever noticed that Freshman and Sophomore players are injured more frequently than upperclassmen. It happens because they aren’t as physically mature (stating the obvious). Luckily, we have a great strength & conditioning program, plentiful resources, and dedicated athletes, so relax, enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend. Hook ‘em!
  13. To RoJo’s BigBro, Your Little Bro is awesome! What a man! What a player!
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