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  1. Ironically, I believe that Orlando is very bright and could have adjusted, but for some reason we will probably never really know, didn’t adjust. Did the players on D, in particular, seem like they played with a weight lifted from their shoulders last night? They were rarely out of position, and they played with intensity and absolute abandon. It was fun to watch, though it irritated the Utes. Hook ‘em!
  2. At Texas, we attract some elite athletes, and we attract some very intelligent athletes. I loved watching Orlando’s defense, but we saw, this year, what happens when you have to insert young, inexperienced players into a complex scheme. If you switched to LHN after the game, Herman said they had 8 bowl practices. Ossai said they learned a different defensive scheme in those 8 practices. I think it simplified the game so that the players could use their athleticism to make plays. If you recall what one of our National Championship players said Chizik did in 2005, he simplified the defense and allowed the players to use their instincts rather than overthink while playing. It matters. That’s exactly what made Vince so hard to defend. Hook ‘em!
  3. Is it possible that Herman can’t announce the OC yet because that man’s team either doesn’t want to wreck a R/C (saw that mentioned here), or because they are in the playoffs? Just a thought.
  4. I recall a 3 star lineman that we recruited and at this moment I cannot remember his name, but he was a critical part of the 2006 National Championship team. He may have retired in the last few years, but he had a long Pro career, as well. Recruiting services don’t always get it right.
  5. You are a man among men, Dee. Hook ‘em! btw, to whoever said it, I am not the resident optimist, I see what happens every game; however, I think some people should say what they have to say, and forego beating that poor nag into dog food.
  6. This is a rhetorical question. Why would Harrell want to stay at USC? I have heard that it is not a well-run program. We floundered a little after Dodds retired, but we are in extremely capable hands with CDC. It’s also obvious that The University administration supports our program. Coaching at Texas is a great opportunity, if and only if, a coach is not concerned about coaching on a big stage. For the naysayers, we are on a big stage, regardless of what you may say. Hook ‘em!
  7. A lady at school makes them every year. They are good. The best I ever bought were from the Valley, when I was living in Corpus. Oh my, you could order pork with cheese and jalapeño, or cheese and jalapeño, the list went on and on. An elderly man went to office buildings, and his family made them. They were outstanding.
  8. Off topic, but have all of you fellows finished all of your Christmas shopping? My last purchase came two days ago, and the tamales that I ordered were delivered today. I ordered 4 dozen & wish I had ordered 6. On-line shopping has certainly helped this working woman finish Christmas shopping in a timely manner. I think that I am going to top off my grandson’s Christmas with tickets to a Longhorn basketball game for the 3 of us. Hoping to catch a baseball game after. Hook ‘em!
  9. Uh-hem, has anyone considered that they may have told some or all recruits without letting anyone else know. Recruits can be pretty tight-lipped when it comes to their college choice. I haven’t seen ours mouthing off, not at all. Not a ripple during all of this. Hook ‘em!
  10. May this particular horse Rest In Peace. He died a very slow, painful death. Don’t take offense, I have had STAAR tests to monitor since Tuesday. Almost over! Next week finals. That is definitely cruel and unusual punishment Hook ‘em!
  11. I think if Royal had played a schedule with this many games and so few on the roster, when the injury bug hit, the team would have suffered. Blame it on the NCAA. They want the D1 money, but they don’t want to up the scholarship limit. They need to. As far as the injury vs development. Herman has developed players. If you can’t see it, you don’t want to. This argument is counterproductive. Giving space to bash Herman when Meyer developed the talking point. Really? Meyer? I don’t even listen to that bitter faker. He has an agenda to hurt Tom’s reputation, and I, for one, just laugh every time he tries to ‘very professionally’ discredit him. Hook ‘em!
  12. Have you ever seen Texas play Utah? Fly out of SA after game and go to Vegas.
  13. Great Opponent The message: Buy tickets and rock the Dome.
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