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  1. Just FYI, Lincoln Riley announced that a Spring Season can be done. It is, but I’m ready for some football. C’mon!
  2. Apologize if I am wasting bandwidth, but there were a few other thoughts that I wanted to express last night, but it was just too late. I hate for anyone to sit out anything this year. Sure, the guys that had a place to workout were probably already working out, but without a support group and trainer, I don’t think many work out as effectively. Seniors, or guys that only have this year left. What about them? There are always one or two who really move up and perhaps even get a their shot at the pros based on their last year. I want them to have that opportunity. I would think that anyone who chooses to sit out will lose their job to their replacement, and will be required to win it back. That puts winning it back out of their control. If anyone has forgotten, we have new offensive and defensive coordinators. There are few people with safe jobs. Get ready for the season, Men, and Hook em!
  3. I am encouraged by some of the trends we see in the Coronavirus. There are older people walking out of the hospital in two weeks, 88 year old people. There are people in their late 60’s who are only mildly symptomatic. There are young people who are asymptomatic. Something that is being done is effective. It is encouraging that we now know that it is spread more like most respiratory viruses. Medical personnel have learned a lot about this virus. We don’t have a vaccine yet, but we have a lot more knowledge. That is encouraging. I, too, wish DO had sought advice before he made additional comments. I would imagine that Herman and team leaders have spoken to him since. Leave the Eyes alone! Now, let’s have a Uniform discussion thread. This horse is dead. Sir Horn, the Offseason Uniform discussion thread is long overdue. Hook ‘em!
  4. She struggled in the NCG. Jody had a great game plan. Took my grandsons to the Texas v Oklahoma State game on March 7. They have always been able to get autographs from the players after the game, but this time, the players left immediately. The kids were really disappointed, but then I saw Jody. I asked her if she had time to autograph their basketball. She was very gracious. Autographed their basketballs, spoke to them, and shook their hands. Treated them like they were very important. She looks great, and I really appreciated what she did. Hook ‘em!
  5. The second half just started. Hate to ruin the surprise, but that team went 34-0. Jody was a heck of a coach! Hook ‘em! Stay until we sing the Eyes. (I taught my daughter that, too.). Then, she had to teach it to her roomies.
  6. Aaron, if you can find a copy of the local paper, it should have a fishing report, yes? Ours used to. I believe the Corpus Christi Caller always had fishing reports from Matagorda Bay. I don’t know the name of the Victoria paper, but they should, just don’t know if they have a daily paper. Have a great trip!
  7. Guys, I would like to tell you that it’s admirable you were able to keep up the debate this long. I honestly don’t know how you did it. Now, go have a nice evening with your wives. They have probably been searching for you for days.
  8. The protest is now in the Seattle Times. The link is below. Evidently, there is concern about White Supremicists interfering with the BLM protestors. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/after-early-morning-shooting-in-chop-occupied-area-returns-to-its-new-normal/%3famp=1
  9. Hello, there! This was supposed to address aUTfan As I understand it, chokeholds can have fatal consequences. I believe that is why they are banned in some departments already. I haven’t heard, yet, if they have been banned on a national level. I watched the Atlanta video multiple times. Up until the point where the officer fired his weapon, I don’t believe that any reasonable person would have considered that could happen. There was no reason for it. You are right about that. They could have picked him up later. They could have moved the car or had it towed. As far as your question about arresting a violent suspect. It seems to me that restraining the arms and hands first is the only thing that is practical. Otherwise, weapons will be a major concern. In the Atlanta shooting, I thought it was very odd that the officers talked to Mr. Brooks for 45 minutes before everything unraveled. When he began to try to arrest him, the officer seemed very slow, almost clumsy.
  10. I want to ask a question? For our doubters, yes, this is an honest question. I have been without TV most of the weekend because my cable box simply crashed . The internet, I may look it up, but will it be true? I will rephrase that. I am going to look it up, but have no idea if it will be accurate. Here goes. What is happening in Seattle? The narratives that I have heard are truly unbelievable. This is third hand information. I was told there was a shooting (citizen not officer) and citizens called 911 for the police. The crowd would not allow police in, so the police left the scene, and did not force the issue. Later, citizens again called 911 but this time asked for paramedics. The paramedics refused to enter without the police, so the police “were allowed” to enter with the paramedics. Did this really happen?
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