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  1. The smart play is to cut ties with Herman now, let Chris Ash finish as HC, go balls to the wall after Meyer. Maybe the team comes together, wins 6 in a row under Ash, wins the B12, generates excitement about the program then bam....hello Meyer to close strong in recruiting for 2021 and clean up in 2022.
  2. Omg, the Longhorns and Cowboys are the same exact team. Predictable offense, loads of injuries, defense that plays good at times, but then gives up critical plays, all this and waiting until late in the game to come back. Like mirror images of each other.
  3. I'm now 100% convinced that Jwhitt and Jake Smith are the same person. Think about it, you never see them on the field at the same time.
  4. The answer to the title is .....i'd fire Tom Herman and hire Urban Meyer.
  5. Omg, were they playing 2 hand touch at Cuero? They're going to have to place this kid in full protection gear
  6. I should've been clear on this. Sam has used his legs, but only in the 4th qtr or final 5 minutes. I was thinking he should run more during the game to hold the DE more. I saw many plays where he handed off instead of keeping it when the DE crashed down. Not a lot of keeps by Sam, but enough to create some doubt or hesitation by the DE.
  7. Yeah, I saw it as soon as I hit post. Figured it wouldn't matter enough to edit. My wife is a writer and she is always correcting me.
  8. I'm kind of bored today, so I decided to watch a little of the TCU and OU games. Imo, there are 4 things the offense needs to do to be consistent and successful. 1. PLAY Jared Whiley A LOT more. That dude is a player and his blocking is fairly decent. Play him 2. Bijan Robinson needs to touch the ball at least 15-20 times a game. I don't care if he gets the handoff, flares out to the flat, or runs the wheel route. He is so dynamic. Time to take the shackles off of him. 3. They need to run more zone read with Sam keeping the ball more or run more QB power. Bottom line, Sam
  9. From the looks of things, it appears things are going to stay status quo for the time being. So, because I bleed burnt orange, I have no choice but to root for this group to win out. I have 0 confidence that will happen, but I have to do it anyway. What if the miracle does happen and they win out, go to the B12 title game and win against OU, then go to their bowl game and win that to finish 10-2 on the season? Then what? Where does that leave us? Are we better next year if Sterns, Cosmi and Ossai all come back in year 2 of the new schemes, but without Ehlinger and with a somewhat weak 20
  10. FIFY.... "Per OrangeBloods, Del Conte will be meeting with the players tomorrow for a discussion regarding their new coach and how to handle it going forward."
  11. Ok, this is the absolute worse thing the AD and administration can do. Either shit on the pot or feed yourself a nice, new helping of Herman stew and be done with it. Living in the in between is only going to make things worse on all fronts (recruiting, team cohesion, and other). Make a decision. Either stick to your guns and back Herman until the end of the year or call it.
  12. We can all admit this season is already a bust and 2021 recruiting has the potential to get way worse. So with that said, make the move now. Salvage what you can and turn the keys over to Ash for the time being. Go all out for UM and put out feelers to others like a Kyle Shanahan, and whoever else you think would have an interest. Bottomline, this cupboard isn't nearly as empty as when Strong left. The longer you wait, the weaker the recruiting becomes and the more splintered this team becomes. My fear is, this team unites and runs the table to finish 8-2, but just misses out on the
  13. I would like to clarify my Ed O and LSU statement above. In no way will Ed O be fired this year, but if LSU has back to back years of 4 to 5 losses, you bet your ass there will be rumblings for his job.
  14. As a human being, I feel for Tom Herman. You never want to see anyone fail; however, this is what he signed up for when he took the job. He has said it many, many times, the expectations are higher at Texas. Right or wrong, based on the last 10 years, thats the way it is. This isn't Iowa State, Kansas, or Kansas State where you can be successful winning low-to-mid tier bowls with an occasional NY6 bowl sprinkled in. You accept that responsibility when you sign the contract. If Ed O loses 2 to 3 more games this year, you will see their fan base and boosters start to raise a voice and they
  15. That seems very sound and logical. However, Im going to hope for the irrational and emotional outcome of TH being let go now. Don't give him a chance to rally some and gain momentum (not that they would). If you have the backing and the money then do it now. Salvage what you can. I don't want any possibility of a year 5 by the team running the table. That would just be fools gold.
  16. Fair assessment on Ash, but who else could be interim HC, IF (BIG IF), Herman is let go now?
  17. I would suspect Chris Ash would be named interim coach based on previous experience. On the subject of Chris Ash, wasn't he fired 4 games into Rutgers season last year? So, at least he is here to give Herman advice on what to do. Switching the topic to UM, Meyer would not have to completely overhaul the coaches to get his guys. The main ones are basically here. Hand and McKnight would be gone for sure. Hagen, Giles, and Boulware would be looked at, but could be replaced with UM guys. Hutzler, and Valai were picked by Ash so a case could be made for them to stay. Andre Coleman i
  18. ultimately, isn't that what it's all about and what we want deep down?
  19. People may be on the fence when it comes to Meyer, but a couple things come to mind in regards to him: 1. If he is the next HC, I would bet Ash and probably Yurcich would be retained. UM has gone on record as saying Ash is basically his guy and he thinks he will be a hell of a DC at Texas. Yurcich, likely would remain because he runs the style of offense Meyer prefers. 2. There would be no grace period for the players buying into his culture. He would walk in with immediate command of respect. 3. No need to sell recruits on his way. Kids would want to play for him. Jus
  20. Same, at least he's a proven winner scumbag.
  21. ibottomline, losing 3 out 4 to OU and going backwards as a trajectory is grounds for dismissal. And Deshon and Chris W., lets not go there. Herman is in over his head and might be a bad coach, but he is still a notch above Charlie. Not by much, but still above.
  22. I agree, but also too much money being spent on a stadium to not have any fans in them next year. So, we will see. Money always wins out though, so you're likely spot on.
  23. Let me just add that at least Strong was sensible to do it in 3 seasons instead of dragging it out for 4. Kudos to Charlie.

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