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  1. Just made it home from my round and this is what i like to read. Seal the deal CDC.
  2. I'm playing golf today (tee time in 2.5hrs from now at 1030) and i would like for this to be resolved by the time Im finished, Ok Tfloss? So, quit posting and close the deal. You were brought over here for one thing and one thing only....seal the deal with UM. Now, go do great things.
  3. So wait, you're saying that the guys working on the flight aware stuff were right? They called a plane from Tyler, TX to Columbus yesterday.
  4. If that's the case, then they might as well let Herman go now and elevate Ash to interim HC for the final 2 gms and bowl. This is a distraction (not that it matters) and should ripped off like a bandaid, imo. With that said, this sounds like good news and it sounds like Texas has their shit together this time and is acting like a blue blood, power team should in regards to going after what they want. Only took them 9 years to get here.
  5. If it's done this week and UM accepts, who are likely candidates to jump back or on the Texas 2021 class board? I'm not worried about 2022 if UM accepts, because there is plenty of time. The early signing period is a big hurdle this year. Maybe it will at least make kids give pause and push things back to Feb.
  6. Caught the last 12 minutes of the game and i gotta say the Horns look good defensively. Offense is a little better this year with more movement and a lot less standing around watching. They need a consistent outside shooter for this team to really be deadly. Have a lot of guys that are capable outside shooters, but just no pure shooter. Maybe Jace (jase, can't remember which it is) can be that guy this year. We will see. Regardless, this team has a lot of depth and is versatile. Looking forward a to a big run.
  7. I want to believe IT over TFB when it comes to coaching information. I always felt TFB was pretty spot on in regards to recruiting information or more in touch with the kids. Always felt IT was more in with coaching information and/or inside team stuff. That's just from my outside perspective and ive been wrong before.
  8. I already did. I watch every game, every year (even Strong's last game against TCU), but this year i decided to schedule tees for next 2 Saturdays. I don't want to watch Herman not kick a FG when it calls for it or throw a go route on 3rd and 2 or make it a close game with 2 teams they should beat by at least 30 points because winning is really, really hard.
  9. So, Sam Cosmi is opting out the remainder of the season. I've read that others may follow. I get it that there is nothing to play for, but isn't he a captain? Hope he stays on the sidelines for the team, but it seems as though the wheels are coming off.
  10. So, I've been on the fence of whether i want Texas to go full on after Meyer. Mind you, I'm not on the fence of Herman's time being over. However, I'm fully on board with Meyer now after one thing my son told me, "with UM, let's see Gary Patterson just try and negative recruit against Texas then". That statement right there was the final one for me. Hiring Meyer might be a death hire for GP. He is a good coach, but he hangs his hat on beating Texas.
  11. totally agree. I think Strong said the same (or close to the same) thing before he was let go.
  12. Baron, I'm not yelling at you on this. I just wanted to get that out of the way. This is the bullshit that i'm tired of from TH. Quit trying to sell the magic beans. This was the year you circled for that beanstalk to be fully grown. It's always next year. Bad, unprepared teams find a way to lose these close games more often than they win. You got lucky against TT, WVU and OkSt. Quit selling this and own up to the fact that this was above what you expected. Is the program better than it was under Strong? Yes. However, how much of that is due to TH or CDC? Strong had Patterson and th
  13. CDC should be feeling the pressure. These are the duties you embrace when you take a position like this and are paid to make those tough decisions. You can't make a decision based off of friendships or loyalty in this role, you give up that right when you accept. Just like a head coach, you have to hire the best fit for the program, not your buddy. I know CDC will make the right decision. We just need to have patience. Forget about the 2021 recruiting class, that's a lost cause, but there is still time for 2022 and beyond if he makes the right hire and puts friendships to the side.

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