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  1. I honestly didnt know much about Henderson and never really considered him a legitimate get. As long as the Horns can pull one of Wheaton or LJ Johnson and continue a strong pipeline of a top RB every year then I'm good. However, I do think it's vital they grab Bryce Foster and both Brockermeyers. Need top shelf Olinemen and Dlinemen to attract the others. They can't let them get away.
  2. Words can not begin to express my sorrow. I wish you and your family strength as you traverse this difficult path. Prayers to you and god bless.
  3. True!!! Gotta put the best ones on the field. I love the fact the Horns have the type of players to have competition now.
  4. Good to hear about Watson. Always thought he could be one of the best CBs, but what has happened to Cook? I honestly thought the outside would be locked down by Green and Cook for 2-3 years.
  5. Im starting to get fed up with this virus. Actually, im starting to get fed up with the daily armageddon in the media. However, you gotta be in awe of this thing....to quote Col. Daniels from the movie Outbreak, "it's one billionth our size and it's beating us". To think this thing started literally in the middle of China in Nov/Dec and is now a pandemic in March.
  6. Okay this whole stockpiling of toilet paper happened here in Hawaii last month and it was crazy. My wife and I walked into COSTCO for some items and the line for TP was out the door. It was nuts. Not food, not medicine, but TP. Made (makes) no sense. It has since died down and things are somewhat back to normal here on the islands. Cant believe it's happening on the mainland.
  7. Nooooo!!!! I want this guy in the front 7 next year. Kid can flat out play. Anyone know if Texas has contacted him or if he has plans to visit UT?
  8. Texas really needs a good WR class this year. I dont even care if they're from Texas or OOS, just need to replenish the cupboard.
  9. I haven't yelled that loud for good reasons all season!!! Startled my wife. I don't even care if they make the tournament (ok, that's a lie) but I love the grit this team is playing with. Man, if Cunningham can only develop a consistent outside shot he would be a star. Kid does everything else well.
  10. Just busting your chops Aaron but I like how it's Texas Tech -11 on an OU/UT game.
  11. My guess, and pure speculation, this will not be his last de-commit before signing day.
  12. Even with that joke of a schedule I'm still predicting 3 losses for ATM. But they will still spin it as a fantastic season.
  13. Great picture Aaron! Btw, I'm loving this Cunningham kid. He is pure hustle and has a nose for the basketball. Give me 5 guys that play that hard every game and I could do some damage.
  14. Wait, Texags has their own ratings system? Wow, now that's convenient for them. "Well, this guy didn't pick ATM, time to drop him on the rankings.
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