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  1. Watching the OkSt / Tulsa game and OkSt doesn't look all that good, but Tulsa looks like a Charlie Strong coached team. No discipline, lack of clock management and just bonehead coaching. Over 100+ yards in penalties, very predictable on 3rd downs. Brings back nightmares. OkSt OL is horrible.
  2. We as fans have waited a long time for this offense to get to this point. Hopefully they can keep it constant. Also, I would put money down that UTEP would beat Missouri State by 28 points. Just saying.
  3. Holy shit, we can't even get 24 hours of bliss after a blowout win without bad news and drama. Don't like your responsibilities, then do something about it and quitting is not it. I'm just tired of kids saying, "I'm not scared of competition". Then as soon as they get beat out, "I'm transferring". Man up and take your job back. Or you can go play at UTEP. You'll get all the playing time you want without having to work for it.
  4. Also saw Kansas was losing 14-0 to Coastal Carolina
  5. I will say one thing, I'm loving this offense, especially the WR route combinations. This will keep opposing defenses off balance.
  6. Piggy back off your comments: Great half. I have 4 main concerns: 1. OL needs to be more dominant in the run game; 2. DL has 0 sacks; 3. Health of Whittington; 4. Health of Roschon Johnson (haven't seen him in since his TD run)
  7. This is something I wouldn't have thought I would ever type: "Kai Money has more receptions and touchdowns than Brennan Eagles"
  8. Yeah, but it seems like they have gotten pressure, just no sacks to show for it. Also, the Oline hasn't been great. They don't seem to be cohesive at this point...in the run game.
  9. One thing im fairly certain of is that UTEP would beat Missouri State....so there is that.
  10. I'm almost starting to feel bad for UTEP.....almost.
  11. I like this Scooter guy have no clue why my phone changed it to Scooter, but I'm gonna stick with it from this point forward.
  12. Man, i forget that's Andre Ware. He is so boring to listen to. He actually sounds like a 72yr old man....nothing wrong with that
  13. Same, would like a little more movement by the OL, other than that, this offense is moving along nicely. The UTEP QB gets that ball out quickly, but I would like to see more press coverage and pass rush.
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