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  1. I honestly thought he could flip. I like him and there couldve been a role for him, but it wouldve been hard in that back field. You have Young (if he doesnt transfer), Ingram, RoJo (who I think stays at RB), Whittington, and Bijan. 1Sr, 1 Jr, 1 So, 1 RsFr, and 1 Fr. Add in the possibility of Dixon coming on board and even if he did sign this year he probably was going to be a transfer candidate, imo. Thats a crowded RB room and all of them deserve time (maybe not so much young). Bijan is a must keep at all costs.
  2. I know what SHA is saying and completely understand. However, I also get the feeling Texas is clearly in the mix. I think his mom is completely on board with Texas (and she is probably the same with UGA), he likes Austin, he has a great relationship with Washington, Westbrook is likely telling him the benefits of life after football with UT (granted I dont know these as facts, but seeing and reading things over time). I dont know, I think UT is in this one. UGA is probably the choice, but a lot can happen between now and January 4th. I seem to remember a time when it was tOSU and nobody else for Bijan.
  3. So, with Utah's loss last night Texas has a good shot of playing in the Alamo Bowl. LSU has to beat UGA and one of OU or Baylor are in the CFP and the other goes to the Sugar Bowl. Of course, if UGA beats LSU then we have a dilemma on our hands. Do 2 SEC teams make in or does the committee pick a B12 champion?
  4. Because he probably is the one with the Herman pictures from the strip club.
  5. I tend to agree with this assessment. I do think a new DB coach is needed. I like Washington, but their DBs play too soft most of the time. I rarely see them jam at the LOS in m2m situations. Also, i think Drayton needs to be retained. He has done a great job with Romo and got him prepared the right way. Also, Im not sure how many fumbles were lost this year by the Tbs but it wasn't many. Plus, Drayton had a bare cupboard for most of the season.
  6. This is what I dont understand from this offense...why dont they keep the foot on the pedal? Why get conservative and predictable. I know you have a decent lead, but the offense was best when attacking. TT knows you want to burn clock so do something different.
  7. Whittington played in game 1 and thats it. He will be a RS FR next year.
  8. Ingram aggravated his ankle. I don't know which coaches are gone or which ones will be kept, but Stan Drayton needs to be retained, imo. He's done a tremendous job with all the adversity and injuries.
  9. They finally found a defense as banged up theirs....better yet, a defense as bad.
  10. I dont know, I've never been an AD or a college HC. Have no clue to the inner workings of that one on one relationship. Maybe it was Herman's list and CDC said he would help until after Friday. That doesn't seem far fetched.
  11. Maybe CDC is getting the ball rolling and doing the background work so Herman can concentrate on this short weeks game. Byw, that wasnt meant to sound condescending, but rather a legitimate option as to why CDC is doing something like this.
  12. Thats good news. Now go get Samples and let them go on the road together.
  13. I'm not watching, but it just seems this team has quit. No passion, no heart, getting out coached.
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