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  1. Clubs, fishing poles, I would still end up throwing them
  2. That's funny as hell. I also had a bad day on the course yesterday. My pitching wedge ended up in the woods and almost didnt make it. My wife made me go get it. I was fully prepared to head to hole 15 without it. Nothing worse (on the golf course for me) than having great drives and failing with the wedge. Going back on Monday though.
  3. Turner would be.a HUGE get! Please let it happen.
  4. I have a question for you Doc, I get that Bama and Saban have established themselves over the years and they should be viewed top tier, but does the trend / trajectory for UT OL come into play here a little. What I mean is, Bama regularly gets high 4 and 5* OL and they should be drafted, but UT has a 3* OL projected in the 1st rd and another in Kerstetter that will most likely be drafted? Hand and Herman are just now starting to see returns on their development. In a couple more years you could see additional lineman drafted from their development program. To me that's trending upward. When was the last time Texas had a 5* OL recruit? Pat Hudson was near that and that was just unfortunate for the young man. Tyler Johnson is the highest rated OL in the bunch, but he hasn't had the time yet. It would be more worrisome if Herman and Hand had multiple 5* recruits that didn't develop. It just seems that time is working against UT at this point for this recruitment. If Tommy and James are as good as they're being rated, I don't think UT would stunt their development and prevent them from being drafted, at least Tommy. I think Cosmi and Kerstetter prove that.
  5. Think there is anything about the "cooking" as in Terrance....or is that reading too much into it?
  6. I'm sorry I don't know how to post a Twitter feed, but this sounds promising https://mobile.twitter.com/JD_Coffey1/status/1279945642610233344
  7. Doc, I have one thing to say about that....F Bama!!! Also, it's 1030am out here and OU still sucks!
  8. im curious, I wonder if Alabama would take just James if Tommy decided to go to Texas. My feeling is they probably would not. Im pretty sure Texas would take James even if Tommy wanted to go elsewhere. This isn't a knock on James because I think he is a solid C prospect, it's more of an indictment of Alabama. I feel they WOULD take James only if Tommy goes there
  9. I hope and pray that you're correct and my pessimism is completely unfounded. I'm ready for a season and excited to see Longhorn football again. Just in case, I started learning how to really play golf. At least i get to do that all year round out here.
  10. I'm throwing in the towel on this season. I was holding out hope, but the current trends are not very promising. I know there is a lot of money in CFB, but it's just not looking good. I'm an optimist, hell im still holding out hope Jaylon Waddle will transfer to Texas.
  11. I think that is a solid choice. The name that popped into my head immediately was Reuben Fatheree. I figured he would already be friends with some of UTs recruits.
  12. Good, rather them do it now and move along than waiting and stringing it out. I get what they want, but I still don't know how a legacy kid or kids grow up Longhorn fans, get a scholarship to be Longhorns and don't choose them. My son is/was nowhere near the talent level, but he would've jumped at a Texas offer and never looked back. I guess some kids are just more die hard Longhorn fans than other.
  13. Good to see that. Question: Why does Latrell McCutchin dislikes UT so much? I mean, he is adamant on saying bad things about UT. Never heard the backstory. Did UT not make him a priority and his feelings were hurt?
  14. Johnson would be a nice surprise. Bowman could play anywhere he wants, but I still think he would be an Alpha on defense. He could erase a lot of mistakes. However, the possibilities on offense are also very exiting. I am a defensive guy by nature so I have a bias. Johnson, Ibraheem, Coffey and ???? Mukuba???? Would be a nice class. Having Bowman for DB would make it great to elite, imo.
  15. I have seen reports that Ash is really enamored with Josh Thompson and i think he will be in the mix. However, Green and Jamison are too talented to keep off the field as well. Man, what a glorious problem to have....lots of talented players so few spots. Regarding Mitchell, i think he is talented, but he had already shown potential problems, report of getting into an altercation with someone (I think it was Yancy) and trying to transfer. He just strikes me as someone that will complain if someone earns a position over him or is getting more PT. I could be way wrong on this one. Plus, I just like Ayodele and Gbenda. They should go get Marcel Brooks from LSU now that he entered the transfer portal. Although i do kind of remember the Horns not really being that into him....and I do remember reports of there being potential character issues...so maybe not a take.
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