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  1. Hey, this team has problems and injuries so I'll take this win, but I dont like it. It is better than a loss to Kansas though.
  2. 40 points and counting to Kansas and 34 to OU...wtf?
  3. Didnt the last coach get fired for losing to Kansas?
  4. Well, that wasnt exactly the sequence I was looking for to go up by 2 scores. However, I will take it today.
  5. 92 yard TD drive to put this to bed. Shake this funk and get ready for a hungry TCU who I bet is having homecoming for Texas.
  6. Ok, they need a stop and another score to create separation.
  7. I was at the UT KU game last year and that was also a heart attack game. This team needs to score a TD here....bad. I know, calling Captain Obvious.
  8. How did OU only score 34 points on this defense. Also, I feel like I'm watching the Jayhawk network with all the KU love.
  9. Is it just me or does this team not have any life or passion? There is no emotion.
  10. Wow, this defense has a lot of young guys out there. Good stop for no points. Still playing a bend but dont break style. Understandable with all young ones.
  11. Other than some open field tackling, which absolutely should not happen, the defense played well being shorthanded like they are. The offense played like year 1 under Sam. Predictable and slow developing. Hopefully they get another chance against OU later in the year and will have more experience.
  12. Well, OU came to play at the start of the game....Texas never did recover from the slow start.
  13. Defense is playing lights out. Offense needs to help them out. Defense cant keep it up all game long. Holding OU to 10 total points, have 2 TOs and our Offense has 3 points. Not going to cut it.
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