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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safety_(gridiron_football_position) Check out the slow safety
  2. Didn't Leiteo get his charges reduced? Look, I'm not discounting the fact the KID did wrong/made a mistake but there is due process. Whether you agree, disagree, like it, or not convictions carry weight. You're entitled to all the 'scumbag' accusations, just as I have the right to call BS.
  3. Part of me thinks he is giving at least a little bit of thought to coming back to give it one more shot at being part of a winner. Now matter how insignificant of a thought it might be, the team fell way below the expectations that were talked about when he signed to play here. There is definitely a reason why he didn't put the speculation to bed right away, I'll just hold on to that reason being contemplating on returning to finish on a high note.
  4. This team is going to have to learn to play to their level and not to that of their opponent. This game should be a 30pt difference at this point at least. On a positive, we finally have depth. This team could exceed pre season expectations.
  5. TCU had a great game plan and they executed it well: Their D line held up and let them get an extra db on the field. They didnt give up the big plays (other than the 86 yarder) by keeping receivers in front of them. The D got pressure more and more with 3 or 4 guys. Offensively TCU committed to running the ball, which opened up the passing game. It wasn't flashy but it got the job done. I think Okie Lite's mindset from there previous games hurt them. The broadcasters kept talking about them being calm on the sideline, not panicking. I felt like they didnt handle adversity well a
  6. I want this team to continue to improve, get back to playing the quality of football we had become accustomed to. Get back to a team where we once again impose fear in our opponents. With that said, I'm not a huge fan of qb controversy arguments, but I'll play along. I think the biggest factors moving forward are health, experience, and system IQ. Sam is a bigger kid and can probably do more carrying the ball than Shane. Do we really want to consistently rely on either of these guys to carry the ball? Sam has great arm strength but I dont think it is drastically better than Shane.
  7. For you Houston folks.... I was recently in Houston with my wife for a meeting. Her meeting was at The General Public bar/grill in City Centre. They have an amazing happy hour. Anything on the bar menu is $4 @ 4, $5@ 5, and $6@ 6. Had a few Macallan 18yr (normally $40/ea). Figured this thread was as good as any to share the love.
  8. Didn't hear all the details but sounded like it wasn't much...Anwar commented that Coach Herman met with Malik and it was a positive meeting. I think we will see that these guys are going to love Herman. He demands and expects a lot from his players but he seems to genuinely care. Anwar also made the comment that Malik seems to be made an example of (being benched etc). Malik is a leader with a huge upside and often those guys are used as examples because it tends to resonate a little more with the rest of the guys.
  9. DD Lewis was a beast. The LHN replays are fun to watch with him at LB. He was always around the ball.
  10. One thing I feel strongly about is this staff has an overall different psychological approach to coaching. I liked Charlie a lot but I felt he put too much positive fluff out, which gave a misconception of how his teams would fare. I think Herman and his staff do a much better job of preaching to this team that hard work day in and day out will lead to desired outcomes. What the media, fans, football brainiacs, etc think about your talent level really doesn't mean jack nada. Individual and team preparation/developmemt on a daily basis, ultimately will dictate success pr failure. As he has sa
  11. Glad it seems that 'technical difficulties' actually means technical difficulties.
  12. Me neither. I was hoping this didn't mean bad news for Texas. Anyone have any insight regarding that tweet?
  13. Unfortunately, I watched the local Austin news ans they ran with the story. Instead of questioning the validity of statements made by his brother, they reported it as a 'developing' story. Maybe I heard it wrong but this is the type of media coverage that gets my blood pressure up. The allegations, regardless of merit, are better for ratings than the truth (likely truth).
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