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  1. FWIW...the online coverage was pretty good. had the owner of the Skeeters on talking about getting some more college games at Constellation Field and also had the Rocket on...he's always a good story teller.
  2. My daughter lived in a house with 5 other girls one year and 4 other girls another year. It worked out surprisingly well. There are a lot of big houses for rent that allow individual lease agreements with each resident which will reduce the risk of getting stuck with the full rent amount if a roommate defaults (like in an apartment). She only paid $500-$600 per month...
  3. Maybe we should listen to him...after all, he is a man!
  4. The glass is half empty or half full depending on whether you are drinking or pouring... That being said, I am thinking this will be a good year.
  5. I don' think we lost that game on a buzzer beater. As hard as that shot was to see, we lost the game on a 23-2 run in the first half...
  6. In the early '80s I joined a health club in Houston and one of the amenities it offered was an ice bath. It was a small pool about 3' x 5' and was filled with freezing cold water. I had a bum knee and would put my leg...only my leg in the ice pool and it was so cold I literally could not keep it in for more than a couple of minutes. One day, I came down to the wet area and got in the whirlpool right next to the ice bath and noticed a head sticking out of the water. Well, it was a Monday after a Sunday game and the head belonged to Earl Campbell. He stayed in that ice bath completely submerged for at least 15 minutes. It was so long I was wondering if he would be able to get out on his own. I don't know how he could even move after that long. He had to be completely without numb. That's the first time I ever realized how beat up these NFL guys can get.
  7. Houston Chronicle reports lawsuit is settled...no details released... http://www.chron.com/sports/aggies/article/Texas-A-M-NFL-s-Colts-settle-12th-Man-6837887.php "In a statement issued Wednesday, A&M officials said the lawsuit "has been settled amicably and with good will." A&M spokesman Shane Hinckley said school officials would have no other comment and no details were available on the terms of the agreement. A Colts spokesman didn't return a message seeking comment."
  8. We got commercials for constipation, diarrhea, and toe nail fungus...maybe next year we can get erectile dysfunction, feminine hygiene and hemorrhoids.
  9. It cannot be considered a true "Super" Bowl if the Dallas Cowboys are not playing... On an unrelated note...the aggys will now claim to be Super Bowl Champions and will claim an SEC championship as well...
  10. Adding Houston to protect recruiting and stick it to aggy doesn't make sense. UH doesn't add to the TV footprint and they are ONE year into a resurgence which could end when Tom Herman moves on as he inevitably will. (see Briles, Sumlin). They have been irrelevent since the end of the SWC and will continue to be until they can string together a few years like they have had this year. The Big 12 needs schools in the east in order to open up new TV markets and to geographically help out WV.
  11. At the risk of sounding a little bit aggy...if there is a kid who is choosing between aggy and UT who decides to go aggy...I'm not sure that is the type of player we want on the team CS seems to be building. Besides, if he goes SEC he probably isn't Big12 ready! OK, sorry, I laughed out loud when I typed that last line...couldn't keep a straight face.
  12. Could someone talk about the difference between an Official Visit compared to an Unofficial Visit. I know the UOV is on the player's dime...but I am wondering what happens in the scenario where there is a large group of OVs and then a player also comes as a UOV. Does the UOV player get to participate in all of the same activities as the OV players do...i.e. -basketball game and dinner at Charlie's? Just wondering...
  13. Thanks, Mike...prayers going up for your wife's speedy recovery. I went on TexAgs yesterday for a bit and it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time...they were turning on each other like crazy. Everything from we're doomed to now we are set to win the SEC. I kid you not...unbelievable stuff. One guy compared Sumlin to Mack Brown and got chewed up...posters told him Sumlin never won a NC and he replied, yeah, but Sumlin would have won a NC if Johnny Football had stayed one more year! Hilarious! It's so funny that everything still revolves around where they are in comparison to Texas. We've won 4 bowls in a row and Texas is sitting at home, we play in the SEC, we own this state in recruiting...and then comes the report that Kyle Field is transfering from A&M!! I have to stop now...I'm crying/laughing too hard to keep typing!
  14. Two things I have learned over the years as a manager: You should consider everyone expendable...or maybe stated a little better...you should be ready to replace anyone on your staff at any time. Never prevent any of your staff from exploring opportunities that they believe could improve their situation.
  15. Just livin' the dream, Baby...

  16. Here's what I am trying to figure out: Is sending the school president, AD, and head FB coach after a guy who initially turned them down a good thing or a bad thing? Does this mean we will do what it takes to get our man? Or does it mean that the Head FB coach messed it up so much that he had to be bailed out?
  17. Houston Gamblers...Jim Kelly was a real gunslinger!
  18. My two cents...I read this board for information, conjecture, and conversation about my favorite college football team. I don't care if you quote an anonymous source, I don't care if you are making stuff up, I don't care if you are right or wrong. It's fodder for discussion and debate. I don't care to see a pissing match between two posters over who said what, who is the most accurate, or who is the most credible. Honestly, I don't care. Respect people...Respect. And OU still sucks!
  19. Wait...are you the pretty one or is that the other guy??
  20. Per Jeremy Clark of Horned Frog Blitz...Cumbie has turned down the offer to be Texas' OC
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