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  1. And you would be wrong, I'm a minority, I remember the days when Texas was an all white school, some member of my family has been enrolled at UT from 1953- 1978...I don't see black and white, I see athletes that want to play for UT and those that would rather argue and be SJW
  2. I think he was well aware of the shitstorm and mishandling of the entire situation by the previous staff, if he wasn't he and his people didn't do their research. How do you think Urban Meyer would have handled it, everyone here wanted an authoritarian type of coach, and IMO we got ourselves one. Kids are going to transfer no matter what, if that's the excuse they use then they really don't want to be here..Sark just coached a Heisman Trophy winner and a National Championship, would you walk away from that on some ideological differences regarding the interpretation of a song? I h
  3. Laid the law down on Day 1....sets the tone, this is not up for negotiation
  4. One of the things that gets me excited about Sark is that he is a run first, pass second and his offense isn't built around a QB, BUT his QB will hit receivers on the run on slants and patterns other than a curl, I think that will play well with guys like Jake S. I also thing the QB position is up for grabs . There will be no mistake as with the previous staff as to who is calling plays. If we have a good spring practice and guys embrace his philosophy, I think UT will light up the scoreboard next season
  5. SLC just upset Duncanville in the State Semi Final game for 6A and Austin Westlake beat North Shore to set up the Dodge Bowl Todd Dodge -former UT QB now HC at AW vs his son Riley Dodge - HC at South Lake Carroll
  6. somebody just posted this on Twitter its Ewers flashing a Hook Em Horns https://twitter.com/HouseOfTakes/status/1348079977384849411?s=20
  7. many people who dont follow Ewers realize the kid is a devout Christian, he tweets about it very often, I sure that it had a lot to do with WHO recruited him...not saying that Texas is full of heathens and non believers but I do believe it was a major factor in him flipping to OSU. he must have connected with someone on a spiritual level...
  8. probably by showing recruits his Super Bowl ring he got as DC for Pete C and the Seahawks
  9. here is a name they just threw out on the Horn FM....Dan Quinn...he hired Sark when he was the HC at NFL Atlanta Falcons...
  10. Twitter is reporting that Bryan Harsin is hiring Derek Mason as his DC at Auburn
  11. in Will's defense you cant make chicken salad out of chicken****...its no secret that recruiting coordination fell off sharply in the late MB years. The university let a ton of homegrown talent leave the state and were not competitive in getting blue chippers to come to the 40 Acres...His style might chafe some people but when was the last time Texas had a nasty defense that could flat out whip people and create fear, for a while it seemed like we were DBU and then all of a sudden we quit being that school...
  12. not everyone is cut out to be a HC/CEO....Muschamp, Strong, Weis, Applewhite,Helton and maybe even Herman... if you think WM has forgotten how to coach Defense you are severely mistaken..half the workload twice the intensity
  13. he won't take a dime less than he was making last time around...would you ? Right now guys want to hitch their wagon to a rising star not a sinking ship, they want to be employed, jobs will disappear fast, it really is every man for himself. Will's resume will dictate top dollar assistant HC title and other perks. He has leverage, Texas needs him
  14. where would you go if you were him...I like WM always have, wish he would come back, but given the two choices I think its Bama
  15. Will is playing with house money, Im sure he got his contract bought out at SCAR, and he knows what UT is capable of paying, isn't the ND DC job open too, he will only go unemployed by his own choice..

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