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  1. Everybody relax and take a deep breath...we have TWO legit blue chippers on campus in Card and Jackson, the QB position will be fine...
  2. the spread closed at Texas minus 11, lots of people got a push at 11, lots lost by the hook at 11.5....not saying TH knew the spread but sure looks hokey to me..draw your own conclusions
  3. If I were CDC...I would fire Shaka Smart
  4. CDC isn't going to fire Herman mid season...unless he has someone better signed sealed and in place...Firing Herman with signees still not committed makes no sense from a business stand point and there isn't anyone on staff that is qualified to be in interim HC, nor is there a HC in waiting.... The best thing Horn fans can do is to support the team and let the chips fall where they may, put away the pitchforks and torches, cancel the moving van for now...
  5. all this talk about the next coach at the Forty Acres...here is my take...If you change horses you need to go with a proven National winner which points toward Meyer, any other name and you are just changing horses of a different color...I watched Alabama vs Georgia last night and they just have better athletes across the board
  6. seeing Sam alone while listening to "the Eyes of Texas" postgame tell me volumes about this team, it breaks my heart, never thought it would ever get to this. I know there are some outspoken former players who have voiced their opinion on the social injustice both in the world and also the perception at UT, but NEVER I mean NEVER would I have expected to see a Texas team captain alone on the field after the game to face the music
  7. we got a punt blocked, we got what might have been a game winning FG blocked, our QB got picked twice in the end zone.. we got guys doing a flex pose after a hit even though that receiver they were covering just caught the ball to set up first and goal. I guess its true that teams take on the personality of their coach...Even the MB teams were nice guys who should have won multiple titles but only squeezed out one thanks to VY....This team seems to be more concerned about how they look and being cool instead of getting the job done on the field... We are 2-2, we could be 4-0, we probably
  8. Really throwing into double coverage in the end zone..c'mon Sam you know better than that ...or do you ?
  9. at 92 years of age , I doubt Mr McCombs is even watching this game, because if he was it would surely lead to his demise
  10. Sam has shown he cant hit a receiver in motion, only one that is open on a curl or hook route
  11. you can throw half the playbook out the window, its all passing situations now, and OU knows it
  12. Brown needs to quit with the flex pose, especially when his man makes the catch for a 1st and goal
  13. this offense will never run the ball because the blocking schemes are all pass blocking and the only running plays are delayed draw plays, I dont think I have seen Texas run a true sweep play yet, If I can notice that so can every DC we play, this offense is predictable, and without Jake nobody is willing to run a crossing route and get the ball in space (not that Sam is known to hit receivers in stride....Defenses are daring Texas to beat them with the run and Texas cant with this scheme

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