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  1. this game just showed me how vanilla the Texas scheme is and how predictable it has become. Sam was throwing the same type of pass all day just asking for it be picked for a Pick 6, They never adjusted for the blitz. OU offense was fresh and made ours look like had one option. Sam is a good QB, a good leader, but he can't or doesn't make the throws where he hits a guy in space and they do their thing..I was proud of the Horns, they hung in there and kept themselves in the game, except after Roach got ejected, they lost their composure.
  2. Really Sam, throwing into triple coverage,,,really dumb
  3. I guess I may be in the minority here but, Im not seeing all the hubbub about Bru McCoy, its not like he was going to "save the program " singlehandedly...Gee whiz we have lost 5 star blue chippers before and we did fine without them, in fact history will show that they ended up with less than star studded careers....anyone remember John Brantley, Ryan Perriloux, Jevan Snead Get over it , turn the page, If the kid doesnt want to be here , then he doesnt deserve to be here...Plenty of kids that would give their soul to wear the Burnt Orange
  4. I remember seeing an interview with Hammer where he stated that he wanted to come to Texas and WIN a National Championship...He comes from a background to where money is not an issue and physically he is VERY young...Unless he wins a US Amateur I think he will stay at least two years..He is very good but he is no where close to being ready for the TOUR
  5. NCAA runner up with THREE FRESHMAN in the starting 5...the future of Mens golf at Texas is very bright
  6. Beating Chokelahoma and Okie State in the same day...It was a great day for Longhorn golf... Cole Hammer is gonna be a stud when he turns pro in a couple of years
  7. EXTREMELY appealing, remember guys like LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Durant were here, so a coach knows that Texas can be an easy sell to a recruit, the current program will take a full rebuild, its time for CDC to make a change before irreparable damage is done to the brand, if the buyout is what is stopping them from pulling the trigger, they have the wrong coach...What if we are in this same position next year, how much did we save $$$ ? make the move CDC
  8. There are 68 better teams than Texas right now...that is totally unacceptable for a university with our resources, it looks to be the weakest program at the 40 Acres...we deserve better
  9. I hope that Michael Center hangs by his tennis balls for the shame he has brought to the University, I also hope they get all his co conspirators at the University and they all serve jail time for the damage they have done to the reputation of the school
  10. sad to read about Mr Nobis...one heck of a legend in Texas football, probably the best LB of all time
  11. So the Horns have the MaxPreps POY and the Gatorade POY on campus at the same time, my question is how do we get both of them on the field at the same time along with Collin Johnson, they all cant play in the slot...How much does this change the offense... It almost reminds me of when we had Roy and BJ at the same time and both were considered the best WR's in the state..Roy had a great career , BJ, not so much Only so many throws to go around, not like we are going to an Air Raid type offense and throw it 40 times a game
  12. in light of the allegations of Zack Smith concerning Herman, I would think Applewhite would be person non grata...the program does not need that kind of scrutiny...forget what Major did on the field, his off the field baggage would make for a media feeding frenzy
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