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  1. So what happens now, we have a returning QB who is on everyone's watch list, we have TWO legit 4/5 star blue chip QB's ( one of whom is on campus already), and now we have the #1 ranked RB in the country, along with a legit power RB returning and there is only ONE football that can be used at a time... Do we change/tweak the offense and feature a ground attack which will open things up for Sam OR do you ask one of the QB's to redshirt and hope they dont transfer out. how about a two back set I formation or platoon the two
  2. IMHO we will see a significant turnover of NFL QB's this year, due to retirement and lack of ability, with Tua being hurt I could see why Sam inquired about his potential draft status...If Colt and Chase Daniel, and RGIII can stick on NFL rosters , Sam might have a chance
  3. so do we redshirt Jackson and Card or are we going to have a QB battle before we even start ?
  4. it was/is a great hire...the fact he already has a history with TH is all I need to know. that and a 4 man front and DB coaching expertise..I like it
  5. Herman is taking a HUGE chance no matter which way he goes, he isn't dumb and won't bring in someone who could also replace him should the program falter, but there really aren't that many top coordinators that attend on a fast track to a HC position elsewhere. I dont see anyway he can keep Orlando, and with Hudson Card and Johnson coming down the chute, he needs a real innovative OC
  6. I think the only "hot seat" that Herman, is the one created by a myopic fan base that really doesnt understand what it takes to build a perennial national power Has Texas played poorly this year? you bet your behind they have, is it all the fault of TH? not a chance...there is plenty of blame to go around including those players who seem to consistently be out of position, take bad angles to attack, and those that make stupid bonehead penalties in crucial situations Texas my have needed this type of season because it will force his hand on position coaches and coordinators; He might even have to clean house. It will be interesting to see if either of the blue chip QB recruits are given a chance to show their stuff
  7. its not the plays being called...Texas doesnt have the playmakers and game changers, Sam has lost a bit of his mojo..Guess we aren't back
  8. I started to think about this in all the games we played this year, how many games did/do we have superior talent? I keep seeing how year after year we are near or at the top of the National recruitment wars, but somehow those blue chippers never seem to blossom or they get hurt or transfer out .. When I see other universities send endless bodies to the NFL, we do not.. Hate to admit it but TEXAS doesn't strike fear in the hearts of other teams or fans around the country, actual as fans we are wondering which one of our multiple personalty teams will decide to show up I still think Herman is the right man for the job but his coordinators aren't on anyones lists for the next big hire
  9. this game just showed me how vanilla the Texas scheme is and how predictable it has become. Sam was throwing the same type of pass all day just asking for it be picked for a Pick 6, They never adjusted for the blitz. OU offense was fresh and made ours look like had one option. Sam is a good QB, a good leader, but he can't or doesn't make the throws where he hits a guy in space and they do their thing..I was proud of the Horns, they hung in there and kept themselves in the game, except after Roach got ejected, they lost their composure.
  10. Really Sam, throwing into triple coverage,,,really dumb
  11. I guess I may be in the minority here but, Im not seeing all the hubbub about Bru McCoy, its not like he was going to "save the program " singlehandedly...Gee whiz we have lost 5 star blue chippers before and we did fine without them, in fact history will show that they ended up with less than star studded careers....anyone remember John Brantley, Ryan Perriloux, Jevan Snead Get over it , turn the page, If the kid doesnt want to be here , then he doesnt deserve to be here...Plenty of kids that would give their soul to wear the Burnt Orange
  12. I remember seeing an interview with Hammer where he stated that he wanted to come to Texas and WIN a National Championship...He comes from a background to where money is not an issue and physically he is VERY young...Unless he wins a US Amateur I think he will stay at least two years..He is very good but he is no where close to being ready for the TOUR
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