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  1. Confidence in Austin has also been “Wong” before.
  2. Arnett has to know that The Pirate will soon focus primarily on the offense when it comes to recruiting.
  3. Rivals doesn't show him as signed. 247 shows him as a "hard commit." My question is about the Brockermeyers...could they be released since their coach left? Or are they too sour on UT now?
  4. I was pulling for tOSU early but now having watched the Bama offense, I keep wanting it to be successful.
  5. Dude doesn't even look like he is trying to run fast...he just does.
  6. Just curious how well they stuck. Did they get drafted because of the program or actual skill?
  7. I hate doing research...from the past five yrs, how many are still in the NFL?
  8. Just like recruiting...Don't go to Vegas betting on the first names thrown out.
  9. They have to maintain the ability to shoot. We've seen these same guys be hot for a few games then go cold.
  10. Is it too late to get the Brockermeyer brothers? I’m sure they signed early. Maybe get a release?
  11. It would have been so great had that police officer been a UT graduate.

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