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  1. I only watch games that the Horns win and are on LHN. This doesn't happen very often in the regular season.
  2. he opens up his recruitment during a dead period, and the day before signing day?
  3. it's my multiple choice of possibilities.
  4. So... 1) Princely feels the new DC/staff at BU will be better for him than the new staff at Texas 2) He didn't want to recommit to Texas after decommitting or 3) Texas moved on
  5. that was total sarcasm in reference to my previous post that his going JUCO was the same as going to aggy.
  6. and that's in College Station?
  7. I came on hoping to see that there was a change in the men's basketball HC position.
  8. Might be a reason for Okam to stay in Waco.
  9. BU must like his fun personality and feel he is a good recruiter.
  10. I like this! I like this a lot!! He/MSU will be the $EC cockroach that Royal referred to TCU as.
  11. Aggy needs to win the recruiting title to feel good about themselves. So they will take him.
  12. 1 hour ago, TB14 said: Now seeing Evans May be Aggy bound after all since Uga didn’t turn in his letter. Wow. FIFY
  13. Hand and Drayton are reported to be staying on staff as "position coaches."
  14. I'll take 'Karma's a bitch' for a $1000, Alex!
  15. Now you know, if Z Evans were to end up at Aggy...it was always going to be that way and everyone else was just fooled.
  16. If Utah came out flat, indifferent, or on vacation, that is on them. This is another reason not to pay players. If you are going to get paid, you can vacation after the season. I tend to agree with the Utah HC's assessment...they got outplayed and out-coached. If I'm on any selection committee next year, I'm saying, "Utah, we are going to allow you to "vacation" elsewhere this year." All the Utah players and coaches have to look at is Texas' result against Georgia last season as motivation.
  17. Because it is a thing. It shows everyone who you are trolling.
  18. The two previous posts line up exactly.
  19. What's the O/U on Evans hitting the transfer portal? (No, I do not know if there is a limit)
  20. I don't think that because we are not hearing any rumblings or seeing smoke means that CTH is waiting a long time.
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