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  1. Every coach has a shelf life, no matter how successful they've been in the past--Mack, Darrell, Bobby Bowden, Joe pa, woody Hayes, doesn't matter. Same with most great athletes. Very, very few can bring themselves to hang'em up on time. Darrell did, but not many others. They hang on with the vain hope that they've got one more run in them. Unfortunately, most don't. They all deserve their just and due accolades but Augie's expiration date is past too.
  2. How can our pitching be this bad Malmin is fixing to tie the game with walks
  3. Hah Cool. Blind hog finds acorn. Slim on way to store to by lottery ticket
  4. The previous cynical message has been sponsored by Slim's Fountain of Wisdom and Fried Chicken and Biscuits
  5. Meanwhile, UCLA bunts their way on and will undoubtedly bunt him up and get him in
  6. This inning's small ball fail was sponsored by Augie's Fish Taco Palace
  7. I can't get the audio UT really seems to have a problem getting out of the blocks without shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. i'm excited by the entire staff that we appear to have. an embarrassment of riches as they say, but the one i most want to see is Morgan Cooper. It really hare-lipped us last year when we lost him. seemed to throw the whole season off kilter and one thing led to another. i am hoping that cooper comes back really strong and helps us out a lot. this staff has the potential to be one of the best in what amounts to a very storied history. a couple of other guys i am looking forward to watching again is tres barrera and another guy i never ever thought would amount to the player he's become when i first saw him as a freshman, collin shaw. the guy has just turned into a stud ball player. hell on wheels defensively and an absolute bulldog on offense. fiery as hell and really run the bases. now, please join me in singing my new theme song for this year........ to tune of Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys: "Bunt, bunt, bunt, bunt, buntyourassoff, Bunt, bunt, bunt, bunt, buntyourassoff....... Love me some small ball. yes sir. love it, love it, love it......bunt'em on, bunt'em over, bunt'em in. yes sir. my new mantra. hey street. i found my old hat. lucky day for eeeerrrbody!!!!!
  9. done on the donation. let me echo what others have said. there isn't a better man on the planet than Dave Fowler. i am heartsick over his loss. no parent should ever have to bury a child or grandchild but i know it happens. when it does though, i have a very hard time with it. Rest in peace and Godspeed, Nolan.
  10. doesn't matter. he can miss the cut in the next two tournaments and still skate in as number one to the finals
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