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  1. Mack was a great guy who brought glory back to the program. He deserved an opportunity to go out on his own terms, and I hope he has a ton of success at UNC. Texas gave him the opportunity to go out on his own terms after the program cratered in 2010/11. He was given the chance to rebuild the program, and I was in favor of giving him that chance. However those opportunities must have end dates, even for guys like Mack. In the end he just couldn't stomach having Saban coming in and winning with his players. I totally understand why Mack would feel that way and sympathize with him. Bu
  2. All reports were that Mack was tired and ready to step down. Ultimately his ego prevented him from letting the next person be Saban. Coaches like that want to leave on their own terms, replaced by their people. Don't forget about the coach-in-waiting fiasco.
  3. His highness Ketch is extremely thin skinned. He likes to talk politics, but only TALK... He's not in it for the discussion. Honestly he just needs to give up the sports side of things and go full Keith Olberman.
  4. Look... I get the concern. I just don't understand the leap. None of the other programs even came close to this catastrophic ending you are proclaiming for Texas. Even though the coaching ends were unclean breaks, the programs were not destroyed. We had Art Briles just up the road, so when you claim UM is the most corrupt coach ever I have to scratch my head a bit. I've read what I could find of his time elsewhere for things I may have forgotten. He reminds me of most other highly successful coaches - monomaniacal in their zeal to win and bend the rules at times. A more accurate com
  5. Basically a "get everyone out of the way" contract... Outside of the Asst. AD, isn't the rest of that fairly standard demands for an established coach? Seems like Herman wanted most of that as well to achieve 'alignment', and to bring Texas up to speed with the other programs (such as those established by Urban).
  6. You left out one important point... 3 national titles That puts him in a different class than any other coach out there (who's not currently employed). We're talking about hiring someone who's already a coaching legend. Legends get paid, and maybe doesn't even really bust the HC pay scale that much. Plus, he's only 56. It's not like we're pulling Parcells out of retirement. Does anyone seriously believe Urban WON'T coach again? The drive is too strong. Look at Mack now at UNC when he got tired of the booth. So the opportunity is there for both coach and university. There's al
  7. I think one year after... with Stoops stepping down the following Spring. I could check, but I'm too busy hitting F5 on keyboard waiting for UM news.
  8. Don't get me wrong... Riley's done a great job so far. My only point is that we've seen a lot of coaches have success with someone else's players. After those players leave, and the insitutional knowledge of that coach is gone, more times that not things get worse. This happens quite a lot actually. Maybe Riley may be an exception, so we'll see. My concern is more for Texas if we don't get the big catch... Don't go chasing up-and-comers who are having success with another coach's team.
  9. Disagree... prior to Stoops they were on a pretty bad hiring streak since Switzer (mid-80s). Since then only two coaches, one handed the keys to the car from Stoops. Riley has done really well so far, but I'll be interested in seeing how he does when it's fully his own team.
  10. I've heard this now used against Herman, Strong, and Mack. I've decided it doesn't mean anything... other than a common complain thrown at a school like Texas which has all the resources: "country club atmosphere", "5 star talent vs 5 star effort", etc. Good gosh how much did we blast McFatten and the other S&C coaches because we thought they were all out of shape. It's obvious now that those teams weren't soft, they were poorly coached. Even on those teams there were players who gave max effort. We know the players didn't want Strong fired and played their hearts out against K
  11. I was on the side of giving Herman more time until the recruits bailed. At that point it looked like he lost the program. However I'm still not convinced he can't get it done here (or somewhere else). He's worked through some growing pains as a young head coach, but we accepted those risks when he was hired. To me getting rid of Herman to just replace him with another young coach is a push that doesn't make sense. Herman certainly isn't where he should be in year 4, but further along than any first year coach would be. These magic one year turnarounds that people point to ar
  12. Defenses will spy on running QBs which take them out of pass coverage. Defending against a RB is just normal defense which doesn't create the same advantage.
  13. Have to keep the LBs focused on Sam to open up passing lanes. If he's not running then they creep back. Sam needs larger passing windows which only open up when he's a running threat.
  14. He needs to in order to play his game. Being a pure passed isn't his strength.

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