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  1. In those situations a coach can call a timeout to save a player's eligibility (on either side of the ball) for the rest of the series. A player that vital is worth a timeout.
  2. If a player goes down for an injury that causes a delay, they should sit the rest of that series. The tanking on Saturday was ridiculous. And even if most of those were legit, rotating back in players who just went out led to more delays because they weren't ready to play yet. Having to sit for one play does nothing to solve this problem. Sitting for the series is a good balance between actual player health and the need to keep the game moving. Maybe a coach can use a timeout if he wants to avoid the Series Sit rule. However at the moment there is no real penalty for delaying a game like this, and there should be. Thoughts?
  3. The assumption there is a bunch of dudes would get off of the coach and try to catch a pass high and to the left... presumably from another dude that could make that pass. It's a bad assumption. The fact is that's a catch anyone above the high school level should make. He was also slow to the adjust to the ball, which could've put him in better position.
  4. I have no idea whether Drayton is doing a good job or not. Position coaches like that are so hard to judge to most folks outside the program. However Texas has had OL issues and running problems for over a decade now. They started before Mack decided to switch to a more 'bama' type of offense in 2010. No one considering Texas right now has any memory of Texas being a rushing powerhouse. Jamaal Charles was a loooong time ago. That's a pretty tough sell for a top RB looking for a program where he can run the ball. Still, we have Ingram getting pre-season attention, and if he stays healthy could have a pretty good season. One of the things I'm looking forward to most this season is a return to a power OLine where Ehlinger isn't relied upon to carry the rushing load. Having our QB carry that load has been problem since Colt. That's an incredibly difficult problem for a coach to fix, but we've seen signs that this is getting better under Herman and Drayton. We all want it to get better faster, but as long as we're seeing steady improvement then that's all we can ask. I think if we get to a point where these issues are fixed, we're rushing the ball like nuts, but we *still* can't attract more 5* RB talent... then at that point it's easier to judge just the recruiting ability of your position coach. But until then both Herman and Drayton have a pretty tough sell to guys who didn't grow up already a Texas fan.
  5. Ah, nice... thought he was brought in as a TE, but sounds like he'll be a beast either way.
  6. This is what I'm most looking forward to the most. That and getting Epps worked in to finally get a TE to work the offense. I know having a mobile QB is needed to keep the Herman offense rolling, but being able to run for the hard yards or dump to a TE would make me feel a lot better than Ehlinger having to put a shoulder down every time.
  7. I thought that once after watching a post game conference his first year, but then realized he is always like that. He may be one of those guys who gets really jacked up on Red Bull. Either way it seemed more like nervous energy than nerves.
  8. He wasn't going to get *that* much faster in a year, and ultimately the tweener status cost him - in the perception of NFL scouts. Too slow to be a speed threat and not quite big enough to dominate jump balls. Another year wouldn't change that really. Although I do agree that had he come back and **very importantly** been a dominate, featured receiver he would have been drafted higher based on the publicity he would've received. However most likely he would've been used next year similar to last since the Horns have a pretty good set of WRs. Based on the outcome, obviously staying another year would have been the better choice on the chance he broke out from the pack. I can't imagine he was told before the draft that he would be a high round pick based on his measurables. So he seems like a guy who was just ready for the next challenge. I hope he proves everyone wrong.
  9. Doug Flutie would be the obvious comparison... another QB people thought was too short. At the time they said he was too short to see passing lanes over OLine in the NFL. Although that never made sense to me since it's not like college OLines are that much smaller. Either way, like you mention with everything spread out now the passing lanes are more spread out also. Still Flutie had some good success in the NFL, and also in the Canadian leagues that had offenses then more like the NFL today. Murray's speed, arm strength, and vision will make him an intriguing prospect.
  10. Think I saw where he has two kids enrolled at Clemson and not even interested in HC gigs right now. Be interesting to see if that changes after tonight.
  11. Yeah, looks like he does... although technically is "Associate" HC. Can there be more than one hyphenated HC titles... Is that too weird?
  12. Doesn't that likely mean someone will be assistant head coach?
  13. @MikeV73 and I were discussing that... We were kidding around about that play, mostly about our armchair playcalling abilities. Certainly wouldn't put on Young that series since GA was playing some stout defense. Glad to hear Young power drove someone on the scoring play... thanks for pointing that out. We were serious about finding roles where he can play smash mouth, cause he can turn on beast mode.
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