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  1. I mentioned this a while back (maybe on this thread which is rather long in the tooth). While I don't consider it a 'formula', just because a young HC has to cycle coordinators doesn't mean all is lost in the program. Some folks at lsu were pretty down on Orgeron at the time he made the changes. Overall Herman is just finishing his 5th year as HC, and having to fire coordinators for the first time. Orgeron made his changes sooner, but also had to deal with lackluster on field performance sooner. Had to he to do it over again... almost assuredly Herman hires a legit OC when he takes the job. He may still have brought in Orlando, but he did try to get Aranda at the time. The recruiting is still strong. Given time to prepare with a healthy roster, this team competed at high levels at times this season. So 2020 doesn't feel like a lame duck season that we've seen at times over the last 40 years. This team can be really good if the new staff can figure out how to compete at that level on a weekly basis. Plus... that 4 game slide just felt like an outlier, a weird outlier. More games and larger sample size will tell us for sure. But something weird happened over those 4 games where it's hard to explain how the bottom dropped out so completely.
  2. Whoa... two birds one stone? If he could hire Riley as Co-OC that would complete the trifecta.
  3. There are quite a few good candidates still out there. Plus, don't forget all the turnover in the NFL as that season grinds to an end. A lot of good coordinators will find themselves out of a job as that thing churns. Dumpster fire mode wouldn't start until February. Until then there are quite a few good options that could come in and run a good offense. Believing that we need a 'home run hire' is a bit of straw man, to be honest. There was some panic about recruiting blowing up with an OC, but those fears turned out to be unwarranted. Overall, no need to panic. Enjoy the holidays.
  4. It is on us... That's what happens when you fire a coach after 3 years. Every coach wants to start fresh, so when the next coach starts fresh you end up with 6 years of mostly inexperience. Next season will be the first where we are finally out of that cycle.
  5. Strong recruited well until the last year, when it cratered. Along with setting all time records for losing, the collapse of recruiting was the final nail in that coffin. That's the clearest and most telling sign a coach has failed or missed his window. For all the issues we've had, Herman has continued to recruit well. As long as the recruiting pipeline continues to flow then it's not a lost cause.
  6. Good gosh, yes. The video looks like creepy surveillance or Ring video, and I was half expecting one of the coaches to steal a package.
  7. I believe this happens when defenses can't get off the field and are either being told, or feel the need, to try and create turnovers. This is when you see helmet lunges at the football, strip attempts instead of tackling, or just dudes trying to lay down massive hits to separate the football. Many times this results in a guy getting free. To be clear some of these are legitimate attempts at creating turnovers, but when defenses start pressing like this everyone is going after the ball and forgetting to tackle first.
  8. I also felt the offense shut down when Collin was out, due to the defense collapsing down on the slot receivers and running game with no outside threat. Later when I heard about Mehringer, that made sense as our outside WRs would come in and have no impact on the game. The offense became one dimensional, an no where near dominant enough to force their will in the running game. Beck just wasn't equipped to handle the changing dynamics. It's also primarily why I'm not concerned about Herman wanting to keep this scheme more or less intact. When the offense was healthy, and with properly developed players, they scored a lot of points against pretty much everybody. With someone in place who knows how to keep the offensive system in shape we shouldn't have those problems.
  9. I know some folks who think Messingham worked some magic at KSU, specifically in regards to their blocking schemes and how they manhandled some teams like ou. Also, sounds like Herman gave Harrell some time to decide. I don't have a problem with that, which is the risk an org always takes with going after hot prospects.
  10. Something positive to the conversation like "ass u me"? Classy... especially after making the huge assumption it was a "comfort hire". Besides, technically what I did was "speculation". Get your insults right. What do you think the "hiring process" for a coach is anyway. You think Herman goes out to Indeed and looks for open spots... maybe a call to ZipRecruiter? As I pointed out in my earlier positive contribution - these coaches already know each other. The search is talking to other coaches, which they already do all year long. Past that it's just about timing, money, and opportunity.
  11. Good gosh... He either hired to slow or too quickly. Coaches are doing coaching searches *all the time*. The idea that he didn't have an idea who he may want halfway through the season is silly. They know more than most what's going to happen after a season is done. Ash may have wanted time to see if another HC gig came up, or if someone would money whip him... who knows.
  12. You may be right. My only point is that no one has really mentioned the inside shot of becoming USC's next HC as a factor in his decision. There's very little chance he'd get that consideration here.
  13. Agree... Harrell is finding out how much he's worth. The only thing that has me wondering about the USC situation would be the inside straight chance of Harrell being promoted to interim HC if Helton gets fired mid-season. And if that happens, whether or not he would be in the running to replace Helton. There's a pretty low chance that happens overall. However Helton getting fired mid-season isn't that much of a stretch. If Harrell becomes interim HC and does a decent jobs, he may get consideration. Maybe he doesn't think about it all, but both Helton and Herman are on the hot seat right now, so he's got to think about it a little.
  14. That's just a perception based on his previous defenses and the general consensus of his upside versus others. For instance when people talk about Scalley they discuss him in terms of bringing in a shutdown defense. Whether he can do that outside of Utah... no one really knows. Either way Scalley is perceived as having a higher upside, or a higher ceiling. That doesn't mean Ash wouldn't do a better job overall. If we had the offense operating a high level then maybe we take a chance on a guy like Scalley. But, not right now.
  15. Honestly there just isn't a perfect DC candidate out there. I like Ash because he's had big conference experience and also been a HC. This can help Herman because he's still a relatively a young HC and can use a bit more experience on the staff at times. Especially if we take a flyer on a young guy like Harrell, who is a higher risk/higher reward type of coordinator. Harrell may need help at times from Herman, and we've seen what happens when both sides of the ball get wobbly. Ash strikes me as solid prospect, even if his ceiling may be a bit lower. We need someone who can come in and make a defense out of what we have, not what we want. For all the talk about 3, 4, (or even 5) down lineman... the fact is the only chess pieces we have are in the locker room. We're heavy in secondary recruits and light on lineman. We can't run everything, even if we think another defensive look will work better. There's a pragmatism that has to come with the next DC, and the need to be a solid defense quickly. We don't have a mulligan year to recruit and mold a defense (Herman gave up that option when he kept Orlando). The next guy has to come in and, at least for a season, put out the best defense he can with what we have.
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