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  1. Agreed, love Sam but time for the new broom to sweep clean. I hope Casey gets at least a quarter in each of the next two games as I still think he opens next year as QB1. . . . Thank you. Well said.
  2. View from the Cheap Seats-ISU Choke Not unlike the Mighty Casey, the Mighty Longhorns lead by Coach Tom Herman have struck out. This year was a win the conference or bust type season. We busted and in doing so, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. No other way to say it, TEXAS/Coach Tom choked. In the 4 years that CTH has held the head spot at TEXAS, no team in the country has a worse record of giving up 4th quarter leads than TEXAS. The reverse of Mack Brown who had at one point held the best record of 4th quarter comebacks and not giving up leads
  3. While 2020 has been a really crappy year, there is much to be thankful for. To all my HS friends, Have a GREAT Turkey Day and as they say in Florida, arrive alive.
  4. Actually GG had a great game .. . I've never understood the hate some have for guys wearing burnt orange. . . . . Dallas' D finally came to play and Da Boys came within a nano of knocking off the Steelers. Worked out perfect for me as Da Boys went backward this year and for me, all about the draft picks.
  5. I actually have no idea. I am assuming some form of a spread since Oregon has been running a variation for years. Will see if I can dvr a game and check it out.
  6. Absolutely true. And I agree, Sam appears playing hurt and it shows. One misfire would have been an easy TD. On one series, we went bombs away, 3 straight plays, one throw off the mark, 2 which shoulda/coulda been caught. . . .not sure I like playing behind the chains or the 6 punts on 11 drives all 6 plays or less.
  7. After Urban there is no coach who is remotely close to a sure thing. While his resume is thin, the one name who seems to check most of the boxes is Mario Christobal from Oregon. He is a top flight recruiter, he's a former OL which might be our 2 biggest needs. But as I said, everybody but Urban is a gamble and I fear the 2021 class will be a shadow of what we once thought it would be.
  8. Couple of things 2 weeks in a row now, Chris Ash's charges have shut down a Top 10 running back. While OSU is a better passing team, WVU simply could not generate enough offense through the air. The play in the end zone had been called the same way all afternoon so props to the officials for not changing the "strike zone" as the game went on. Sam was screwed by WRs who simply were unable to catch contested balls. WVU's WRs did much better. We have no creativity in our play calling, I miss the Utah game plan of mis-direction etc.
  9. Good catch, the old double negative.
  10. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU TEXAS wins another close one TEXAS football wakes up on Sunday morning with their #1 pre-season goal firmly within their grasp and a bye week to prep for their final 3 games. Win out TEXAS wins the conference. Pretty simple. Does not matter what anyone else does. Winning the conference is what we said will define success for the season in our pre-season edition. Make not mistake, this has been an ugly season, even in the games TEXAS has won. they have won ugly and needed 4th quarter/overtime heroics to win. And
  11. View from the Cheap Seats-Okie Lite For Halloween, TEXAS fans got a treat instead of a trick Halloween is a very good day for the Cheap Seats. Not only my birthday which EVERYBODY celebrates but TEXAS has been berry berry good to me on Halloween. Travel back with us to 1998. Ricky was in the midst of his Heisman race and Mack Brown was taking his new Longhorns up to Lincoln where Nebraska was riding a 56 game home winning streak. For my birthday, Mack delivered a stunning upset and Ricky pretty much locked up the Heisman that day. Mack would fi
  12. View from the Cheap Seats-Baylor Anybody too excited? If we are being candid, the season seems to have reached the “can we get it over with, fire CTH and try for the 3rd time since the Mack era to hire someone who knows how to coach fundamental football” stage of the season. ESPN’s guys project us to the Texas Bowl. Seems about right, ASSUMING, we win enough games to be eligible. More on that later. Back to Baylor, TEXAS used a 27 point to ZERO advantage in quarters 2 and 3 to put their foot on the Bears throat and not let them into the game. Baylo

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