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  1. View from the Cheap Seats-Texas Tech TEXAS beat the crap out of TT. . . .yea. At the final gun, it was a nice win over a bad team. It was a performance by the offense that had we seen week in an week out, TEXAS would be enjoying the end of a good season even if it still would not have included a BigXII title game trip. Instead this year finishes at 7-5, most likely a Camping World Bowl trip and certainly not indicative of "We're Back". We hate to sound petty and un-appreciative about a blow out win, at home, on Senior day, certainly better than losing but pre-season expectations have lead to yet another season of under achievement. And it was 3 pretty good quarters of football, at least on offense. How many were thinking WTF when we looked up to see TEXAS down 14-0 in the 1st? And then we scored a TD only to have the PAT blocked. Who else was thinking "oh no, not this shit again"??????. TEXAS would then go on a 49-10 run the rest of the way to bury a weak team wrapping up their season on a wet miserable Senior day in Austin. As mentioned in last week's edition, the snub of Devin Duveray by the Belitnikoff committee is a complete head scratcher. #1 in the nation in receptions per game. #3 in the nation in receptions for 1st downs from 3rd down, #14 in the nation in total yardage. All he did vs TT was record 6 more grabs for 199 yards and another TD. Every completion DD recorded was a 1st down or a TD. Here's hoping his reward is having his named called by the Dallas Cowboys in April as the long term answer at slot receiver for them and a multi million dollar pay day. There is no question DD's play will be missed next year. Will be interesting to see who steps up in 2020 to be that "go to" WR for Sam. Eagles and Smith should be able to see their future at TEXAS is bright, very bright. On defense we saw the best and the worst of what we have seen all year. Between missed tackles and broken assignments we also saw a bend but don't break defense that rose up strong on 3 of 4 4th down attempts by TT including what might have been the biggest play of the game, TT's 1st drive of the 2nd quarter when Coach Todd's young charges faced 1st and goal from our 2 and held TT out of the endzone on 4 straight plays. This while giving up almost 500 yards of offense but recording 2 fumble recoveries. All in all a pretty typical night for Coach Orlando's crew this season. Rumors fly of coaching changes over the weekend. One name to consider for Coach O's replacement might be Jimmy Lake of UDub. All he's done the last 7 years is held Mike "Pirate" Leach's high flying offense to 14 points on average with a game high of 17. He also develops players well and has sent many to the show. We simply have to have a staff with not only can recruit but can also teach and develop. TEXAS is big time football and Coach O simply not ready for prime time. Sorry, he's a good man but that is reality. Having said that, in the pre-season addition we talked about the coaching challenges facing CTH. Can he coach a team as the leader not the underdog, would have to rate this a failure for the season. Can he grow the team year over year? Nope. Can he beat the mutts on the schedule? Again, nope. lost to a TCU team that isn't going bowling this year, was badly out coached by an out manned ISU team and lost to a Baylor team were TEXAS enjoyed a marked talent advantage. Pretty much CTH has whiffed in the coaching department. And shown off some VERY thin skin being interviewed which makes us question if he has the self reflection to see/admit to the problems. But they almost always allow the HC to change coordinators and see if that fixes the challenges. So here is the problem, Coach Mensa has a massive ego and is very stubborn. Will he continue to make comfort hires or will he hire coaches who can put TEXAS over the top? This weekend will be interesting. And we fully expect to see CTH here at least 2 more seasons. Offensive player of the game: DD nudges out Sam due to being a Senior Hon Mention: Sam the Man. Sorry Sam, TEXAS was a long way from being back but we suspect you will have a major chip on your shoulder your senior year Defensive Player of the Game Brandon Jones-Lead the team in tackles and his leadership will be missed Hon Mention: Marqez Bimage, TFL, forced fumble which lead to 7 points Stats that matter 5 for 5 (6 for 6 counting 25 yards in) Red Zone chances and TDs scored 9-100 TEXAS entered the game #115 in the nation in penalties and continued to show their ineptness 10 It's been a decade since TEXAS won the conference. 5 Years since the home team won the game in the TT series 7 Total TDs in the game, more than the last 3 games combined Conclusions: Don't get too excited. Yes we beat TT, yes we looked better than we have looked in weeks. It's also the 2nd worst team in the conference and you are supposed to beat up the dawgs. Now TEXAS awaits it's bowl bid as Baylor and OU square off for the conference title. If we're CTH, we are shutting down Caden Sterns, we are not even considering letting Whittington touch the field. Let the key 2020 players heal, let the young pups get loads of work. Make the changes on the staff which need to be made, make Carrington a coach and let him hit the recruiting trail to salvage this class. #1 issue for CTH is to keep the team together. #2 is showing the world he can make changes to put TEXAS back on top. Oh yeah, CTH needs to scourer the JUCO ranks hard. We need help at OL, DL, LB and CB Too early look at the 2020 line up: QB-Sr Sam the Man RB-Fr Bjiion Robinson/Jr Ingrahm/fr Whittington WR- Jr Eagles/So Washington WR-So Epps/So Woodward Slot-So Jake Smith/Jr Moore (soph? if he's still with us) TE- Sr Brewer/So Lieto LT Sr Sam Cosmi LG Sr Imodi or Sr Urquidez C Sr Kerstetter RG Jr Junior RT Sr Okafor or So Jones The OL has to become a team strength and the running game has to improve for TEXAS to reach it's goals. How quickly can Sam get on the same passing page with young WRs and does TEXAS continue to force the Power Spread with a TE or does it go to a base 4 WR set to play to their strengths? Defense (we'll go with the idiot 3 man front but we really hope wehave another scheme in 2020) NT So Cobern (very excited about his future)/So Sweat DE Sr Bimage DE Sr Graham or Sr Jones LB So Mitchell Lb Jr Ossai S Jr BJ S Jr Sterns S Jr Overshawn (consider him a hybrid rover LB) CB Jr Cook CB Jr Anthony CB Jr Jamison Plenty of talent on the D but can they be coached up to play assignment football, wrap up on tackles and stop making so many stupid mistakes/penalties? What is the 2020 scheme and #1, regardless of scheme, can TEXAS figure out how to get pressure? Mack watch Close losses has Mack/UNC needing to beat rival UNCSt to go bowling. We're betting on Mack to complete one of the biggest turn arounds in the nation and doubling up UNCs total wins the last 2 years. BigXII summary 2 teams on top, TEXAS not one of them. 4 teams going bowling, none of them impressive. TEXAS, ISU, KSU and OSU 4 teams that didn't make a bowl, the door mats of the conference and TEXAS lost to one of them and needed a last minute Dicker the Kicker FG to beat another. ugh. TCU, WVU, TT and Kansas It's been a tough, very roller coaster season for Horns fans. Hope you have enjoyed the cheap seats, this year harder to write than many.
  2. When the pre-season edition of the Cheap Seats was authored, there is little doubt that had one of the predictions been that the TEXAS offense would be the weakest link by the end of the season, that it would be one of the poorest offenses in the conference, most would have laughed. Yet that is where we find the TEXAS' offense today. In the past 6 games, TEXAS has recorded 27 points, 50 points (Kansas) 27 points, 27 points, 21 points and 10 points leading to a record of 2-4. We watched a team be physically dominated for the 3 of the last 4 weeks. We watched a team be outcoached for the 4th week in a row. Pre-Season we ranked the strength of the team #1 QB, #2 WR and #3 OL. Our offensive line gave up 5 sacks (good for #112 in the nation, putrid) vs Baylor and that was not worse only due to the efforts of Sam E. We're calling it now, we think Sam has been playing hurt. His game is significantly off from the QB who lead TEXAS to a 40+ point per game average over their 1st 7 games. That scoring average is now down half over the last 4 games at 21 ppg. Thus the title, where is Waldo. Or better said, where is the TEXAS offense. Also in the pre-season addition, we discussed the Coaching challenges under CTH. Can he win as a conference leader not as an underdog? Can he develop the talent on the team or said another way, can his Cougar High staff show they can develop players. Outside of 3 coaches, this staff is the same staff he had at Houston. This is perhaps the most deeply concerning issue TEXAS faces. It's fine to recruit better than most everyone (more on that in a minute) but if you cannot 'coach those players up', all the X's and O's don't really matter. Case in point, Baylor. Over the past 4 seasons, Baylor has recruited 11 four star players total. Combined with the disaster that was Art Briles, Matt Rhule was hired away from Temple. Temple is a basketball school. All Rhule did for Temple was take them to their conference title game in 2015 then he won the conference in 2016. He just punched Baylor's ticket to their 1st BigXII title game. Clearly he knows how to 'coach his players up' since he only has 11 four stars to work with. On the other side of the field is TEXAS and CTH. In the past 4 years TEXAS has recruited 14, 8, 18 and 15 four star or better players, not counting Bru. So how do we account for players who are fundamentally unsound, who have been "out physicalled" and "out coached" in at least 3 if not all 4 of the last games TEXAS has played? It's clear why Matt Rhule has NFL interest, he is arguably the best HC in the conference, certainly he is doing the most with less. And we would trade staff's with him in a heart beat. And wasted in 3 of our last 4 games has been a much improved though still unsound, defensive effort. They have played well enough to win each game assuming our offense is producing at a 30-35 point per game level, which we assumed pre-season would be the standard. This season is spiraling and the ramifications are great. #1 coaching challenge, can CTH keep the wheels on, best a weak TT and get an insignificant bowl bid? We're hoping we slide to the Armed Forces Bowl vs Air Force for personal reasons but we're guessing the Liberty of Cheez-It Bowl (whatever the old catus bowl is now called in Phoniex). #2 Coaching challenge, protect what is left of the current recruiting class. No more de-commits and need to add some quality players #3 Coaching changes. Even with TEXAS D play the last 4 games, the way Coach Todd runs this scheme does not compare to Phil Snow (Baylor) or Matt Campbell's ISU team. Our DBs are poor tacklers and do not defend well compared to Baylor or ISU's 3 stars. Will Coach Mensa's ego make the changes necessary? Needless to say, this offseason will be very interesting. Devean Duvernay not being a Belitnikoff Semi Finalist is a complete joke. #1 in the nation in receptions, #8 in the nation in yards, #2 in the nation in receptions for 1st downs. Longest 8 game catch streak in the nation. We only hope the Dallas Cowboys draft him in the 2nd round to replace rent a player Randall Cobb (no knock on Cobb but he'll get more money somewhere else). But Mr 3rd Down Duvernay will get paid this offseason. Offensive Player of the game- Mr 3rd down. TEXAS did poorly on offense but not DD's fault Defensive Player of the game Demarvion Overshon/Joseph Ossai Ugliest play of the game Stats that matter Conclusions CTH has his work cut out for him. If he loses the team completely and loses out, the 2020 recruiting class could be in jeopardy. Frankly we're predicting we lose 3-4 more recruits before signing day. Will his ego allow him to make the changes needed. Face it, some of our coaches will be looking at high school jobs if let go. As we pointed out above, talent is not a problem except along the DL. The good news, JUCO and the portal could be his friend. But without an upgrade in staff (including from within his own mensa mind), TEXAS is mired in 2nd tier at best status. We'd put Phil Snow of Baylor under very serious consideration as a DC. Mack Watch Beat Mercer (duh) and needs to beat a weak NCSt team to go bowling. every loss this year by 7 points or less. There is no question that Mack seriously upgraded UNC and with his recruiting charm, the future is bright for UNC. Ranking the BigXII #1, Land thieves. Always sucks to type, not sure they make the CFP playoffs but maybe with a quality win over Baylor. If Utah wins out, we think they get the 4th spot CFB spot. Predicted bowl: Sugar vs Bama or Georgia #2 Baylor. Likely finished 11-2, Predicted bowl: Cotton Clear 2nd Tier teams #3 Okie Lite, finished 8-4 (we hope they pull the upset) and goes to the Alamo Bowl #4 ISU, they face KSU to see who finishes 8-4, predicted bowl winner ISU/KSU Camping Bowl #5 KSU, see above Predicted bowl: loser ISU/KSU: the Texas Bowl #6 TCU, needs to beat WVU to go bowling. We predict: Cheez it bowl #7 TEXAS Bowl eligible but TEXAS travels well so do not be shocked if one of the above nabs TEXAS despite 7-5 at best record. Liberty or Camping. Doormats/cannot qualify for bowls and this hurts the BigXII #8 TT #9 WVU #10 Kansas (though we'll take their play caller today) College Football Playoffs tOSU (barring BIG title upset) Clemson LSU (barring SEC title upset) Utah if they win out Just a bit outside OU will be interesting to see. OU has been last 2 years and not looked good. Georgia with 2 losses, 1 loss and they are in
  3. View from the Cheap Seats-Horn Frogs Let the meltdowns begin. Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. So stop us if you have heard this before. Game on the line, down by only 3, 2:42 in the game, 3rd and 14 with a young secondary that needs help. Oh yeah, who is TEXAS' QB, Sam "Ice water in his veins" Ehlinger who has zero issue driving the length of the field to win a game. Freeze frame at the snap, every TEXAS player lined up within 6 yards of the LOS. TCU in 5 wide so what D does Coach Todd call? Easy, same D he called vs LSU in the same scenario, rush 6 and play man coverage. INSANITY, nothing but pure insanity. Slow down the replay, 3 of the 5 TCU WRs were BEHIND their men in coverage, all out of position and chasing the play largely unable to see the ball when it's thrown. Summed up the game, Coach Mensa and Coach Todd got PANTSED by Gary Patterson and Sonny Cumbie. They got taken out behind the wood shed and schooled in the art of real coaching. By now the boards are littered with fans jumping off cliffs. You want to defend the coaches? Let us quote CTH himself, AFTER Kansas no less: "Our fans have a right to criticize, there is a standard at TEXAS, we are not playing to that standard" Hopefully Coach Todd calls Gary P and asks for some coaching advice before his season next year coaching some Texas Middle school. Before an apologist states "Coach Todd knows more about football than you". . . . ..not so fast my friend. Trying to mask a weak secondary riddled with injuries with the game on the line . . .. . you rush 6 and drop 5 in man vs a 5 WR front with every player within 6 yards of the line??????? Sorry, we'll disagree. All you need to do is make a tackle and force a punt. You then give your team a chance to win. Instead, you give up a huge play then let their TRUE FRESHMAN QB WALK into the end zone for a 10 point lead with less than 2 minutes to play. Get your egos out of the way, stop trying to look like a genius and play fundamentally sound football. Is that REALLY so hard (ok, rhetorical question based on the last year and a half of evidence) In the last 2 years, CTH has the worst 2nd half record in CFB. We can now see why. Against a team with far less talent but well coached and motivated, TEXAS simply lacked the ability to put a dog away. In fact it's worse, in the 2nd half, TEXAS was outscored 24-10. And make no mistake, TCU is a dog that may not go bowling this year. They need 2 wins in a line up where they are likely only favored vs WVU at season's end. The "plan" for the D should have been, play mostly zone to protect the young DBs, stop the run and force them into long sustained drives. 4 TCU chunk plays yielded 51 yards, 24 yards 31 yards and 44 yards. Those 4 plays would be part of drives which resulted in 24 TCU points over the course of the game. Sam the Man came back down to earth this week. 3 INTs (not counting the very late/didn't matter anyway one) turned into 13 points. D does get credit for bowing up and forcing 2 FGs to at least keep the game close. In the end it wouldn't matter as TEXAS struggled mightly in the red zone. On 5 trips they only recorded 2 TDs. A woeful average and made worse that one of the FG attempts was missed. Not how you "put a dog away". The truth is, this team will only go as far as Sam will take them. And to offer an example of how TCU's 3 star guys are coached up better than our 4 and 5 star players, let's look at Sam's INT thrown on an in route to Jake Smith. TCU DB was with Jake the whole way, had his "eyes" (more on that later) and "feet" properly aligned to jump the route. Jake's route wasn't bad, Sam's throw in the right place but the difference was, the TCU DB was in better position and made the play. Game sucked, both sides of the ball sucked. Not much else to say. Do want to share the musing of a coach talking about the problems on the team. He said he teaches in steps (and it's clear Gary Patterson does something similar). On D step one is "EYES". Players have to "see the play and their role" 1st and foremost. Step 2 is "feet". Players must be lined up properly to run the called defense. Going to focus on these 2 and point out the problems faced by defenses going up against up tempo offenses. And especially with young players with limited experience and snaps in what even Coach O admits is a fairly complicated defense. Now TCU "only" ran 70 plays so they didn't go up tempo all the time. For comparison, OU ran 75 and Kansas ran 80. But the point is, by having a player having to "think" on the fly, by not clearly "seeing" what his role is and often not having his "feet" set at the snap, it's not really a surprise we play so poorly on D. And face it, this D gives up 31 points a game, good for #98 in the nation and well on their way to being the WORST D in TEXAS history. So when the O only scores 24, it's going to be a VERY LONG 2 weeks Summation Going to be a very interesting 2 weeks. If CTH thought he caught flak from fans and media before, he ain't seen nuthin yet. No doubt the boards will be miserable. Could heads roll? Keep in mind, we've stayed away and read nothing as always so don't know. We know a change that needs to be made. If CTH wants Todd to stick around, he might want to call Greg Robinson and get some instructions on making things simpler and teaching some fundamentals. Just a thought from the Cheap Seats. Here's the really wild thing, while TEXAS has lost control of it's destiny, barring Baylor beating OU (which isn't likely. . .but who knows), they can still get to the bigXII title game without herculean help. Stats that matter 3 Sam INTs 13 TCU points off those INTs 24-10 Margin TEXAS was outscored in the 2nd half. 2-5 Red Zone TD rate for the Horns 7-72 TEXAS is 103rd in the nation in penalties Next Off week. Lots of work to do then a red hot KSU team rolls into Austin. Bad news, looks like they hired a fundamentally sound coach too. Mack Watch Don't look now but UNC shares the lead in the Coastal division of the ACC after beating Duke. They need to win one more game vs 3 upcoming ACC opponents (UVa, Pitt NCSt); we assume they will beat Mercer, to go bowling for the 1st time since 2016. ESPN has UNC projected to the Military Bowl at Annapolis. Ranking the BigXII #1 Baylor. Yep, Rape U rises to #1 on the back going 7-0 to open the season and an OU upset loss. Being projected to the Cotton Bowl already #2 OU. Land thieves get caught napping, likely dropped out of the playoff race Clearly 2 top teams. From here, put them in any order, doesn't really matter, they all beat up on each other. TCU Can they pull an upset (we'll give'em WVU at year end) to go bowling? Jerry Palm says Liberty OSU Knocks off ISU, projected to the Texas Bowl TEXAS Vs ND in the "Camping Bowl". KSU YUGE upset of OU, today projected to the Alamo Bowl, TT Depends on who you read ISU Cheez It Bowl in Zona WVU Kansas Follows up their near upset of TEXAS with a win over TT, Playoff Hunt #1 LSU #2 tOSU #3 Clemson #4 Bama Just outside Penn St OU Personal note: Sorry for the delay. Spent the weekend in San Antonio with my Godson/Nephew who will step on the yellow footprints within 24 hours. For those who don't understand, he enlists in the Marine Corps tomorrow and begins basic training. He has a recon slot so he will go to the School of Infantry then he starts recon training with jump school, basic combat SCUBA and others. It will take him almost a year to report to a Recon unit.
  4. View from the Cheap Seats-Jayhawks Sam is DA MAN Let us all hail the glory that is Sam Ehlinger. Without him, this TEXAS team would not continue to control their destiny in the BigXII. And we would need every bit of his 399 passing yards (4 TDs) and 91 yards rushing to hold off a "spirited" upset attempt by Les Miles' Jayhawks. Prior to joining the BigXII, Kansas lead the series with TEXAS 2-0. TEXAS would beat Kansas 12 times before a wretched day in Lawrence which became the final straw in the career of Charlie "I am the worst coach in TEXAS history" Strong. Now for some, the loss to Kansas was a glorious day because without it, we likely extend CFS a year and CTH takes the LSU job. We bring that up because the QB who lead that upset win was Kansas' starter, 3 year starter and 2 star Rivals recruit Carter Stanley. He would do everything in his power to go 2-1 vs TEXAS and have almost as good a night as Sam the Man, 310 yards passing 4 TDs while running for 65 as he carved up TEXAS' D. The Mad Hatter elected to go for the win not the tie at the 1:11 mark and Stanley converted with another laser beam pass to give Kansas the lead 47-46. As he's done all season, Sam put on his superman cape and lead the Horns down the field, setting up Dicker the Kicker for the 2nd game winning FG of his career with no time on the clock. Early on, the title of this week's write up was planned to be "slump buster" as TEXAS had gone up 14-3 and appeared to be driving for another score. Then the wheels came off and the offensive shoot out was on. Near mid field Sam was sacked setting up a 3rd and 18. Another great pass set TEXAS up 4th and 2 at the 49. CTH say go for it, zero issue with the decision. Of course we're going run an RPO with Sam looking for Mr 3rd Down Duvernay (we're calling for a legal name change) so Sam has the option to run or we'll give the ball to Roshon, our version of a power back right?. Nope. Let's show the world how Mensa was are, we're going to like up true freshman Jake Smith in the wild cat and rush him over the left side. WTF????? Not sure we've ever attempted this play. Kansas turns a moral victory at mid field into 7. Next series TEXAS faced with 4th and 1 around mid field. Slant pass to Cade mis fires. Kansas uses the short field to drive for the lead. Zero problem going for it on 4th down in either situation. Yuge problem with both play calls. Kansas again uses great field position only this time to take the lead. Kansas leading TEXAS in the 2nd quarter???? Game is on. Next TEXAS series was a 3 and out forcing a punt, D steps up and forces a Kansas punt and the O drives 84 yards to take the lead back at halftime. Before the game, the objective was simple. In what should have been a controlled scrimmage, work out some bugs/kinks on D, shore up the tackling, get the starters out in the 3rd quarter behind a 24 point lead or so and no injuries. Pretty much a failure all the way around. Hopefully Brandon Jones is OK. Oh yeah, a pre-season goal of CTH's, put mutts away early. But we see perhaps the biggest coaching concern (OK we have 2) of CTH. Can he get his teams ready for the mid and low tier teams on his schedule? The second, was he too influenced by Mack's biggest weakness, stubborn loyalty to underperforming assistants? Nope, Greg Davis started re-writing our record books year 1, we mean Carl Reese's slightly better than average Ds. It was odd to listen to fans after OU would put up 60 blaming the O. Now if you want to see the difference between Mack and Stooper? Stooper was a D coach. Further proof? 2004 and the hire of Greg Robinson (who would return in 2011 to save Mack/the D again) and the 2008 hire of Will Muschamp. This game featured 2 of the worst defenses in the NCAA this year, #119 TEXAS (Total D) vs #121 Kansas. Outside of Kansas "big win" over Boston college, the most points Kansas had put up on anyone was 24. Clearly Les though he could do better as he promoted an analyst off his staff to OC/playcaller and was rewarded with Kansas' best offensive effort of the season. This is a coach who turned around the Arkansas St offense (D II) but was in so much demand, he returned to his NAIA alma mater in 2018. He was an analyst on Guz Malzhan's staff for 2 years during their National Title trip. We mention this to point out, there are some really talented coaches in America who simply are not in a position to be recognized. Or are victim to the good ole boy system that favors friends and loyalty over ability. This OC is Brent Dearmon and we doubt he's at Kansas too long. He's even written the book, "Evolution of the RPO". Now let's face it, probably no better team for a play caller to cut his teeth on than Todd Orlando's TEXAS team. Now how sad is that? What we lack in tackling (we lead the nation in missed tackles averaging over 10 per game), we make up for with a scheme that does not focus on setting the edge/playing containment nor on taking away the opponents best pass catcher. Not sure we take away any pass catchers. Facing a team that featured maybe 5 players who could start for TEXAS, Kansas would hang around and hang around. BTW, as a suggestion for TEXAS/CTH and Coach Todd, here is a series of videos by Brent Dearmon on how to use the RPO to attack defense. Maybe there are some clues there to see what teams are doing to work our weaknesses. And it's only $39.99 so we can afford it. https://coachtube.com/course/football/identifying-attacking-coverages-with-the-rpo/949147 As bad as it was, it was a WIN. TEXAS still controls their hunt for a BigXII title berth. Offensive player of the game Duh, Sam the Man Honorable mention goes to Devin Duvernay, 7 of his 9 grabs were for 1st down's or touchdowns. An we're calling bullshit on the "drop", ball was uncatchable. BTW, DD is averaging 8.7 grabs per game, good for #1 in the nation. And he unselfishly blocks very well without the ball. Keotay Ingram, 14 carries for 100+ and 7.2 a tote. Oddly, 9 of the carries in the 1st half so despite his effectiveness, we seemed to have abandoned the run game in the 2nd half. KI added some pretty good blocking in pass pro as well. Defensive player of the game: Sadly this might be better written as special teams players of the game: We are going to focus on the 2 blocked kicks. Joseph Ossai's block kept 3 points off the board while Malcom Roach's lead to D'Shawn Jamison's 2 point conversion return leading to a 5 point swing off blocks in a 2 point game. Stats that matter 2/14 Number of TEXAS turnovers and points allowed off those turnovers 0 Number of TEXAS takeaways 2/5 Number of Kansas kicks blocked by TEXAS and the point differential. Stopped 3, scored 2 1 Sacks recorded 5/5 Red Zone scoring all TDs 8/101 TEXAS' penalties and national rank for penalties per game 196 Rushing yards by Pookie Williams. Next TCU at their house. TCU is not having a very good year. Gary's crew currently sits at 3-3 over all with their only quality win coming over a weak Purdue team. They did hold Kansas to 14 points so they have that going for them. Patterson will have his Frogs fired up at TEXAS comes to town. An upset here gives TCU an outside shot at a bowl game. Then TEXAS has a bye which is a great week to do some key mid season coaching. TEXAS will come off the bye to face KSU, ISU at their house followed by Baylor on the road before finishing T+1 with TT. Not an easy out in the bunch. Mack Watch UNC suffered a 6 over time loss to Va Tech, a very beatable team on the schedule. Mack has fallen to 3-4. Now he needs 2 wins vs ACC opponents, we're giving him Mercer, to make it to a bowl game. Will not be easy, UVa and Pitt are 1 and 2 in the Coastal currently. Might be a woulda/shoulda/coulda season for Mack as his Wake loss was 6 points and the 3 others, a FG or less. Ranking the BigXII #1 OU, the machine continues, they sit alone in a tier above the rest of the BigXII 2nd tier extends for the next 3 #2 Baylor, sucks to type almost as much as putting the land thieves #1 but they likely are ranked ahead of TEXAS this week and may very well still be ranked ahead of us when we meet. #3 TEXAS, likely ranked below Baylor this week #4 ISU, seem to be finding their rhythm 3rd tier is the middle of the BigXII, some of these teams might not make bowl games #5 OSU, they beat KSU and both have a winning record #6 KSU, winning record and coming off a win over TCU #7 WVU Losing record #8 TT Losing record, coming off loses to Baylor and ISU #9 TCU coming off loss to KSU #10 Kansas 2 point loss is a moral victory. but not enough to get them out of the cellar
  5. View from the Cheap Seats-Red River War TEXAS is not ready for prime time. What AT&T idiot named this the Red River Shootout? Shootouts were with Arkansas including one of the greatest college football games ever played. War, Rivalry but not "shoot out". OK early rant over. Sorry Sam, TEXAS is not Back. Had you told us that OU had the best D in the BigXII, we'd have laughed. This is not last year's OU D and yet oddly, outside of one player, they actually have less talent than last year. But what they do have is a DC who understands football and builds gameplans/schemes to exploit other teams weaknesses. If we have offended those who think our staff is above criticism. . . sorry/not sorry. When Greg Robinson replaced Manny Diaz back in 2013, the #1 change he made was getting players to focus on fundamentals. Not saying we want Coach O gone, we are saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. Simply put, this scheme does not do well vs quality offenses. We continue to tackle poorly regardless of normally insightful Joel Klatt's claim that both team tackle well in space. OU certainly does, we don't, we're actually very poor at it. Couple that with the inability to contain and you have a recipe for a long defensive day. And a good DC will not let an opponent's best players beat him. Hurts with 366 yards of total O and 4 TDs on almost 8 yards a rush. CeeDee Lamb with an NFL scouting highlight reel day, 10 grabs, 171 yards and 3 TDs. Cannot stomach going back to watch but those 171 yards aided by at least 20 missed tackles and plenty of YAC (yards after catch). Yet having said that, unlike the LSU game, the D did force 2 turnovers in the 1st quarter to keep the game from turning into a route then forced 2 punts plus a 4th down stop in the 2nd half to give TEXAS a chance. Lots of people warned pre-season (including the Cheap Seats) that this D was young and would experience some growing pains. There is a reason TEXAS is one of the worst ranked defenses in the nation and would need our offense to carry the day. Sadly neither offense nor defense was up to the challenge today while we begrudgingly applaud Lincoln Riley who has significantly grown as a play caller from his previous days. Yes, TEXAS showed great heart, never quit, keep the game close, had a chance to tie at the end, platypus platypus platypus (platitude?). At the end of the day TEXAS did not play well enough to win, this game was very similar to CTH's 1st RRW (we like war better). CTH & company squandered an early 1st half turnover advantage, they were unable to make Hurts/OU feel any pressure and trailed from the 1st series to the final bell. And much like this year's LSU game, against a good defense, TEXAS could only manage 1 first half score which puts zero pressure on their opponent. Adding to the bad news, we were beaten along both lines of scrimmage. We are a very poor tackling team and did we mention, Sam was sacked 9 times. Have no clue what Joe Klatt was saying when he said both teams tackle in space well. OU does, does Coach Todd teach our guys to duck their heads to tackle???? Really tired of seeing TEXAS defenders duck their heads, refuse to wrap up and try to blast guys with the big "ESPN highlight hit". And it wasn't just young guys, our senior leadership guilty of missing tackles and over running plays as well. Compounding problems, TEXAS also BADLY lost the field position battle and not a good day for that to happen as the running game never got untracked. On the other sideline, Riley designed a very nice rushing attack to compliment his outstanding passing attack. Was asked earlier this year who runs a D that does well vs spread teams? Guess what, OU does. Coach Grinch not only runs a better D, he schemed us very well and adjusted even better. We're still stubbornly doing the same thing. And despite all of that, we were OU's worst (by far) outing of the year. If you are looking for silver linings. Another is there was no quit in the Horns, poor play at times but no quit. Sam is simply a warrior. While he wasn't perfect and struggles still with the deep ball, he hit WRs in the hands 4 times on what would be significant gains only to have normally reliable players drop the ball. Our lack of running also did not help with play action. Post game CTH quote: Again, losing is not a failure unless you refuse or don't learn from the things that you did poorly. We need to be able to learn from this, put it behind us and move forward." We can only hope CTH & crew heeds the words above. This team lacks a consistent running game to make play action more effective. We are a poor tackling team with a highly questionable scheme. No we are not chefs but we know when the meal is poor. Stats that matter 1-9 CTH's record when trailing at halftime 9 How many times Sam sacked 9 of 14 3rd down attempts where TEXAS faced 3rd and 7 or longer. Behind the chains 6-14 on 3rd down, too often TEXAS was behind the chains and failed to sustain drives. 80 TEXAS rushed for 100 yards, all but 20 came on 2 plays by Roshon for 80 yards Conclusion For the 3rd week in a row, TEXAS did not bring their A game. This time facing a team with similar talent and sadly, a better coaching staff, left TEXAS with their 2nd loss of the season. And for the 2nd time this year, TEXAS faced a team a quality opponent and only has itself to blame for not winning the game. We hope CTH takes an honest look at both sides of the ball as his quote above implies. Our running game seems limited to dives up the middle or Sam taking off. Not sure why we cannot attack the edges or utilize more of the quick pass/slant routes to get our best players the ball in space. Our defense simply does not tackle well. Good news, we can pretty much out talent the next 2 teams on the schedule. We project TEXAS falls into the 15-20 range ranking wise. From here, the only thing that really matters is running the table and getting another shot at OU in Dallas. Next As stated in the pre-season, the schedule sets up very well for TEXAS. Coming off a brutal loss, TEXAS gets slump buster Kansas to work on fixing some of the issues before traveling to Ft Worth to face the Frogs then a bye week. CTH gets a great chance to focus on the 1-0 philosophy, which frankly is a good approach. Can he manufacture a running game? Can he get Coach O to at least teach some basic tackling? Mack/UNC watch 3-3 with all 3 losses close. Need to find 2 wins (we'll give them Mercer) in the next 5 to go bowling. With 1 more win this year, Mack will have lead UNC to as many wins this year as the last 2 years combined. Ranking the BigXII #1 FURK, I hate to type this but OU is CLEARLY the class of the BigXII and focused on another CFPlayoff berth #2 TEXAS Can still win the BigXII, now effectively eliminated from CFP so Sugar Bowl or New Year's Day 6 for the Horns. 2 quality opponents this year, 2 losses. #3 Baylor needed 2 OTs to fend off a pesky TT upset attempt. 5-0, could they finish with 2 losses? #4 ISU nice win on the road at WVU. 4-2 overall, bowl visit almost assured #5 TT they let the upset get away, 4-3, decent shot at a bowl #6 OSU bye 4-2 with Baylor on deck #7 TCU bye 3-2 #8 KSU bye 3-2 #9 WVU #10 Kansas When does basketball season start.
  6. I think Mack realized he simply did not have the horse to hang in OT. . .. .I agreed with the call, he converts the 2 point conversion and is almost assured of victory with less than 90 seconds on the clock. Clemson's been eating the cheese and it almost got them beat. Of course better to peak late in the year than early.
  7. We'll have 2 bye weeks this year, as we said pre-season, they are timed really well. This 1st giving TEXAS a chance to rest up before WVU, a classic trip game on the road. Don't think it's a big deal? Clemson damn near derailed by Mack's UNC crew. YUGE balls on Mack, going for the win very late in the 4th. They fell short, end of the day, another loss but a loss Mack can build on. It's funny how many people still think Mack isn't a great coach. . . ..as read would say. . . . . .dumbass. What is the lesson here for TEXAS? Simple, there is no question that even with CTH preaching 1-0 1-0. . . . our 18-22 year olds are looking at OU. Clemson outclassed/outtalented UNC by an even larger margin than TEXAS will enjoy over WVU yet they were a 2 point conversion away from eliminating the goose egg in the loss column. End of the day, Mack is on a 3 game skid, 2 of the games they let slip through their hands. Still, he has UNC playing significantly better than last year behind a freshman QB. He's going to need to find 4 more wins to go bowling which would represent a major turn around. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/page/gamedayfinal190928/how-clemson-unc-nearly-turned-entire-season-upside-plus-more-week-5 Ranking the BigXII #1 TEXAS Beating tomato cans does not make you the best team in the conference. #2 OU Will be curious on 13 Oct if OU or LSU is the best O TEXAS will face. #3 OSU Cowboys hang on vs a tough opponent in KSU. #4 Baylor blows a 20 point lead but hangs on to beat ISU. 23 and 21 points the last 2 weeks? This isn't your Daddy's Rape U. Pretty much the next 4 teams (5-8) can be ranked in any order #5 TCU drums hapless Kansas #6 KSU Better than we thought pre-season #7 WVU 1-0 in conference play, idle this week, how much trouble can they give the Horns at their house. #8 ISU As the Tuna (Bill Parcells) would say, don't eat the cheese. ISU been eating some cheese blowing a 20 point lead. #9 TT Blown out by OU #10 Kansas When does basketball season start.
  8. Actually he fumbled/muffed 2 punt returns but the 2nd went out of bounds, no harm no foul. But he was awesome in the secondary, in fact noticed CTH/LHN's rewind also had him as the D player of the game. Sucker liable to take a couple popcorn vendors jobs too. . .he does EVERYTHING
  9. We do have some guys out. As I said in the pre-season version and keep repeating, our schedule sets up very well. By OU we'll get at least some of these guys back.
  10. View from the Cheap Seats-Oklahoma State Winning ugly always better than losing pretty WHEW, CTH and TEXAS can breath a huge sigh of relief. Cowboys came to town with the top runner in the nation, the top WR and a freshman QB who is going to be a major thorn in our side for 3 more years. A kid that CTH did in fact try to get to TEXAS and easy to see why. The last time TEXAS beat OSU in Austin was 2008 with Colt McCoy. Now that is a sad statement to type. Over all, the Mullett was 7-2 since 2010 dominating TEXAS. As Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend. This game shaped up to be a YUGE test for Coach Todd's D and outside of some VERY untimely penalties and a couple of big special teams miscues, the D played their best game since 2017. Nation's leading RB coming to town? Coach O & crew got this. OSU thought their OL was pretty salty? Coach O & crew got this. While TEXAS' O looked better vs LSU, they certainly played well enough to win though we have the impression this morning, we left too many points on the field. So if you are a glass half full guy, TEXAS won. If you are a glass half empty guy, TEXAS did not put OSU away when it could have. Little something for everyone heading into a well timed bye week. Coach O & crew have taken some well deserved heat this season. They answered the bell well this week setting the tone with the opening drive. 1st play they stuffed the nation's leading rusher for a 4 yard loss. OSU would drive to a 1st down on the TEXAS 4 and the D would bow up to force a FG. OSU would be held to 3 Touchdowns on the night. Interesting that 2 of them came off muffed/fumbled punts and the other aided by penalty. That penalty a borderline questionable but turned a 2nd down TFL into a 1st and 10, 15 yards up the field. TEXAS faced one of the best WRs in the nation and after a nice but not spectacular 1st half, he was pretty much shut down in the 2nd half. Bigtime shout out to the DL lead by Malcom Roach and Ta'Quon Graham. They dominated the OSU OL and held the nations leading rusher to 3.3 yards per carry. OSU tried to beat TEXAS rushing the ball and without their contributions from Freshman QB Spenser, largely failed. And the contributions of the DL were critical as TEXAS came into the game without BJ Foster and Overshawn then losing Caden Sterns and Jalen Green during the game. In the 2nd half, the D would stop OSU on 4th from the 4, force 3 Punts and record an INT while limiting an explosive Cowboy O to 10 points. That's a good showing. Bye week coming at a great time as we need some players to heal. We had said this would be a great test for OU and the Red River War. They will have more weapons and challenge our D even more. This type of defensive effort will be needed to win what is shaping up to be the 1st of two matchups with OU again this season. For those triggered by the criticism of Coach O vs LSU, seems even Coach O admitted the problems and made adjustments to bracket Wallace this week. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a RB. Keonaty Ingham with a break out game. He ran tough, used his vision well and logged 115 yards and a 5.4 yards per carry average. On top of that he added a nice 26 yard reception. Not sure if we have just not noticed it this year but really liked the use of the counter play with him. He is a very patient runner who sets up his blocks well and has teh vision to find the crease in the D. Another week, more accolades for the 2 key players on this offense. Devin Duvernay is simply a bad azzed football player who's making himself some money this year. 12 catches, of with 9 of them were either 1st downs or Touchdowns and 5 of them coming on 3rd down resulting in moving the chains. He plays like a tough running back with the ball in his hands and finished with 12 catches and 108 yards/2 TDs. This wasn't a "Heisman Highlight" type game for Sam but it was a very good game for him. 20 of 28 through the air for 287 and add 4 passing TDs. Rushed 10 times for over 70 yards. Just enough with his legs to keep the D off balance. We would be remiss if we did not point out that Sam simply does not throw a good "bombs away" ball, missing on both attempts to open WRs and each time putting the Horns behind the chains. Eagles' 73 yard pass was more of the "catch and run" variety. Largely unheralded, major props to the offensive line who dominated the OSU front. Only 1 penatlty on the OL all night, which came in the 1st quarter and had not impact on the drive. Sam had loads of time to survey the field and carve up an OSU D dropping 8. And clearly the RBs recorded a good night so high five to the big ugglies. TEXAS had 5 drives in the 1st half, clearly the game plan was built to be methodical most of the time, 3 of the drives lead to touchdowns. One 6 drives in the 2nd half, TEXAS would punt 3 times, lose a drive on an INT and score 2 TDs. Needs to be better. Offensive player of the Game: This will likely be a broken record this year but a 4 TD night from Sam puts him again as the player of the game. Honorable mention: Keaotay Ingram with a career night and Devin Duvernay with yet another excellent performance. Defensive Player of the Game: Brandon Jones continues to make plays and many of them coming at key points. Only thing marring his performance was his special teams muffed punt. Honorable mention: the defensive line which physically dominated what was supposed to be a good OSU OL while they held the nation's leading rusher (he's still #1 btw) to 3.3 ypc. They have a similar game vs OU, we win. Conclusions: Winning ugly much better than losing pretty. TEXAS faced it's 2nd real opponent of the year and this time pulled out the win. But TEXAS miscues allowed OSU to hang around, the biggest of which was a Jake Smith muffed punt at our 15 which closed the gap from 21-13 to 21-20 in the last minute of the 1st half. TEXAS' offense simply wasn't as sharp in the 2nd half logging 6 drives, 3 ending in punts and one in Sam's 1st INT of the year. TEXAS would score 15 (2 point conversion) in the 2nd half to OSU's 10. Muffed punts were the story of the night as Brandon Jones would run way up to try an outfielder slide to catch another punt when he should have simply let it bounce. This lead to a short field for OSU and their sole TD of the 2nd half and making the game close enough that if the on side kick had gone the other way, the D would need a short field stop. TEXAS needs to learn to put their boot on the throat of an opponent and not keep giving them a chance. Key Plays of the game #1 Jake Smith's muffed punt. Hate to lead with a negative but it made the game close right before halftime. #2 Brandon Jones' muffed punt. OSU converted for a TD giving them a shot to win with an on side kick which they did not accomplish. #3 Montell Estelle with a big INT and return. Set TEXAS up for a TD and a 14-3 lead. #4 Flea Flicker to Conner Brewer. OSU had taken a 23-21 lead after forcing a punt on TEXAS opening 2nd half possession. . . and face it, it was a fun play to watch. #5 73 yard catch and run to Brennan Eagles putting TEXAS up 21-13 late in the 2nd #6 Fade to Duvernay in the corner of the end zone. Timing was impeccable and Duvernay with the double foot tap. This gave TEXAS a 7-3 lead. #7 4th and goal from the TEXAS 3. our D steps up huge in the 3rd quarter #8 Chris Brown's INT in teh 4th quarter to protect a 36-23 lead. Let's be honest, young man was not having a good night but this play would be critical in the end. Stats that matter 8/14 v 9/19 3rd down conversion rates TEXAS #5 in the nation with a 57% rate on offense while the D held OSU below 50%. 9 Devan Duvernay catches resulting in either 1st Down or TD, 5 of those coming on 3rd down 3.3 Yards per carry allowed by TEXAS D vs nation's leading rusher 6.1 Yards per carry allowed by TEXAS D vs Freshman QB Spenser. Kids going to be a handful for the next 3 years 2 Personal foul penalties on TEXAS' D, both aiding OSU TD drives. 3-3 TEXAS red zone trip leading to TDs Shameless shout out to Shane Buechle for his 288 yard 2 TD performance leading SMU to an upset of once ranked TCU. Class act who did great things for the Horns. Wish him all the best. NEXT Bye week and trap game Our bye week comes at a great time in a season where the schedule breaks down really well for the Horns. In fact schedule breaks down with 4 games, bye week and then 4 games bye week. A week to heal and coach up some young DBs as we are suddenly very thin. A classic trap game awaits next week as the Horns will be traveling to a WVU team that will be hard to overlook considering the Red River War awaits the following week. We shall see how the 1-0 philosophy is tested. TEXAS will need to combine the offensive effort of LSU with the defensive effort of OSU. Game is huge as it puts TEXAS in a "game to give" situation with a win, securing a spot in the goofy/let's make some money BigXII title tilt. TEXAS has been test twice now by good teams (one very good), OU has not. Mack Brown Watch Mack Mack Mack. you simply cannot lose to D II programs even if they are good. UNC on a 2 game skid instead of being half way to bowl eligible. Gotta pick up the pace. Ranking the BigXII #1 TEXAS Beating tomato cans does not make you the best team in the conference. #2 OU Will be curious on 13 Oct if OU or LSU is the best O TEXAS will face. #3 OSU Amazing to see what the mullet can do with some high quality athletes. If he recruited better, he might win the conference next 4 you can rank in about any order #4 KSU, bye week after their MSSt win, they face OSU this week. #5 Baylor 21 points vs Rice??????? #6 ISU Props I guess for running up the score on a tomato can #7 TCU Frogs go from ranked to 3rd tier in the BigXII #8 WVU 1-0 in conference play with a win over Kansas #9 TT Bye week to get ready to be the next tomato can OU runs up the score on #10 Kansas When does basketball season start.
  11. View from the Cheap Seats-LSU We're NOT Back but that was a GREAT football game Hats off to LSU. TEXAS faced a better team Saturday night, a team with more talent and experience that was able to expose our weaknesses. Many will not want to hear this but it's a simple fact. LSU came into the game with 19 returning starters from last year including two Pre Seaton All American DBs. When you face a superior opponent, you need two things to beat them. First, you need to bring your A game, you need to play your best and have your play-makers step up. 2nd you need to out-coach them and expose their weaknesses. Sadly, as a team TEXAS did neither. Which is not to say that the TEXAS offense did not do everything it could in the 2nd half to overcome some our "shoot ourselves in the foot" moments from the 1st half. Nor is it to say that guys like Devin Duvernay, Brennan Eagles and Roshan Johnson did not significantly elevate their play. Had you told us before the game that we would score 38, put up 430 total yards and win the turnover battle, we likely bet the house on TEXAS. No one really respected the LSU offense and that would be the fatal flaw in the night for the Horns. LSU would put up 41 points and 575 yards of offense. Make no mistake, this was a very good offensive team. And this is likely the best Defense TEXAS will see this year. So starting with the positives, TEXAS' offense is 1st rate. Pre-season one of the goals we set for success was TEXAS growing into the 33-36 points per game range to protect it's very young defense. The Horn's O showed they are definitely ready for Prime Time. After a 1st half where TEXAS struggled to reach 7 points, TEXAS would score on every drive of the 2nd half. Make no mistake there is no give up in this TEXAS team. LSU would go up 20-7 with a TD just before half time. The Tigers would receive the ball to start the 3rd with a chance to blow the doors off the Horns. Coach Todd's crew bowed up and force a 3 and out punt. . .yea, that's the good news. Despite being pinned deep, Sam E and company would go on a 19 play 86 yard Touchdown drive. TEXAS would score on every drive of the 2nd half logging 4 touchdowns and a FG. Except for the FG drive, every drive would be 75 yards or more. While there is not much positive to report about the D, have to give Chris Brown a big time shout out. In the 3rd quarter he made back to back plays to force LSU into a FG. He started with a blitz, tackle for loss then follow up with a great stick on 3rd down on an LSU RB catching a pass in open space. Granted, the RB did not catch the pass anyway but Brown was in position to assure ZERO YAC on the play. Shout outs to Joseph Ossai and Malcom Roach who clearly showed up to play. Let's flip the page and discuss what went wrong? We'll start with this quote from the Pre Season version of the Cheap Seats: Why do we need such a boost from the offense? Easy, we lost 8 starters off last year's #57 ranked (25.9 ppg allowed) defense. Not realistic at this point to think a less experienced defense will perform significantly better. Our defense is young and inexperienced. It's really pretty simple. Against what likely is one of the Top 2-3 offenses we'll see this year, they were not up to the task. One of our major concerns was the schematically, nothing changed at half time. If anything we got worse. On the other sideline/press box, LSU's O found the weaknesses and exploited them. Starting in the 2nd quarter, LSU would have 8 drives. Outside of the one punt forced to start the 2nd half, LSU would record 5 touchdowns and 2 FGs. The shortest drive was 53 yards while 3 of the drives were 75 yards. Kevin Burrow would "filet" the TEXAS D from a clean pocket the majority of the plays. The best way to protect a young secondary is with pressure. TEXAS did not pressure Burrow significantly, especially in the 2nd half. And while we would record 4 sacks, 3 of them would come from secondary blitzes and 3 of the sacks came in the 1st half. LSU adjusted, clearly TEXAS did not. It's said that age, cunning, deceit and treachery will always overcome youth and skill. We'll settle for experience and it's going to take some time to get there. We are reminded of Cedric Griffin getting lit up early in his career against OU. He turned out pretty well. When you look at games like this one, WVU/OSU and OU in the Conference title game last year, one seriously begins to question this 3-3-5 "scheme". In the first half, the offense was clearly tentative. Sam simply was not "on" with his deep throws. Now his "straight balls" (to use a Major League reference). . .those were great. None better than his 4th quarter pass to Jake Smith for his 1st Longhorn TD with an LSU defensive back draped all over him. But his deep throws were consistently short of the pass catchers most of the time. 19 rushing attempts (really 15 as 4 of those are sacks) this week by Sam. This is a concern when your QB has not played a full season in 3 years. Summation Time to slow down the hype machine. This was a tough loss but by no means the end of the season. TEXAS lost to a superior team, they returned 19 starters including 2 All Americans. Let's be candid, TEXAS is not a CFP Playoff caliber team today. For one thing, our defense is worse than last year and it wasn't great last year. The offense lacks the ability to sustain a running game. And frankly, Sam is simply not a good "bombs away" passer despite TEXAS calling "bombs away" 8-10 times in the game, with only 2 completions. TEXAS is still a viable candidate to win the BigXII, the #1 goal of the season. And while we applauded going for it on 4th down twice from the 2, the surrounding play calls have us scratching our heads. You have a pair of 6'6" WRs and you don't throw a single jump ball in 8 plays? Instead you run 7 times then the one BRILLIANTLY set up/designed pass play, KI records his 1st drop in 30 targets. When you are in a shoot out game, you cannot leave easy points on the field. Also, have to seriously question on 3rd and 17, bringing so much heat but gotta give Burrow's credit for his best throw of the night under rare pressure. Sorry to say, he was clearly the better QB on the field. As for the future, our schedule sets up very well. We have a game with Rice before we face another talented OSU team that will tell us much about the growth of this team before a bye week then WVU before the RRW. . . . TEXAS can/should stop eating the cheese as Tuna (Bill Parcells) would say. Big time wake up call and let's see how CTH rallies the kids behind the 1-0 philosophy. While we'd have much rather seen a win, always better to lose out of conference. And frankly, TEXAS knows the ONLY reason it lost was our own mistakes. #1 reason for optimism, this very good offense will get better as RBs return from injury and this was by far the best D we'll see this year. #1 reason for pessimism, our defense is not very good. Shocking to say but LSU might well be the #1 or #2 O we face this year. Lots of teams will watch this game tape to see how to attack TEXAS. Is Coach Todd up to the task? Offensive Player of the Game: Devin Duvernay. 12 grabs, 154 yards 2 TDs Back to back impressive performances, there is no quit in this young man. And what really stood out was his toughness, his ability to break tackles and fight for extra yards. Honorable Mention: Sam the Man. While it wasn't his best game, you simply have to love the fight in him. 31/47 601 4 TDs 19 carries 60 yards 1 TD. That's a pretty good stat line for a "not your best game" game. Sam Cosmi, K'Lavion Chassian is supposed to be a star pass rusher. Sam stonewalled him so badly LSU shifted him to the right side to see if he could get better results. While he did record one big sack, it came off a well executed stunt where he wasn't Cosmi's man. Defensive Player of the Game: Joseph Ossai. His interception in the shadow of our goal line coulda/shoulda/woulda been the difference in the game. Honorable Mention: TEXAS' Safeties occupied 4 of the Top 5 spots on the tackles stat sheet. Stats that matter 1 Number of stops our D recorded from the 2nd quarter on 573/45 Yards and points allowed, just not good enough 5 Number of drives TEXAS had in the 2nd half, all of which lead to scores 3/5 Red Zone TDs to Red Zone Trips for TEXAS 37/49 Rush Attempts to pass attempts. 2nd week in a row more passes than rushes though TEXAS short on RBs and was behind by 2 scores at halftime. 5/5 Red Zone TDs to Red Zone Trips for LSU Mack Brown/UNC Watch Another week, another former Defensive coordinator bested. In each case, Mack faced more talented teams. And Mack has already matched UNC's win total for last year on his way to our projected year end bowl appearance. Now if he can just schedule more games against former coaches. . . Ranking the BigXII #1 TEXAS Took a more talented LSU team down to the wire. LSU clearly a Top 3 team in the nation #2 OU South Dakota? Seriously? #3 OSU 2 weeks before we meet in a game that will tell each team a ton about who they are. #4 Baylor Rhule has Rape U playing pretty well. My Roadrunners ????? not so much #5 TCU Bye week #6 ISU Bye week #7 KSU Beat up a bad Bowling Green #8 TT 38 vs UTEP? This isn't your Pirate's TT team #9 WVU destroyed by Mizzu #10 Kansas You got beat by Central Carolina???????
  12. Yes Travis. . . . THanks all. Trying to provide some extra content to the site
  13. Coach Herman and TEXAS did a couple things for the 1st time in the CTH era. For starters, he won his 1st opener at TEXAS to start 1-0. TEXAS would put a team away early and not let them up off the mat for the 1st time in the era. TEXAS would receive the opening kickoff and drive the field to score a TD on their way to a 24-0 1st half. In fact they would score TDs on 3 of their 1st four drives (one stopped due to a fumble) on their way to a 38-0 lead through 3 quarters which allowed Casey Thompson and the backups to record some much needed game reps. And to take a bit of a shot at much of the conference and nation, it's nice to see TEXAS not scheduling Division II programs. Really? Montana State, Georgia Southern, James Madison, Florida A&M Idaho and Eastern Washington among the tomato cans some of the top teams "tuned up the season" with. Yes we get then need the money but come on folks, if you need a tomato can, at least play a bowl eligible school like USF. Oh sorry, gratuitous shot at CFS from the cheap seats. Guess he needed more baking lessons.. TEXAS opened against a Group of 5 bowl winning team from 2018 with a roster full of quality players. Interesting how many of the players on the La Tech team were transfers from somewhere else. Overall, a quality win in a game where it would have been easy to look past the bulldogs (Bevo said. . .bulldogs. . .bulldogs. . .bring'em by, he wants to meet them. . .again) with LSU on the horizon. CTH passed another coaching hurdle showing he can get his guys focused with his 1-0 mentality. TEXAS would dominate on both sides of the ball from the opening gun through 3 quarters and Sam Ehlinger would kick off a potential Heisman season. Granted, the performance was more solid/very good than Heisman worthy but he will have more chances as the season wears on. The offense opened the game with the Devin Duvernay show in the 1st half. He take the opening kickoff for a 28 yard return, he would take the 1st carry of the season on a jet sweep rush before catching 5 passes in the 1st half including the 1st TD of the season. TEXAS would score on 4 of 7 drives in the 1st half, taking a 24-0 lead to the locker room. They only punted once, were driving when CJ fumbled and missed a FG. It was a very impressive 1st half after struggling in openers the past 2 years. And it would lay the ground work for Casey Thompson and the back ups to log the 4th quarter snaps and nice to see Casey getting to run the offense. RoShoan Johnson earns the selfless player on the team award. The true freshman QB went to the staff earlier and told them he'd play RB if needed. In an era where QBs are more likely to call the transfer portal than risk losing a year, he rewarded the Horns with some nifty running and much needed depth. Keotay Ingram put in a VERY IMPRESSIVE opening night, averaging 7.1 ypc on 11 totes. He looked like the RB we thought we had when we recruited him. Rounding out the RBs, we saw Early game plan was to use the short passing game to offset the lack of depth at RB and it worked very well. Which is not to say the Horns did not push the ball deep at times. Sam logged 4 passes of over 20 yards to 4 different receivers with Jake Smith's longest catch going for 18 yards. This coupled with a 19 yard run from KI. The Horns would move the ball well, logging 5 drives of 50 yards or more, 4 for TDs and one ending in fumble. Coach Todd's defenses are best described as chaos and Sat night was no exception. La Tech's offense was completely baffled in the 1st half as the pass rush played havoc on a team with some quality players on offense. In the 2nd half, the La Tech QB would find a better rhythm and he was aided by some poor tackling by the defense, especially from the young corner backs. Which was about the only real weakness we saw from the D, inability to make tackles in space. 3 quarters of shut out ball was an impressive start to the season. Coach Todd will be coaching his young charges up this week. Offensive player of the game: Going to be a regular we think this year but Sam was again The Man, going 28 of 38 and 4 TDs for a 91 QBR. Honorable Mention goes to Devin Duvernan, Keotay Ingram and Malcom Eagles who recorded his 1st 2 touchdown grabs of his college career. Defensive player of the game: Tough call this week but the nod goes to Joseph Ossai with an INT (should have been 2), 5 tackles and a tackle for loss. Honorable Mention, Caden "The Wolf" Sterns and Jeffery McCullough. Stats that Matter 30 rushes and 43 pass attempts for the game. It was clear we were protecting our RBs and good thing as Whittington seemed to still be bothered by his hernia injury. He did show at one point why he is such a weapon, he juked an LT player so badly, kid lost his jock. 8-14 on 3rd down attempts by the offense. 5-14 3rd downs allowed by the D. We sustained drives, we stopped drives. 3.75 points per drive. Basically a TD every other drive. Next up LSU and their #6 ranking comes to town marking the Biggest Game at DKR since #10 Notre Dame in 2016. This time the Horns will show up with a Top 10 ranking of their own in an early showdown of playoff hopeful Top 10 teams. The hype machine is on overdrive, Game Day will be in Da House to see 2 programs chomping at the bit to get back intp the National Title mix in the biggest game in College Football so far this year. DKR under the lights, it's going to be EPIC. And it always seems like the biggest game at DKR are under the light. Most notably Cougar High in 1990 and Mizzu in 2008 (my son's first in person game) These are the types of games Tom Herman does his best coaching, national stage, considered the underdog with a big time chip on the Horns shoulder. Shhhhh, don't tell either team or staff but the loser of the game still has everything to play for afterwards, though the margin for playoff error goes to zero. #1 worry from the Cheap Seats, can our young CB tackle their WRs in space? #2 Can our front 5/6/7 (who knows the way Coach Todd lines them up) shut down their rushing attack? This is going to be FUN. Mack Watch We said we projected Mack to take UNC from 4 to 5 wins total in the past 2 years to a bowl team this year and beating the Cocks was a big start to that. Yes, we understand some of you are still butt hurt at Mack but the reality is he gave TEXAS the 2nd best decade in our history and a National Title. Neither Coach Boom nor CFS was the man to replace him. CTH OTOH, might well be that guy. We'll be keeping up with Mack's chase for a bowl game every week. Ranking the BigXII #1 TEXAS. You want to say "homer" call, go for it. But this is most talented team in the conference top to bottom. #2 OU Sucks to say but Jalen Hurts out of the gate with the biggest QB night in the BigXII. Over 300 yards passing and 170 rushing plus 6 TDs. #3 Okie Lite. You move up the rankings when you shellac a Power 5 program. In fact OSU would play the ONLY Power 5 opener in the BigXII. #4 TCU Fighten' Frogs trying to bounce back from a horrendous 2018 #5 Baylor F Rape U but Matt Rhule has done an outstanding coaching job #6 ISU As Tuna (Bill Parcells) would say, ISU was eating the cheese this offseason and needed 3 OTs to defeat Northern Iowa #7 WVU They are on the cusp of sliding to the bottom tier. Another team with YUGE talent losses but also a new HC. # 8 TT. They bring back an outstanding QB but a new HC. #9 KSU Bring on the post Snyder era #10 Kansas New HC Less Miles wins his opener, he's got that going for him. Sorry this got out a bit later than normal. My son broke his arm in a biking accident. Glad we had the Life360 app (free) to track him. He'd cut through the golf course and police and fire did not know where he was. Thanks to the app, we able to lead them right to him (they got their about two minutes before
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