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  1. In an effort to keep the football content alive... . .here's the news that's fit to print. 3. Sam Ehlinger, Texas (Sr.) Sam Ehlinger worked his way into a starting role at Texas as a true freshman in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Tom Herman gave him the keys to the UT offense as the program has tried to move back up the college football pecking order, and Ehlinger has led the Longhorns to three straight winning seasons and three bowl wins. In the process, Ehlinger has thrown for 8,870 yards, 68 touchdowns and 22 interceptions while showing his proficiency in a downhill running attack to the tune of 1,526 yards and 25 scores. The Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia was the high point so far, but Ehlinger wants to lead Texas to a Big 12 title as a senior. https://sports.yahoo.com/college-footballs-top-25-quarterbacks-entering-the-2020-season-150003760.html Mack's boy Sam Howell (true soph) is #4. . ..way to go Mack Brock Purdy #8 Shane Buchelle #12
  2. Hope everyone has a happy and safe one. As a military brat, 4th of July held a special significance though truth be told, it's was all about grilled hot dogs and fireworks for years for me. As I have grown older, the amazing vision of our Founding Fathers has become clearer and our nations impact on the world, truly amazing. The Great Experiment As we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July, our nation faces her greatest internal challenge since World War II. This time we are at war with an invisible virus as well as facing civil unrest not seen since the Viet Nam war era. What better time to reflect on the impact of the actions of men, 244 years ago with a vision which would radically change the world. Let us begin by thinking about who these men were, men we know and revere today as the Founding Fathers. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton John Jay and James Monroe just to name a few. Many of these men were landed men of significant wealth who risked their lives, their fortunes and their families lives (oh yes, the Brits would hang their families as well. They chained one church closed with several score of men women and children inside and burn it to the ground) for an obscure notion that men were "endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights". The idea that men should not be governed by dictators, kings and tyrants but that the people should govern themselves. Keeping in mind that in 1776, this idea had NEVER been attempted, outside of the very small Greek City/States in the over 6 millennia we consider the history of "mankind". Today many in our nation take the risks and vision of our Founding Fathers for granted. Sadly too many citizens seem to lack a sense of "skin in the game", rather their rights are mere birthright entitlements. Worse, they try to hold the Founding Fathers accountable for actions 244 years ago, based on modern day standards.. The reality is we have enjoyed 244 years of progress, of building upon that vision to create the freest nation today, the world has ever known. We are truly the shining city on the hill but the job is not done. Nor do I hope we ever stop striving to be a better version of oursleves. And we have no problem candidly stating the Founding Fathers did not get it 100% right out of the box, but then no organization ever does. We did not get it right out of the gates for women, slaves, Asians who would be brought to America for work on the railroads and in port cities, certainly not for our Native Americans, for the Irish, the Italians etc etc. We took in the huddled masses, we did not always treat them well but with each generation that came, we saw the individuals grow or fail, thrive, build and stamp their own culture and flair on the melting pot known as America. For some perspective, starting in 1776 and going forward over the next 100 years, we see a world where less than 5% of the population would live in self governance:: By 1875 Less than 5% of the world would enjoy self rule By 1918 (the end of World War I) 20% of the world would enjoy self rule By 1940, just before the start of World War II, that number would fall to less than 15% By 1949, just after World War II, the number of nations enjoying self rule spikes to over 35% By 1988, Reagan demanded the USSR "Tear down this wall" and the cold war was won/ended, the world reached it's highest point of self rule with just over 40% of the world. It is interesting that each jump worldwide freedom and self governance and followed America taking the lead in stopping powers bent on forcing people to live under tyrants, dictators and powers that would oppress them. These are battles paid for with the lives of American citizens and the resources of our great land. In almost 2 and a half centuries we still see less than half the world enjoying the freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned, that Americans fought for and spread across the globe. . And we built this nation around the concepts of individual rights and capitalism. These two critical to America's success. But we go way beyond America's success. By exporting capitalism around the world, even in totalitarian nations like China, we have seen something else happen. Per the UN, in 1800 more than 60% of the world lived in "extreme poverty". Today that number has fallen to less than 20%. What has driven the fall? Simple, capitalism. How have we spread this? Largely based on the 3 most significant military conflicts of the last 100 years, World War I, World War II and the fight for global dominance vs the forces of Communism referred to as the Cold War. The US stood with her allies against the forces of tyranny and oppression and won each time. The by product, more nations adopting some form of self rule and with it, the opportunity capitalism brings for individuals to grow and create their own opportunities. For 244 years, we have struggled and fought and with each passing year our nation has grown better. We have found solutions, we have banded together. You see the VERY best of us in crisis. The way we rallied around New York CIty after 9/11, the outpouring of support when New Orleans and Houston were hit with hurricanes and floods or the Northeast when Sandy hit. When northern California was ravaged by fire, cities from across the nation sent crews to help. They called them the Cajun Navy when thousands of fishermen descended upon Houston with their flat bottom boats with one thought in their hearts, help fellow Americans. They did not ask about race or creed, they simply rushed to help without orders or even requests. This is America at her best when we step up to try and fix problems. We are at our worst when we try to tear things down. Remember the incredible vision of our Founding Fathers as we watch fireworks explode. Remember the sacrifices of our men and women who answered the call to serve our nation. Be they in the military, be they our law enforcement officers and firemen who without thought to their own safety, walk into harm's way to bring aid. And we remember another too often over looked group, those healthcare workers trying to heal the wounds and the ills that threaten us today. Forgive me for my unabashed and unashamedly cheerleading of our Shining City on the Hill. As I get older and reflect on travels across the world, to visits in 3rd world nations where people no longer live under the yoke of tyranny, I am forever thankful that our Founding Fathers risked everything, their lives their families and their fortune to embark on what we now call "The Great Experiment"
  3. Is this your backyard? Nice
  4. PFF at it again. Clearly they hate the Dak haters and will say anything to draw them out. Damn facts. https://insidethestar.com/pff-grades-dak-prescott-as-the-5th-best-qb-against-2019-playoff-teams/ One of the main points detractors of Prescott like to bring up is that the Cowboys performed poorly against playoff teams in 2019. Sure his numbers look good, but Prescott was a “stat padder” during blowout wins against bad teams. Not only do the raw numbers show this isn’t true, but Pro Football Focus’ player grades dispute this point as well. PFF released their top five highest graded quarterbacks against playoff teams in 2019, with Prescott ranking fifth best in the league. The only players above him were Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and Patrick Mahomes. Outside of Tannehill, who became an advanced stats darling last season, these are some of the most consistently recognized top quarterbacks in the league. The exact kind of company Prescott has placed himself with year after year. Sorry, do not have a direct link to the PFF article. PS, Another question came up.. .. if you knew CeeDee would fall to Da Boys, would you have signed Cooper? I lean yes and Coop's contract is really only a 3 year deal if Coop does not perform. In fact Dallas can bail on all their big contracts in 3-4 years. Which means Dallas controls it's top players in their prime and can re-tool in 3-4 years.
  5. Going to enjoy some Blulleit after dinner, I drank all my white label TX. Sampled a new one last year, Jefferson's Ocean. very small batch from Virginia. They put the casks in cargo ships and let them travel around the world. The motion of the ocean sloshes the bourbon around and really helps pull the taste of the oak cask. Good stuff
  6. We remain the Shining city on the hill. The last true beacon of freedom for the world.
  7. Well they would hate mine. . . .Green side Blue side Red side
  8. Baseball and BBQ, you are the expert. . ..to ask that question related to football . . . . .well that's why we have the Cheap Seats every week.
  9. No question we need 2-3 more WRs. My point was more that Cain has an excellent skill set as a developmental player. And we can afford to take a developmental guy as our WR room is pretty full. I doubt the Brock's have decided. CTH delivers the conference, I suspect we land them. He doesn't, it won't matter, he's dead man walking anyway. 2020 is his year
  10. Now I have white space/skinny posts and ads.
  11. Great stuff. Love the class. As you said, landing 2-3 more OLs is critical. 2 of the kids are very under rated. Cain is a project but I love a project with skills and he has skills. Only negative is top end speed but if that were #1 for a WR, we'd recruit the track team. He's a star at basketball so that tells me he can use his body. With our WR room, letting him have 2 years to develop may pay us some YUGE dividends. The other is Blackwell. Now some of the Rivals/OB nintendo crowd don't think he's good. . . .he was a 6A district MVP as a Junior, he has GREAT speed and not just straight line speed. . .CLOSING speed. Despite a 195 frame (as a Junior, heard he's already up to 215), he packs a whollop when he tackles. Mark my word, future starter and All BigXII kid. . .you heard it here 1st.
  12. Not sure if I knew about your health issues. . . but will keep you in our prayers
  13. No worries, when you have time Yep, good advice
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