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  1. Degree from TEXAS v Degree from ISU Chicks at TEXAS v Chicks at ISU Winters at TEXAS v Winters at ISU And the kid has the GREATEST name in TEXAS football history. I will buy and wear his jersey.
  2. PS, this just in: 440-0 Before today that was the record of NFL teams scoring 39 points and committing ZERO turnovers. Just sayin'
  3. Great Googly Moogly. What a wild game. The most improbable win of the year but just the kind of confidence builder Da Boys need. Let's break down what went right and what went very wrong. The Good NFL Record setting day for Dak. 1st time an NFL QB scored 3 rushing TDs and threw for more than 300 yards. Dak would throw for 450 and add a passing TD 109.4 Passer rating. 2 100 yard or more WRs and Dalton Shulz with an 88 yard 1 TD game, his 1st in the NFL Zeke went BEAST MODE, Watching him truck that DB and carry Falcons for extra yards was awesome Not ofte
  4. I wondered where he got off to. He has enjoyed great success with 2 post football careers and is now following his passion. Pass along my best wishes
  5. Yep, will be the big story, I'll wager it gets worked out and I'll wager he has to sit out TT but who knows.
  6. So you are mocking people like you???????
  7. View from the Cheap Seats-Mad Miners of UTEP Could not have scripted it better. In a year where we have been deprived of sports, spring football etc, the 2020 college football season is finally here and with it a degree, of a return to normalcy. Coach Tom clearly has done a good job getting the team ready for the opener and TEXAS dominated an outmatched UTEP team of mad minors (miners?) from start to finish. On a day when the BigXII teams SERIOUSLY stubbed their toes, TEXAS, OU and WVU represented well against each’s respective tomato cans. ISU Kan
  8. So you should know better than bringing up politics and talking shit.
  9. 220 views and no one has a comment????? Can a brother get some love.
  10. He doesn't understand we don't do politics here. But careful, he triggers easily.
  11. Well there goes the furking neighborhood. . . Just jacking with one of the posters who doesn't take this shit too seriously. Welcome to the crew, this board keeps getting better
  12. View from the Cheap Seats-2020 Pre-season Covid SUCKS If there has ever been a better time for the line “what a long strange trip it’s been”, it would be 2020. As one of our loyal followers’, sig pic shows, a guy taking out the trash labeled 2020. All is not lost though, as this is being typed, the sounds of Saturday afternoon football on TV fill the room. The morning air was finally cool, almost the smell of fall. A strong sense of “as close to normalcy as possible” returns as we are a week away from kickoff. The Pac and B1G have put their little girl panties
  13. TEXAS #14 Okie Lite #15 Fighting Mack Brown's #18 Agrioids at #13 (WTF????) https://collegefootballnews.com/lists/ap-top-25-preseason-college-football-poll-rankings-2020 TEXAS and blow U picked in a tie for 1st in teh conference. https://collegefootballnews.com/lists/big-12-college-football-preview-2020 5. College Football News Preview 2020: Texas Longhorns Offense 3 Things To Know – The 8-5 season might not have been as good as it should’ve been record-wise, but the offense was more explosive in 2019 after a good 2018. The
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