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  1. so if we win big, we made a great investment...if we dont win big we didnt spend alot of money... smart bussiness IMO
  2. not gonna argue otherwise...could UT and Coach STrong done alot better??? heck yes, the point is that coach strong made these decisions, and I trust his ability to make them...
  3. I know I know, it doesnt live up to your standards, or the standards you think Texas "deserves." Not going to argue, because just like yourself at the start of all of this roller coaster, I wanted John H. as a HC with Narduzzi as DC and possibly C. Morris as a OC...that would of been my dream staff. This falls way short of anything close to that, and oh well. What I do know is this, we have football coaches now. Finally the change many of us have been yearning for, is finally here. I have always said, attitude and or change start at the top. Look at what was in that place 2 months ago,
  4. he is not coming to be an OC...he is coming to be a WR coach...he is a technician of the profession at the WR position...you will have wr who run extremly tight rope routes with great hands...
  5. strong has known to be extremly loyal to his staff and those that have stuck by him...my best bet, he has been waiting on giving anything to anyone and keeping watson as part of the staff, while he waits and sees if watson gets other job offers and lands good on his feet. strong knows, that he is expected to bring in a big time OC with great merits...that was set in stone from the beg...from the 3 amigos side watson, contrary to popular believe was not introduced as a qb coach at the team meeting on sunday..he was simply introduced as someone on the staff "for now"...
  6. tommie robinson has coached WR's...watson could step in and coach RB's if needed IMO
  7. he wont leak it out directly as he is a personal friend of strong..he will probobly have the initial story to break the news, but alot of smoke will be burning by this evening IMO
  8. it will probobly leak out tonight...just like when the HC was gonna be brought in...parts of bellmont were off limit...hearing football offices are closed to a select few once again today and tomorrow...

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