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  1. Bowl game? maybe. Injury? certainly. Being healthy and opting out of regular scheduled games to prepare for the draft? no, that's quitting on the program, esp a captain of the team. I dont blame him but I'm not going to soft peddle it either. https://twitter.com/SamCosmi/status/1333165323076444161?s=20
  2. or the next Kingbury being a good-great OC but mediocre head coach. I wouldnt want someone that hasnt been a head coach at some level
  3. IIRC, Traylor was a new P5 assistant coach with no seniority and given the ST title (to go along with TE coach) but it was actually ran by committee
  4. Says a lot when a player like Cosmi opts to not finish the regular season. My instincts tell me he is tired of the atmosphere and leaderless culture with what leadership there is coming from selfish loudmouths and borderline malcontents
  5. yeah, Fenves was another weak Berkeley type (got his PHD at CAL Berkeley) who acquiesced to the pressures of Herman's agent, Trace Armstrong, after the Sugar Bowl win. Reportedly, CDC was against the extension and wanted to wait to see if the program really turned the corner.
  6. supposedly Fenves gave TH an extension after the Sugar Bowl win (2018 season) if I'm not mistaken
  7. You think Fickell is ready to be head coach at a big time program now? he was turned down as head coach at Ohio St - TWICE - once when he was already interim head coach. At OSU he was only CO-defensive coordinator twice.
  8. yeah, the word is CDC likes Franklin a lot. I... not so much. why Campbell, Allen, Fickle, and Fleck?
  9. I agree... He is from the northwest and likely wants to stay there indefinitely. Like Peterson, I would expect him to end up at Oregon, Utah or Washington. I think he also has a disabled child (or that could be Peterson) and they like the medical facilities
  10. yeah, I dont like to harp on the negative and this is like the Bevo in the china shop. Austin has more to offer than Waco, Norman, Collie Station, Lubbock, Ames, etc, etc., but it also has more temptations as well. I dont think "player's coaches" will ever do well in Austin because appeasement doesnt work with constant temptations. This is also the problem in Los Angeles and what doomed Pete Carroll.
  11. good point... we dont. however, he is young (40-ish) and likely would relate to young recruits. He also has more cache (esp as a superbowl head coach) than most head coaches. But, as the head coach, he would have to build a staff of good recruiters and then be able to close the deal. I'm confident he can do that. More than that, my question mark for Kyle is can he build a staff of recruiters that can also coach and develop players, which I think is different than building a NFL staff. It could be throwing the dice but he could also be the next Pete Carroll. USC took the chance and I wo
  12. I havent received a phone call asking for my opinion - yet - but for discussion purposes, here is my preliminary list: My first phone call & offer would be to... #1 Kyle Shanahan: Offer him whatever he is making at SanFran (8 digits) and make him say no. I would prefer Kyle over Meyer. I dont think he would accept at this point but he is only averaging .466 winning percentage in the NFL and that's including the 13-3 super bowl run; so far 2019 looks like an anomaly. I love his offenses. #2 Urban Meyer. Just stating the obvious. BIG gap to #3... #3 Chris Peterso
  13. Terrible list. It's like, ok, we dont want to be obvious mentioning Urban Meyer so lets throw four names out there. geez 1. Graham Harrell: seriously? A shot in the dark turning over one of the largest, most valuable CFB programs to someone who has not been a head coach - yeah, right. 2. Gary Patterson: Blah. I think that ship has sailed 3. Matt Campbell: Nah. an obvious name to throw out there but, no. 4. Steve Sarkisian: Pass. Did he finish Alcoholic Anonymous yet? He couldnt handle USC but someone thinks he can handle Texas? 5. Urban Meyer: oh, here we go.
  14. A lot of the excuses the last few years were that the roster was young and the mantra became, "wait until 2020 when Ehlinger is going to be a senior and 2018 class will be juniors." Well, that year is here and the expectation was a conference championship or bust - "bust" happened. Not only was this supposed to be Herman's year, but the conference is down with 0U breaking in a new QB. If Herman can not do it this year, the situation will not be better next year. To go along with this, Herman's antics, immaturity and arrogance leaves little empathy for decision makers and those who drive br
  15. You could be right. I suspect that his decision will be harder after this year. ISU hasnt won a conference title in over a 100 years. If they win a CC this year, Campbell might get a 50-100% pay raise.
  16. yeah, that could be the case. Some will argue that Nebraska would be a lateral move for Campbell (and it would regionally speaking & recruiting wise) but he could make 3-4 times the money at a Big10 school, even Nebraska, with the same or less limitations.
  17. yep, at least. Not every program admin can or wants to shell out 20, 30, or 40 mil for a coaching change.
  18. exactly, they may come to the realization that they need someone like Campbell or Klein that is experienced at making something out of nothing (or not much), which is the essence of a good coach.
  19. I expect Campbell to end up at a Big10 type school and possibly Nebraska or Michigan.
  20. This question is the thin red line that good coaches toe up to. Most good coaches simply want to coach and dont want to get caught up in the messiness of life whether it's the players, the assist coaches, boosters, on and on. Urban Meyer looks to be that kind of coach. DKR admitted later that he probably should have been more aware that happened around him. Joe Paterno? did he know or should have known what was going on in the showers? it looked like Jim Tressel wasnt 100% forthright in his reporting of Terrelle Pryor's activities, which seem rather innocuous in today's context. Art Briles
  21. you guys take yourselves WAY too seriously. I simply answered a rhetorical question ridiculously
  22. which is code for negotiations are in progress

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