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  1. School admin/professors were calling for DKR to retire because they thought he had become too powerful and paid too much. GD was a completely different circumstance which included the fans;
  2. UW's defense against #5 OSU in 2018 Rose Bowl ran a 4 DL base scheme (mostly 3-man DL w/jack,buck,WDE, etc). They held the powerful OSU offense to 28 pts. Kwiatkowski's defenses ranked inside the top 25 of FEI or S&P+ 10 times. Washingtons FEI Defense rankings '19 Washington (#16) '18 Washington (#6) '17 Washington (#14) '16 Washington (#6) '15 Washington (#5) '14 Washington (#23)
  3. not bad, not bad at all. I would have preferred someone like Wiggins as receiver coach but, overall, this is a very strong staff. QB: AJ Milwee (Alabama/Arkansas State) RB/RGC: Stan Drayton (Texas) WR: Andre Coleman (Texas) TE/AHC/STC: Jeff Banks (Alabama) OL/OC: Kyle Flood (Alabama) Co-DC/OLB: Pete Kwiatkowski (Washington) Co-DC/ILB: Jeff Choate (Montana St HC) DL: Bo Davis (Detroit Lions) PGC/Secondary: Terry Joseph (Notre dame D-PGC) Safeties: Blake Gideon (Miss St; Texas legacy)
  4. Herman didnt listen to "us" or anyone and look where it got him. Sark not burning his BMD bridges early will pay dividends and Stoops is not worth falling on the sword.
  5. This video doesnt show a lot of pre-snap alignments. The couple of times it does, they seem to be in a base of three with a floater (buck, jack, hemorrhoid, whatever they are calling it now). Regardless, what I like about this video is how they use the DBs. They are trained to play the defender and look for the BALL - what a concept! I HATED how Texas DBs played this season. For whatever reason, they almost exclusively played the receiver resulting in a LOT of pass interference calls. Had they looked for the ball as well as the receiver, they would have had at LEAST 6 interceptions this seas
  6. I seriously doubt a 2-4-5 will be his base scheme at Texas. Even at Texas, if it's 3rd down & 30, they have used a two or three man front. I dont know but I think we'll see a base 3 DL front pre-snap that becomes a four man front post snap moving a player like Ossai around for effectiveness for run-first offenses and a lot of Dime packages for pass-first offenses.
  7. I dont care enough to do the research and too old to waste minutes more than I am now.... but it would be interesting to find out how coach K schemed his defenses around run-defenses. In 2014, he held oSu to 30 points In 2015, he held #10 Stanford to 31 points in 2016, he held #7 Stanford to 6 points; #9 CU to 10 points; & #1 Bama to 24 points In 2017, he held PSU to 35 points And, in 2018, he held Auburn to 21 points; & o-HI-o St to 28 points. Those are some pretty good power offenses.
  8. I dont disagree. I dont know Kwiatkowski from Krzyzewski but a good DC SHOULD be able to modify his scheme to fit the circumstance. I like the idea that he has the experience and success against the air-raid offenses, which should put him in position to employ schemes against some of the Big12 offenses. If he can also install a 3 or 4 man front against run-first offenses, then we have a winner. I suspect he was schooled with traditional defenses and modified for the air-raid (MWC & PAC12) so going back shouldnt be a problem, IMO
  9. not too shabby. A couple of UDub posters are saying that a couple of the 5 were allowing points in fairness in mop-up time. And, in the sense of fairness, I have no idea and have no desire to look it up.
  10. I'll have to exercise patience on whether Stark pulls Kwiatkowski to Texas or not BUT what I like is the cajones to go after the best - I love it!. It's been a long time since Texas has thrown its weight around and it's about time. I love Charlie but Strong and Herman looked to take a G5 approach to coach hires and it backfired. Unlike Herman, Stark seems to be humbled and more secure in who he is and what he isnt, which means he could hire someone equally talented
  11. I saw one in a port-a-pot for those obsessed with multitasking
  12. Coach Wager? sure, why not https://www.foxsports.com/southwest/video/1795394115785

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