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  1. agree... I remember when VY declared for the draft. I said that they needed to move away from the VY zone-read... but they didnt. Colt didnt have the body for the Z-R and suffered through it during 2006 & 2007. it wasnt until 2008 that GD/Mack went (or capitulated) to the full spread offense that unleashed Colt's talents. Herman could have done the same with Shane but being new and all, I think Herman wanted to establish his brand of power-spread offense. I think he could have waited a couple of years, esp since they didnt have a particularly good RB corps in 2017 or 2018.
  2. If we are looking for players in the likeness of Ehlinger, that's a conversation to be had.
  3. "If you could design the mental and emotional makeup of a quarterback, you couldn't have designed one better in a laboratory than Sam Ehlinger. He's not perfect by any stretch, but man, I don't know that there's another guy in my life that I would want in my foxhole than that guy. .. He's going to fight, scratch, claw and leave everything on the field — mind, body and soul, not just for this university, but more importantly, for his teammates and the coaches in that locker room that he cares so deeply about." A LOT of coach-speak. What else is he going to say? Sam provides the most
  4. Just an opinion of course, but QB skill set doesnt necessarily equate to effectiveness. VY's QB skill set was limited and he could not absorb the PRO set or concepts and that's why they had to install his high school offense and, subsequently, let "Vince be Vince". However, his college athleticism was off the charts and more than made up for any skill set deficiencies. Like Colt, Shane was (and still is) an extremely accurate passer, great anticipation, read defenses quickly pre & post snap, didnt hang on to the ball too long, and manages the game very well; most of which are
  5. I agree with all this. And, my point isnt to slam Sam because he is FAR down on the list of issues the team has, IMO, BUT... regardless of the stats, he isnt anywhere close to Colt McCoy with regards to QB skill set (or even Shane Buechele or David Ash) and nowhere near the athleticism effectiveness of VY. BUT... he doesnt have to be great to be an effective QB and even be a championship QB (now out of reach of course) if they used him based on HIS talents and the cylinders around him were all firing (which they arent).
  6. That would be a good project. I'm sure you'll find some teams that rotate less but I presuppose that those teams will have one primary bluechip RB. The Horns had one primary go-to RB in 2016 (D'Onta Foreman) and everyone else on the roster was a disappointment (including Chris Warren). As a result, Foreman got 323 rushing attempts to Warren's 62... but this was out of necessity. If you have 3-4 bluechip RBs (Ingram, Johnson, Robinson, & Whittington) that need touches, then you have to come up with a rotation plan esp if the younger RBs are arguably better than the upperclassman.
  7. People are also making the same excuse for the running game, in that they are swapping out RBs to much to get a rhythm. Believe that if you want. A running back room full of blue chips should be plug and play if the OL is creating lanes to run. what is the common denominator? the OL Much the same with the receiver corps. Ehlinger SHOULD be able to hit receivers as they are swapped in and out. NOBODY plays the same receivers almost every play, esp the ones that go on the deep routes. Sam seems to throw late, high and behind receivers regardless of whether they are starters or not - t
  8. NO, not yet. there's potential but they are not showing it right now. Eagles, Smith, & Moore are suppose to be ballers but are inconsistent and none show the passion for the skill set that Devin & Collin brought every game. Whittington? shows promise but cant stay healthy. Woodard? 5 games & 1 catch. Omeire? heard a lot of preseason praise but... nothing. Epps? inconsistent and cant block. T Black shows a lot of spark and he's a senior transfer. When are the bluechips going to step up and meet expectations? they are not and we are seeing a lot of Brende Schooler
  9. way to miss the point. Ehlinger has grown a little bit but he is still the same inaccurate passer he always was. This year the receivers are not bailing him out, esp in key moments.
  10. Maybe we should appreciate how good Devin Duvernay & Collin Johnson were and how they made Sam look much better than he was. Why did Collin have to make acrobatic catch after acrobatic catch? Because Sam was so inaccurate. Devin caught just about anything that was around him; again saving Sam's butt over and over again. Sam is getting good enough pass pro to have great numbers but he's not delivering. What Sam needs more than anything is a good running game so that teams cant sit back in a dime package all game long. THIS is where the OL is failing. Dropped passes dont help either. I
  11. I think it is because he's not a good fit in the new scheme and has been passed over by a walk-on and a former TE. By next year, he'll probably get passed over by some LBs behind him and that's with virtually everyone coming back (there are no senior LBs this year). he doesnt move well laterally and doesnt have good closing speed needed in a 4-2 scheme. He needs to bulk up and put his hand in the dirt so he can take advantage of his natural abilities.
  12. You tell them to stay for the EoT out of respect for the University and the fans. If they dont like that, then they can hit the portal. It's not like they didnt know that Texas sings the EoT when they committed.
  13. why does this have a Saban feel to it? FWIW, adding someone's title to his initials (CTH) is annoying and has a SEC feel to it

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