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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    We already have. Sanders is a 5-star.
    IMO, we have a decent shot at Brockemeyers. I think Foster is drifting to OU. Wheaton is all over the place.
    I will not be heartbroken if we don't land Wheaton. We have Bijan in the fold so if we don't get the big fish this year, there's next year. I like the kid from the small school, Brooks. I'd take a flyer on him all day long.
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    DBut82 reacted to longhorndon in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Get this...  I was suspended yesterday from work for 2 weeks (have to use my PTO), with 3 other people, because we all participated in non-essential activities over the weekend. This included dining-in at a restaurant and 2 of the folks went to the beach. The owner almost decided, and may still decide to close the company for 2 weeks because of those audacious set of actions by us renegades. 
    This pandemic is making some people lose their ever-loving minds!
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    DBut82 got a reaction from hornag in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Zach Evans would be my guess...not sure how I feel if this is who it is
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    DBut82 reacted to PTA in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
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    DBut82 reacted to 63_Texas_1 in The Scheme   
    For conversation I recommend watching The Scheme. It is in HBO. On Spectrum you can access it free on HBO On Demand. 
    It is a documentary about Christian Dawkins and how the FBI basically set him up in attempt to get information on college coaches. They paid him money to pay coaches. He told them that was crazy and stupid business plan.  The FBI man insisted on several occasions to do this. They then used that against him with bribery charges. The documentary showed a lot of insight how the while process unfolded. It is eye opening! In addition, it showed head coaches recorded on the phone talking about paying players and none were charged. I think you will enjoy the documentary. 
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    DBut82 reacted to dillohorn in Jacque, Mrs. Dillohorn, past away yesterday.   
    We were always together. Never apart. People always said we were one person. She was concerned about my well being every moment of the 30 years we were together. She did everything from our finances to handling all of the electronic gadgets. I can barely use the flip phone. I didn't realize how much she did until she is not. I took her for granted and thought she would always be there. Miss her smile, her love, and her oboe playing, so much. I 'll never take life for granted again. Time will help, but right now I feel lost. Thankfully I have my sister and son to help. Thanks for your concern. Tell your love ones you love them every day.
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    DBut82 reacted to primal defense in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    I'm sure they'd love to see you buy some bourbon right now.
    Its on Charles St in old town Lewisville, located where the old Piggly Wiggly used to be. Its roughly one block or so south of downtown.
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    DBut82 got a reaction from joeywa in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    I can agree with this 100%!  Idk about you @joeywa but I've been drinking plenty of whiskey and smoking plenty of meats! LOL!  @Sirhornsalot, I had no clue there was a whiskey distillery in Lewisville.  I work in Coppell.  Can I swing by and grab a bottle during this "shelter in place"?
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    DBut82 reacted to joeywa in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Well now, I cannot speak for any hogwash cockamammie story like orders for whiskey being slowed to a crawl.  I am doing my part and supporting the bourbon industry, likely to the chagrin of my lovely wife. 
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Denton County has now issued a Shelter in Place order, effective at midnight. We have seen a rise in the number of cases here, now at over 30 I believe. However, some of that can be attributed to more people being tested.
    After looking over the order as well as the National Landscape Association's statement on this, it appears that my company is an essential service and will not have to cease operations. This is good news as long as people in my company remain uninfected. So far, so good.
    My wife and I have been ordering out almost every night. A lot of restaurants have had to close their dining rooms but are still offering carry out. They need our help to stay afloat.
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    So far, it hasn't affected my business. Our crews generally have no contact with customers. I meet on average 3-4 people a day and I'm faithful with my hand sanitizer after each visit.
    We have projects lined up for a few weeks with more coming. So I can't complain.
    The traffic here in DFW is like another city entirely right now. No rush hours. Moderate traffic throughout the clock. Easy to get from one place to another fairly quickly.
    Dallas has closed its restaurants and bars. The burbs have not. I ate out last night with the wife and things appeared normal overall.
    If people remain diligent, this thing can be nipped in the bud fairly soon. I think within a month or two, we'll begin resuming normal day to day life again.
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    DBut82 reacted to Aaron Carrara in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Hope everyone out there is staying safe.  Tough times all around. Hang in there and keep in touch with us here.
    Without anything going on in the sports world it's tough to provide that kind of news, but were doing our best to get interviews with recruits, etc and will post as they are ready.
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    DBut82 got a reaction from joeywa in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Yes!!!  I'm grabbing briskets, ribs and butts this weekend.  Along with whiskey lol #RollinSmoke
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    DBut82 reacted to doc longhorn in 2021 Recruiting Board/Thread   
    Had a little poker game at the farm last sat. (took a little money from a rich SOB that acted like he lost his last dollar).
    Anyway, a couple of the boys had some interesting news about the new coaches. They're excited about them.  Says they take no shit and allow no shit from the players.  And they are COACHING!  And they will tell Herman when he is wrong nd when to shut the F up and let them handle it. 
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    DBut82 reacted to joeywa in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Many NCAA schools are doing the same. Conference hoops tourneys will be sparsely attended, if the conference even decides to host them at all. 
    Also UT has announced a 2-week spring break for students. 
    Bourbon stockpile: check
    One-wipe Charlie’s stash-check
    Briskets/Robs/Pork Shoulders in freezer-check
    Wood for smoking-check
    Ranch Style Beans-check
    I’m set. 
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in ***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***   
    Media-driven. I'm going to continue my day to day just as I always have. Simple hygiene as we're supposed to do anyway goes far against catching anything. Frankly, I'm more worried about catching the flu.
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    DBut82 got a reaction from dillohorn in Jacque, Mrs. Dillohorn, past away yesterday.   
    Your family is in my prayers!
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    DBut82 reacted to dillohorn in Jacque, Mrs. Dillohorn, past away yesterday.   
    My heart is broken.............dillo
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Texas secures biggest win of the season with 68-58 upset of Texas Tech   
    Agree. Cunningham and Hamm were the stars for me, especially there late in the game. Hamm has really come a long way.
    This is a great win for Shaka and the team. Lots of injured players, playing with a short bench – rose to the occasion against a good Tech team.
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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Texas Football Offer Board / Events Calendar / Roster   
    whatever they're paying you, its not enough
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    DBut82 reacted to primal defense in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    Here's proof.

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    DBut82 reacted to Sirhornsalot in Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)   
    So a customer of mine is about as well connected in TCU circles as one can get. I saw him today. We talk and given we beat them last night in hoops, he teased me about Shaka (I should have been teasing him instead).
    I'm like, thats fine. We can always fire him.
    "I don't think so," he said. "Buddy of mine is close friends with CDC. CDC says they can't fire him. Contract is too fat."
    I then strangled my friend.
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