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  1. Herman just said they weren't outcoached. I mean I get it,what's he supposed to say? But he was outcoached...on top of lack of execution. We averaged 2.1 ypc. That's not gonna get it done
  2. Like seriously Sam was the entire reason the team had the lead. But with 4 minutes left in the game Herman decides to take the ball out of Sam's hands, proceed to gain 3 yards, and give the ball back. Genius. I'm really getting sick of this staff coaching this team out of ball games. I get it; lots of drops and horrible defense. But even with all that they were in position to win the game. Until, of course, this staff decides that really wasn't in their best interests. Unbelievable. All this talent and can't get out they're own way. Changes need to be made...
  3. Even with a miracle come back this season is over. No way this team beats Baylor. And I doubt they beat Tech...
  4. This is the most pathetic showing I've seen in a while. Our Oline sux. We can't line up and get 2 yards? Ri damn diculous!!! And I don't want to even speak on this atrocious defense
  5. Sooooo...I know it's early in the season but perhaps Shaka just needed the time (and recruits) to get this thing right? Imagine that...
  6. I agree. And really wasn't afforded the time to right that ship
  7. I'm a fan of Buffalo Trace as well. Good stuff!
  8. I'm a fan of potato vodka as well. Chopin being my favorite
  9. Since I still often drink with the sole purpose of getting drunk, Crown Royal is my "go to". But when I drink "good whiskey", I've become a fan of Uncle Nearest 1856...
  10. KSU giving Hoe-U all they can handle. 24-20 with :16 left in the 1st half
  11. Say @Sirhornsalot! I don't know how much you hear this, and I know I don't comment too often but I appreciate the work you put into this thread. I have no clue how you keep up with it all but great job! I tend to follow high school football more because of this. Thanks!
  12. As much flack as TO is getting right now (and deservedly so), he'll look like a genius next year. I mean, if his style of defense requires "experience", we'll have that in excess next year. Also, let's not forget that as of this moment, all of our season goals are still attainable. I really can't understand why the sky is falling. As @Sirhornsalot mentioned, we all expected a drop off on defense due to lack of experience (I think we only returned 3 starters on defense). Couple that with the injuries, what did we honestly expect? Idk, the overreaction is a trip. But I understand to an extent. We knew we would need to rely on the offense and thank God for Sam. I think we'll get past TCU and have a much needed bye. We go 4-0 down the stretch and our record is 10-2 going into the conference championship. Not a bad season imo...regardless of the heart palpitations we have to endure lol
  13. Has Hoe-U played a team who has a secondary with a pulse?
  14. My daughter and him are friends (she graduated from Little Elm last year). I'm gonna tell her to reach out and see what gives...
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