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  1. It's definitely my favorite western. I'll watch it on any random occasion which often confuses my wife. "Why are you watching this?" My response is usually "cuz I'm your huckleberry"....followed by her look of confusion lol. Or she'll say something simple like "I'm running to the store." Then the response is "you're a daisy if ya do!" LOL!
  2. Thanks for checking that out @DMAC!
  3. Is there a way of finding out if this manifesto is in fact linked to the actual BLM webpage (https://blacklivesmatter.com/)? There's no references between the two on either page. You see where I'm going with this? Basically, could this manifesto be a radical group using BLM to promote their separate, more hostile and ludicrous agenda?
  4. I'll address this as honestly as I possibly can: 1. Since when is protesting racism political? Protesting racism, inequality, discrimination etc is human decency and we should all do our best to call out and possibly eradicate it when we see it. 2. While I agree from a business standpoint that you shouldn't "bite the hand that feeds you". I'll also propose that as a business do you really concern yourself with those who feel alienated due to your stance on human rights? If "all men are created equal" then isn't it incumbent on each of us to make sure that is indeed the case? And shou
  5. To @primal defense point, the cat who murdered those cops was NOT BLM...funny how that's not being reported Guys, we have to do better. Left, right, black, white, whatever. If you haven't noticed we're being attacked. And the primary goal is to division. False narratives from all sides. Pray, read and pray some more... https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/06/16/accused-killer-of-california-cops-was-associated-with-right-wing-boogaloo-movement/
  6. Sounds like "shut up and dribble"...or am I missing something?
  7. I don't believe anything Trump says tbh. And BLM (both the organization and the movement) undoubtedly get "credit" for acts that neither are responsible.
  8. Idk who suggested that two anthems are played. Houston Texan stayed in the locker room for both. Then stood locked arms with the Kansas City Chiefs for a moment of silence as a show of solidarity and the KC crowd booed...so is this disdain really about the disrespect of the flag/anthem? My answer is no. Regarding the anthem, I do agree that America should have one, but not the "Star Spangled Banner". "God Bless America" gets my vote...
  9. "I have also said I believe in the sentiment of Black Lives Matter by not the organization. I can distinguish between the two." THIS!!!!!!!
  10. Right on...while I'm a bigger college football fan than NFL, I definitely watch the Cowboys. Don't really follow any other NFL teams but will watch players I like. I'm more of an NBA fan than college basketball tho...
  11. I can dig it. You said a mouthful regarding fatherhood. I actually quit playing fantasy football because of fatherhood lol
  12. Gotcha...why did you stop watching back then?
  13. Quick question: what's makes people feel they have to boycott the NFL/NBA etc.? I personally can't think of anything that would make me not watch a sport I love. But if you're boycotting the NFL/NBA now, why? I'll hang up and listen...
  14. Hello @Mrs.DMAC!!! Welcome! All I can say is...well, I'm actually speechless!!! LOL!
  15. My guess is intentional. The rumor has long been that Biden, should he win, wouldn't stay the entire term. Folks who I talked with expected him to choose Michelle Obama as his VP because of this. Regardless the plan is for the Democrats is to "sneak" a woman in a president. At least that's what I gather...
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