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    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Prov 3:5-6 (KJV)
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    Texas Longhorn football Boxing, I Would Rather Walk With God in the Dark Than Go Alone in the Light,

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  1. That looks pretty amazing bro! I'll try a water pan and fat side up on my next brisket cook; which should be Wednesday. I'll post results. Thanks @BruiseLee!
  2. Hey @Aaron Carrara! Next time wife trippin...we just gotta out smart em bro!
  3. I want a reverse flow stick burner but my wife won't let me be great either! LOL!
  4. Looks amazing! Do you use a water pan for your brisket? Also, do you fat side up or down? The best results I've had regarding brisket is no water pan and fat side down. I've done some pretty amazing cooks but can honestly say I haven't had one jiggle quite like that. Also, did you wrap or let it ride? I tend to wrap in butcher paper when it hits the stall. I own a BGE (large) btw... And I agree with @J.B. TexasEx, we gotta see the ring bro! LOL!
  5. Me too!!! I'm ready for Thanksgiving. I'm smoking the turkey and a brisket. Hell I guess I'll throw a ham on as well lol
  6. My buddy sealed around the chamber doors and the the firebox door with high heat gaskets. Depending on the offset you buy the manufacturer may have a seal kit for it. Oklahoma Joe tends to have accessories for theirs. Not sure about Old Country
  7. I really think Gilbert earned it tbh. But with the money they're paying Dalton I'm sure he gets to keep #2
  8. Also, here's my setup. Not the best pic. I'm saving for a stick burner tho. Thinking of going reverse flow...we'll see
  9. Say J.B.! I'm in this Facebook bbq group and a guy posted about the Masterbuilt today. Even if you don't have Facebook you should still be able to check out the post and comments https://www.facebook.com/groups/northtexasbbq/permalink/3114944798612224/
  10. They ate basically the same; both are kamado style cookers; i.e. ceramic cookers known to for heat retention and even cooking. With that said, I have a BGE. and I love it. Full disclosure, it was a gift so cost hasn't been a factor. With that said, the KJ does exactly the same thing and for similar price point you will get more accessories with it. I have 2 very good friends who chose KJ over the BGE for this reason and they have no regrets! As a matter of fact, the gasket on the KJ seems more durable and I'm considering going to that gasket the next time I have to replace the gasket on m
  11. Sorta...Mack got word and "squatted"...

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