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  1. There is a twitter rumor that four teams of the B1G want to transfer to the Big 12 - Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska. A sportswriter claims he heard it from a really reliable source. Don't get your hopes up. It appears the germination of this rumor started when several AD's complained about how the B1G was handling Covid-19. Actual veiled threats were made. The CW is it simply ain't happening. Would be interesting, though, wouldn't it?
  2. Here is something to mull over as well. The gov't pays around $26,000 per Covid patient. Hmmmm!
  3. I don't get hourly updates, but I have pretty good connections myself. Of interest, the St. Lukes hospital in Sugarland is totally gutting itelf (including surgery rooms)and turning itself into a Covid-19 facility. And let' get real here. The jury is still out on how much protection one gets from one who is wearing a surgical mask. There are arguments, medically, both ways. I will post more on this subject when I have the time and inclination. Right now the bass are biting at my farms #2 tank and I am going fishing, even though it is late ..
  4. I found this interesting. Back in 2015 Blake had this to say to 247: "Brockermeyer: My wife and I met in high school and we both went to UT. Three of my sons are still playing football. My son that’s a senior is out with a concussion right now. All of them are huge Longhorns fans and hopefully they all go there. Odds are probably one or two of them will play college football or baseball, hopefully at UT." Blake is an asst. football coach at a high school in Fort Worth. There is rumor talk he may be considered for a college coaching job. Hmmmmm!
  5. You're a Longhorn and I am a Longhorn. We both think Texas can offer as much as Alabama. But the truth is, today, we can't. Let's not get delusional and avoid reality. Tommy is a super blue chip - a rarity for a lineman. The classification is usually reserved for a "skill" player projected to be a game changer - ala Earl Campbell or Vince Young. In addition gaining Tommy's signature gets you a twofer with James. Now, put yourself in his dads place. Even though you have burnt orange flowing through your veins, as an ex-pro you understand the game is no longer a game and is now a business. You want your sons to have the best platform possible to launch them into a lucrative business. Bama consistantly does this and Texas has not. Them's the cold, hard facts and as a responsible parent you must forego your love for Texas and examine what is best for your sons. Once you take off your burnt orange glasses, you can see why Bama should be called a favorite. Bama solidly checks all the boxes. but we'll see. Herman is a tricky devil. and I will stack our alumni against Bama's alumni any day.
  6. He doesn't. Texas has recruited the Brock's as well as they can. They've left no stone unturned. Alabama has Saban, players get rings and linemen go to the pros. More Than Texas. Much more. And there is more that I can't divulge and it doesn't have anything to do with under the table money. If I talked about what it is I could be open to a lawsuit, so.... However, Texas is still in it, but Bama is a monster. Don't give up yet.
  7. OT - is it just me? The print dialog is a very light gray that I can barely read.
  8. He is a Longhorn. But when Bama REALLY wants someone, they get them.
  9. Didn't know where to post this, other than here. Played golf yesterday with a few of my hoodlum friends. All are UT connected and all have heard that all of the coaches are confident we will win the conference. The coaches also feel that although OU is always a test that OSU will be their biggest challenge. They think the Brocks are waffling between Bama and us and the only reason is because of their dad (there are some things I can't reveal). But the consensus is that this team will be on a parallel with the 2009 team and maybe even better.
  10. Colleague told me the Herman Memorial system in Houston is at 71% capacity. considering the average turnaround is 3 - 7 days, Houston has no problem.
  11. Remove politics from virus reporting and see what you have.
  12. I have no inside info on this. However, It doesn't take much to figure out that kids that grew up in a Longhorn household with a former star Player at UT and a brother on the team right now, and they are STILL undecided? They ain't coming to Texas - moving on.
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