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  1. I don't know about everyone else, but I read this somewhere else and it exactly summarizes how I will vote: I'm voting for POLICY, not for an individual I'm voting for the second amendment I'm voting for capitalism and the American dream I'm voting for the police and law and order I'm voting for the military and the veterans who fought and died for this country. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censured.
  2. Got it. So, in your opinion, the only way a school can be judged as "premier" is by how games it wins. So by your definition, aggy is a 3rd tier school and always will be. They are simply in the same tier as Tulane. No matter how much of the farm they give away to hire a has been coach.
  3. Cutting out the political noise, IMO, your vote should come down to whether you support socialism or capitalism. There is no gray area.
  4. That's a strange reaction to my post. Almost aggy like. Bragging? Athletic highlight? Just the salary? If I have to explain the whys to a so called "aUTfan", then you ain't one.
  5. Ha, ha! The bet was not my house against yours is was simply you putting up your house that he wasn't coming. That being said, and I shouldn't even hint at this, you never know in the coaching ranks what could happen. And you are right about UT in todays environment. By-the-way, I will relate a little about the mercenary Brocks. I heard they just didn't like hand and they thought they had a better chance at rings at Bama. Although the league was a consideration, they felt confident enough to believe they could get there at any school. And, finally, their treasonous dad had much to do wi
  6. It appears to me that the liberal hatred for Trump is so insane and deeply imbedded that they would vote for Stalin rather than have Trump win. This kind of brainwashing is exactly what happened to the people in Jonestown and to Manson's followers. It's frightening to see the results of what the power of the media can do..
  7. Lol! In defense of those that shot you down you must understand they view Dabo and Clemson as the ultimate and that Dabo would never leave just as they wouldn't if they had the job However, coaches by nature are egotistical and extremely competitive. It is what drives their life and ego. Dabo is already rich so it wouldn't be for money he would leave. Just like it wouldn't have been for Saban.. It's the challenge that gets his juices stirring and the money is just frosting on the cake. Do you really believe that jimbo would want him and his family to live in that crap hole?
  8. Where is your home located and you will pay off the mortgage and give the home to me if you are wrong? You have no idea how close we were to snagging Saban. And it appears you still think Clemson is a plum job over Texas. I can understand your frustration with the product on the football field, but don't EVER think the Texas job is not at the very least as good and viewed by most as better.
  9. You're right. I fixed it Texas - 48 Baylor - 10
  10. Eastex - you are a hardhead on IT as well. (you are the eastex from IT, aren't you?). Name me a better job and I will counter all the things that make UT better. Just because the morons in college station gave the farm away doesn't mean every other university is that stupid. IMO Herman is making an obscene amount as it is. Especially since our ROI sucks with him. Besides big time HC jobs are not easy anywhere you go. Texas is no different.
  11. I tried to caveat my comment by stating no outside drama. I forgot to include health. I was trying to encapsulate coaching only.
  12. I've talked to Herman a couple of times. I was impressed that he remembered my name as our brief talks were a year apart. However and not that he was bad, but he was not as impressive as Urban. Herman seemed a little aloof both times I talked to him. Probably because I was just another UT fan to him. Urban seemed very personable and talked to me like I was kin or something. I liked that. But that is just me.
  13. I must disagree. It will be a cold day in hell before I pronounce The University of Texasas a "dumpster fire". The school is not defined by an athletic program. If you were a student here, did you enroll because of the school band? Or even the football team? The football HC job has been described over the years and by many who knows as the premier coaching job in the nation - INCLUDING the NFL. and that includes today. Clemson can't begin to be as good as the Texas job and, I might add, Dabo believes as well. So I have been told. I suggest you have way too much emotion invested i
  14. I once talked to Myer at a coaching clinic. (no I'm not a coach. I was invited and I was curious). I found him to be most charming and very charismatic. I could see how he could be a dynamite recruiter.

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