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  1. There is an art to wearing gloves and masks. I actually took a med school glass on the application of medical gear and the hows and whys. The original use of gloves and masks were to protect patients from dirty old medical teams. The same is true today. If you were ever hospitalize you might have noted that when nurses and docs don gloves and masks, as they enter your room, they also discard them when they leave.
  2. Here is what everyone needs to understand. Wearing a mask and gloves will help protect you for sure. However, even though you may not know you have the virus, wearing a mask and gloves helps protect US from your nasty self.
  3. How are all you cats doing? Any of you caught the virus or know someone who did? I've been driving back and firth between Katy and Brenham and have yet to hear of anyone who has caught the virus. Daughter and her family visited the farm and she caught an 8 bass out of my #2 tank. Her vet business is doing okay, but she has to meet her clients outside to pick up and deliver their pets. It's a strange world right now, I'm ready for some football - high school or college. I couldn't care less about the NFL.
  4. How is everyone doing over here? Haven't been on this site in a while Me? I've been mostly hanging out at the farm. Just learned my neighbor, down the road, has a daughter in the hospital. with the virus. But I hear she is getting better. Brenham, for the most part, has evaded the virus, but Katy sure hasn't. And how about you, SHL, how has it affected yiour business?
  5. My comment about the scuttlebutt at the poker table seems even more accurate now. IT is basically confirming it with a couple of articles today.. But you heard it hear first.
  6. None of my guys have heard anything about this,
  7. A follow up - less many adult beverages and UT camaraderie. The sober evaluation (without hyperbole)was that Herman is not trying to run roughshod over the coaches and when they say let them handle it, he is respecting their wishes. None of them are "yes men" for sure. Also, it should be noted that CDC was invested in the vetting of each and every one of them. That is important, IMO.
  8. Poker table talk. Understand that info I get is heavily sprinkled with persona interpretations.
  9. Had a little poker game at the farm last sat. (took a little money from a rich SOB that acted like he lost his last dollar). Anyway, a couple of the boys had some interesting news about the new coaches. They're excited about them. Says they take no shit and allow no shit from the players. And they are COACHING! And they will tell Herman when he is wrong nd when to shut the F up and let them handle it.
  10. It's not my specialty, but perhaps you might go see an Otolaryngologist (normally called an ENT specialist). Coughing hard enough to pass out is serious. Very serious. You could have caused some throat damage you don't know about. An Ear, nose and throat doctor might be advisable.
  11. Texas has a lot of money invested in the Herman experiment. Enough to give him a chance to "right the ship", so to speak. He has done some good things. So, no one is calling for his head at this point.
  12. Herman is firing and hiring in an attempt to save his job. As he should. He is teetering and some very important people are not happy with how he and his staff have been outcoached.
  13. Sigh! I hate it when a non-medical person shows me what an idiot I am. Of course you are right about Diet Dr. Pepper, but I just can't get into drinking water like an intelligent person. Coffee is another bad habit of mine. I try to keep fit , even in my advanced age. (I'm 6'2", 198 lbs.) by running a little and working out on the heavy bag. but it is a struggle - and getting worse.
  14. I always ask this question of power drinkers - why do you drink flavored alcohol? It surely can't be for the taste (Scotch tastes like I imagine iodine would taste). So I can only assume one drinks to either get drunk or get a buzz on. Why? P.S: don't get me wrong, I like a cold beer now and them, but my preference is diet Dr. Pepper.
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