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  1. It's not my specialty, but perhaps you might go see an Otolaryngologist (normally called an ENT specialist). Coughing hard enough to pass out is serious. Very serious. You could have caused some throat damage you don't know about. An Ear, nose and throat doctor might be advisable.
  2. Texas has a lot of money invested in the Herman experiment. Enough to give him a chance to "right the ship", so to speak. He has done some good things. So, no one is calling for his head at this point.
  3. Herman is firing and hiring in an attempt to save his job. As he should. He is teetering and some very important people are not happy with how he and his staff have been outcoached.
  4. Sigh! I hate it when a non-medical person shows me what an idiot I am. Of course you are right about Diet Dr. Pepper, but I just can't get into drinking water like an intelligent person. Coffee is another bad habit of mine. I try to keep fit , even in my advanced age. (I'm 6'2", 198 lbs.) by running a little and working out on the heavy bag. but it is a struggle - and getting worse.
  5. I always ask this question of power drinkers - why do you drink flavored alcohol? It surely can't be for the taste (Scotch tastes like I imagine iodine would taste). So I can only assume one drinks to either get drunk or get a buzz on. Why? P.S: don't get me wrong, I like a cold beer now and them, but my preference is diet Dr. Pepper.
  6. There are some powerful alumni that are growing increasingly unhappy with paying lots of money to coaches that are getting out coached. And they are expressing their unhappiness to CDC.
  7. Interesting little gem. Fatheree really liked his visit with his parents. I mean he and his parents REALLY liked it. Save this for lster. (And, no, this is not who the shhh is about)
  8. The only reason I am so cryptic is because it concerns a recruit and his parents are not that high on UT, but the kid is. Big time. I'm pretty sure the parents will come around.
  9. Honestly, I haven't heard much. Everyone can relax on the rumors there is locker room discord. There ain't.
  10. All comments are light gray (like my hair) and barely readable. What's the deal?
  11. I didn't see your comment either. If you were posting a tweet, its not showing.
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