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  1. All comments are light gray (like my hair) and barely readable. What's the deal?
  2. I didn't see your comment either. If you were posting a tweet, its not showing.
  3. It's the North shore culture. They literally have more talent than any team in the state, including Duncanville and Katy. They just have trouble playing as a team.
  4. Is there a reason I'm unable to see your comment?
  5. Evans ain't going to aggy. He ain't going to Texas either. Bijan is better anyway.
  6. Daniel, you will do as well with BON as you have here. We all make changes in our careers and those changes always wind up for the better. This is a classy little site with good people in it. You will find BON to be the same. Good luck.
  7. He is still going to have to beat out Roschon and/or Thompson.
  8. I know this means something, but I'm not quite sure what it is.
  9. What I like about this site is the quality of the posters. I'm on most Longhorn sites where I can bring out my alter ego asshole persona. And, believe me, posters on those sites will happily confirm this. I have little tolerance for arrogance and condescension from posters or mods and this is where I get into trouble. So this is the only site where I reveal what little behind the scenes info I get. For whatever it's worth.
  10. Chase is good, but I don't think he is any better than Reager (sp.?) at TCU.
  11. Keep in mind, everything I have reported is 3rd hand at best. But, so far, the info I have gotten over the years has been pretty accurate. At least when they are semi-sober and have not totally gone into embellishment.
  12. The exciting thing about Epps is he will be a 6'7" WR that weighs in the neighborhood of 250 lbs. and he can run and he can catch. He is, literally, a freak. He has all the measurements of a TE but he will be playing as a WR - not sure where yet. He is going to be scaring the crap out of some CB's.
  13. Sometimes the little people would like a little more than the usual coach speak. Although it is too damn hot to play 18 holes, we can get in nine then regroup back at the clubhouse to sip a few adult beverages and cool down. This is where I hear the good stuff - sometimes. Herman chasing Orlando down the hall was a stretch, IMO, and maybe a little wishful thinking. Suffice it to say Orlando and Herman are very pleased with how the defense is shaping up. Even with the lack of overall experience. Both believe the huge talent mitigates the inexperience. LSU will put that to the test.
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