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  1. Agree. I wonder how much of the both-ways stuff at Ryan played into him seemingly not being as effective on defense? Or at least perception-wise. I know I saw some clips of him making an INT and taking it to the house. I'm excited to see him play. I don't think you'll be able to keep him off the field, thats how special he is. He's a true candidate for one who could be All-Big 12 on both sides of the ball, whichever one he chooses.
  2. I don't think Golding is a candidate. Plus, he's employed. @83Dee Help me out here, what was his name? Was it Tosh? Ansley? 1. Arnett 2. Johnny Nansen 3. Ansley/Tosh combo Up in the air: 1. Muschamp 2. Pruitt Out 1. Lanning Any other names?
  3. So who do we have in our group of candidates, that we know of? 1. Arnett 2. Johnny Nansen Up in the air: 1. Muschamp 2. Pruitt Out 1. Lanning Any other names?
  4. "What is best in life?" "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."
  5. Maybe Texas just didn't offer? There was a list of people Sark wanted to talk to. He had not completed that. There was reason to suspect something wasn't right. And once you realize his agent is Sexton, it kinda makes more sense. Since we're bringing women into the analogies for whatever reason, this could be the chick you looked at and spoke to. The next day, people are asking you if you really asked her out.
  6. What happened to Hepa? 15 points. Out of nowhere lol
  7. You guys are going much faster than Sark is. He's either having behind the scenes conversations with Pruitt right now, or waiting to see if Tennessee lets him go. I think I heard also that he wants to talk to Arnett again. There's one more he wanted to talk to in addition to Pruitt. I can't recall who it was tho.
  8. TFB reporting that they don't think Lanning was offered the job. There are more candidates Sark wants to speak with. Thinks it was just used to gain some leverage.
  9. 5A, Div 1 #1 Denton Ryan 59 #4 Cedar Park 14 FINAL 5A Div 2 #2 Aledo 56 Crosby 21 FINAL
  10. Apparently he does with a certain ex-UT coach currently coaching at USC. I hear he's USC-bound.
  11. Sark should target every 4 and 5-star OL on the west coast then. It will be easy to beat Hand, that much we know.
  12. He was at Miss St. We should be talking about Leach's offense. But what we keep hearing is what a defense they had. Its tough to take the spotlight from Leach, but Arnett did.

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