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  1. did Biden just talk about people making $6 an hour here in the US? When the minimum wage is $7+ . . . and he says this while talking up a higher minimum wage. smh
  2. Putin says US Democratic Party 'closer to Social Democratic ideas,' would work with 'any future president' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/putin-us-democratic-party-social-democratic-ideas-biden?fbclid=IwAR243_M9mK6PvMFoVpBPofG4f9lIQHyRSbmUcK7f_U9w1fzxq53CIrwqmQU
  3. The ability to learn from his mistakes is in question. Even with a new staff, we're seeing the same product. Herman has kept control of the offense, not turning it over to Yurisich as most would have done and most expected. With a brilliant young offensive mind at his disposal, he fights to have his imprint on the offense. CDC pulled him and the coaches from the two other fall sports and gave them a directive. CTH was the only one who didn't follow that directive. And now with another sit down with CDC, his position hasn't changed. When you keep trying to same thing and expect diffe
  4. For coaching only, I'd probably go with Dabo but it would be close. I think UM is a very good coach. Where Meyer fits is that he's run a program similar to Texas in Florida and again at Ohio State. This wouldn't be a trial run like Herman seems to have been. Urban is good at recruiting, at assembling a good staff, at getting his program on the same page, and so many other things. Dabo is no slouch, but he's no Urban Meyer in those categories. IMO
  5. No, they aren't. But they still have a good QB and keep an eye on #21 (I think) on the Baylor defense. He's a LB and is VERY good. I could see Herman getting the team to play it right for once. Baylor usually plays their hearts out against us.
  6. This is the "common man's" prediction thread, Bear! No caps here. lol
  7. Black police officer shot and killed in Houston by an illegal alien already convicted of a previous felony . . . another black life that won't matter to Black Lives Matter.
  8. If I were CDC, . . . Because I'd know this won't last much longer. lol
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the last time we played the Bears in DKR, the officiating was incredibly bad and seemed to go the Bears' way. I remember I kept thinking we couldn't get a break, even in DKR.
  10. I know. I keep thinking its just too good to be true. I'm riding with it, but wouldn't be surprised if it falls apart.
  11. "Again, please remember not every decision at Texas revolves around The Eyes of Texas, even though some try to spin it that way." But the Eyes of Texas are still upon you.
  12. Breaking now – laptop belonging to Hunter Biden confirmed by FBI to be a part of another investigation into possible money laundering. I guess that removes any hope of Biden deflecting on this one.
  13. You nailed it. But remember . . . "winning is hard." lol
  14. I'm guilty. I've lost all faith in this program right now. I love my Longhorns and will be cheering them to win, but in my right mind I just don't see it. Even at home. If it wasn't for Sam, it would be even worse. Rape U 31 Texas 30
  15. Or even invite some local high school band to come and play it.
  16. POTATO FAMINE! If you're truly Irish, that scared the hell out of you. lol
  17. Okay, I gotta ask . . . what's the issue this kid has? There's got to be one. Otherwise, he's gravitating toward a program that's a pretty sick puppy right now.
  18. CDC would also have to get board approval, which I am told will not be a problem.
  19. Exactly. BMDs simply hand off the terms of the contract to CDC, who then draws it up gets the signature and makes the announcement.

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