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  1. I feel like my wife is just like yours was. She does so much. My current assignment is getting her to quit smoking . . . so she'll be around longer.
  2. How are you doing, Dillo? Hoping you're keeping that chin up. Hang in there buddy.
  3. Texas crystal ball pick for Cooks from Gabe Brooks. Trayveon Stevenson is committing tonight, likely Ohio St although he hasn't even visited there.
  4. This is unfortunate, I really hate to see it happen. Denzel is and has been an OG playing out of position due to need. I'm betting he's seen the writing on the wall this year at tackle, though it is a starting spot. He probably just wants to play one year at his natural position.
  5. Brainiacs saying that Texas is pursuing Tarik Black, former WR at Michigan who is in the portal. He is a former 4-star WR from Texas.
  6. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/lewisville-distillery-making-hand-cleaner-for-community-during-covid-19-crisis/287-96662050-56d0-4513-b56b-b1a33c311f01?fbclid=IwAR38eEJh0GoCv1MIjrc_JdxPMfdrbL1qEvQFjVR0uIZB6KZYTROkYJR-NPk Lewisville distillery making hand cleaner for community during COVID-19 crisis Hand sanitizer is hard to come by during the coronavirus outbreak. Bendt Distilling Co. is making hand cleaner and giving it to people for free. LEWISVILLE, Texas — With coronavirus spreading, this week has been a change of pace for Natasha DeHart. She and her husband own Bendt Distilling Company in Lewisville. Over the weekend, they stopped the tasting hall, tours and events at the distillery. "Essentially half of our staff just became unemployed," said Natasha. "Yeah. We're all scared." She's been doing everything she can to keep her shop clean, and noticed how hard it is to find hand sanitizer in stores. Natasha decided to make her own hand cleaner and give it to her staff. She decided to make some for law enforcement, first responders, nearby businesses and even customers too. "It's made with the first spirit that comes off the still, and it's not really suitable for consumption. It's very high proof," she said. Natasha dilutes it with water, xanthan gum and a drop of essential oil for smell. She said it contains 70 percent alcohol, more than the 60 percent minimum recommended by the CDC. "It just became obvious that there was a bigger problem and so we started looking at ways that we might be able to fulfill that need," said Natasha. Word spread about this project. In three days, her team handed out more than 1,500 free bottles of hand cleaner. She bought as many plastic 4-ounce bottles as she could find, but quickly ran out. On Wednesday, she resorted to mini liquor bottles as a way to keep going. She said, "They don't have the convenient dispenser top, but we will do what we can. We will keep handing them out." Even though her business is feeling the impact of the COVID-19, Natasha hopes the free hand cleaners will help the community through this crisis.
  7. I'm sure they'd love to see you buy some bourbon right now. Its on Charles St in old town Lewisville, located where the old Piggly Wiggly used to be. Its roughly one block or so south of downtown.
  8. We've had a bunch of rain where I'm at so we're hoping to just dry out. lol Here in the Dallas area, we're running twice a week right now at 10 mins (sprays) per zone or 20 mins (rotors) and 20 mins (drips). Starting time for your cycles should be at 5-6 am until June. We will switch to evening start times then.
  9. In the realm of what JoeyWa was talking about . . . we have a whiskey distiller here in Lewisville. Its Bendt Distillery. They make bourbon and distribute to restaurants and stores all over the DFW metroplex. Needless to say, the order for whiskey have slowed to a crawl so they are using excess alcohol and making hand sanitizer gel with it. They are distributing it free at their downtown Lewisville location.
  10. Denton County has now issued a Shelter in Place order, effective at midnight. We have seen a rise in the number of cases here, now at over 30 I believe. However, some of that can be attributed to more people being tested. After looking over the order as well as the National Landscape Association's statement on this, it appears that my company is an essential service and will not have to cease operations. This is good news as long as people in my company remain uninfected. So far, so good. My wife and I have been ordering out almost every night. A lot of restaurants have had to close their dining rooms but are still offering carry out. They need our help to stay afloat.
  11. WTF? I appreciate your value on news, but now you're wandering into worthless political BS. There is a very good retort to this ill-advised story but I generally come here to get away from that, hence my complaint.
  12. Looks like the basketball program has lost Yaklich to Univ. of Illinois–Chicago (head coach). Bummer.
  13. And Patterson happened to us.
  14. https://giphy.com/gifs/love-heart-want-ighbPR8343lL2
  15. If any team is hurt more by the cancellation of spring workouts, I don't know who it would be. Texas has many new assistants, some new schemes and philosophies. Plus the coaches need to see what they have.
  16. Yeah, I have an aunt over in East Texas who is in a nursing home. A few days ago they locked the place down (no visitors) so we communicate with her via phone for now. Stay safe my friend. I think they'll be keeping you around. They're going to need the help through all of this I would think.
  17. It might be a little late for that idea. I'm blessed to not have some sort of interruption in this, thats all. I hope things return to normal soon.
  18. If Ehlinger has to repair something surgically, now would be the time to do it. Any closer to the season would not be a good thing.
  19. So far, it hasn't affected my business. Our crews generally have no contact with customers. I meet on average 3-4 people a day and I'm faithful with my hand sanitizer after each visit. We have projects lined up for a few weeks with more coming. So I can't complain. The traffic here in DFW is like another city entirely right now. No rush hours. Moderate traffic throughout the clock. Easy to get from one place to another fairly quickly. Dallas has closed its restaurants and bars. The burbs have not. I ate out last night with the wife and things appeared normal overall. If people remain diligent, this thing can be nipped in the bud fairly soon. I think within a month or two, we'll begin resuming normal day to day life again.
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