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  1. IMO, how we finish: My confidence factor, in order lowest to highest 1. Ennis Rakestraw 2. Kevontre Bradford 3. Princely Umanmeilen 4. Kelvontay Dixon 5. Alfred Collins
  2. We just offered this 5-star out of Cali https://247sports.com/Player/Korey-Foreman-46056100/
  3. I doubt Texas tries to recover in this. When there's a 4-star to be had, you do your due diligence. But you don't break your back trying to get a 4.9 CB on board.
  4. Thats good to hear. Folks, you don't get closer to the PG recruits than Swaha.
  5. Word is circulating that Shemar Turner lives in a Burnt orange house. 4-star DL from DeSoto at about 6'4, 270
  6. Frank Okam was supposed to find out today whether or not an offer will be extended, per brainiacs.
  7. But didn't they hate each other? lol, I kid. I kid.
  8. I'm not seeing a replay scheduled on LHN. We may not get to see that one at all.
  9. I have to admit, this is a bit of a surprise. Aranda is a defensive guy going to an offensive minded program. Until this year, defense has been an after thought. Obviously, that will now change. But it does look like a change in philosophy has happened in Waco.
  10. I'm afraid things are worse than we first thought . . .
  11. Must be pretty good to get more than one offer from us.
  12. If we get by LSU and OU, it's on. I'll bring pitchers of orange Kool aid to this board and serve it up
  13. We'll see Parker Braun go, but fills in with Okafor. I'm excited to see Okafor FINALLY get to play his natural position. The rest of the OL should be poised for a very good year. Play calling was a big problem for the OL last year and thats already solved.
  14. If I were a pollster, I would be hesitant to put Texas in the top 10 as well. Yet, if you take a look around the roster and starting line ups for next year, you see experience everywhere. Our secondary may again be our strength next year, or one of them. Ehlinger at the helm of the offense will be exciting to watch. The key to EVERYTHING is your QB. It starts there.
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