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  1. Well we're still here, lol, we've just been stinking up the place. lol There is no way Herman will remain at UT in any capacity. BMDs here are beyond ticked at him. Did you see Sam Ehlinger standing alone after OU to sing the Eyes of Texas? Yeah, well, the BMDs did too and they won't let go of it. It was also insubordination on Herman's part. Herman burned his bridge here. I'd be happy to just keep Yuricich on in the OC role. His offense, what we saw of it, was pretty effective. Herman was a bit overbearing on offense, I am told.
  2. Understand. I just can't see Stoops coming here or being invited here. Maybe I'm wrong. I just asked because I see a lot of Ohio St interest in this despite not really being a part of this or being affected by this. IMO, UM would be crazy to turn down the money on the table right now. Last I heard on Thursday was he was trying to put together a staff he's comfortable with and that we wouldn't hear much until Saturday.
  3. May I ask why you care? Don't you already have a head coach? As for Bob Stoops, it's not that we've ruled anyone out. It's that it's all in on Urban right now. Stoops might as well be Satan around here.
  4. You have to ask yourself. With all common sense, . . why is this guy so emotionally involved in this? You don't turn down a large sum of money because you "care" about your legacy at another school. If this were true, UM would have never gone to OSU after Florida.
  5. Wow, well, let's hope he's still plugged in like that
  6. I immediately take Fitz off the list. He would never resonate here like he does up there. Campbell is a good coach, better than most. But I wonder if Texas is just too big for him right now. Fickell has turned his program around in short time. He would likely be my choice due to his success and experience in a big time program. But I'm holding out for the Urban.
  7. Dinesh D’Souza posted Biden warns of 250,000 more dead from Covid between now and January. A quarter of a million deaths in two months! This is absurd on its face, the kind of talk that you hear in a lunatic asylum.

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