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  1. There's really no excuse for this since he said not long ago that 100 million had died. Then he said 180,000 military had died. Can you imagine this man in a negotiating situation with Putin? lol Putin – "We want you to dismantle your warheads and leave Europe. In return, we will let you dismantle your warheads and leave Europe." Biden – You gotta deal, you dog-faced pony soldier!
  2. @primal defense I'll play, even though I have no faith in the positive result here. "This is just like DMAC's racist argument that Jacob Blake getting shot in the back was his fault." You have a suspect who has a warrant, who is not complying with police directives, and who is resisting arrest and now trying to get something out of the front floorboard of his car. What do you do if you're that police officer, PD? Do you stand there and hope he's not reaching for a gun stashed in the car? Or a knife? (Which he had in the car). If you pull your weapon and wait to see w
  3. I think he's the only safety left that they're recruiting, if I'm not mistaken. I think the assumption was that he would not commit without having taken a visit there. Well, we see where that thinking went. . . lol
  4. Yeah, he's Clemson bound. But Halle wanted to make an appearance anyway.
  5. Tulsa is nobody. They committed 15 penalties for 125 yards. They were playing in Boon Pickens. OSU was supposed to have the best weapons in the conference. That vaunted Tulsa defense (lol) put one out of the game and bottled up the others until the 4th. OSU finished with just 277 total yards. There is something not right in Cowboy land.
  6. Yes, but you would want to make sure there is no rain in the forecast before you use it. It will break down into other, more harmless form within 24 hours of exposure to the elements. I like to have a larger window of time, though.
  7. He's been a pretty unhappy camper since '96 then. We haven't done squat since then. We always end up in either Southlake Carrol's district or in Allen's district. We always go with Hebron, who is usually pretty good. Flower Mound Marcus, Coppell – both very good programs. Hebron, Marcus, FM High are Lewisville ISD schools so wherever we go in UIL realignment, we usually go together. We do have a stud WR this year who really likes Texas. His name is Armani Winfield, a 4-star. Gone are the days of the Wishbone T at Lewisville. We sling that ball around now.
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