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  1. And so far, zero national titles to show for it. The QB who wasn't good enough to play at GA is a Heisman candidate now somewhere else.
  2. Out and about today . . . SHA trivia ., who can tell me what this is?
  3. We have a team of recruits who are engaging him aggressively on some chat. The coaches are also contacting him regularly, and its changing from one of four coaches each time, including CTH.
  4. Thats great, always glad to see you here.
  5. It is a tough question to answer, I admit. But that's why I asked you folks. lol
  6. Best peanut butter based combo: PB & J? Reeses PB cups?
  7. Well, nothing like death to spoil a good point, huh? lol
  8. New York has not done well. 32,119 deaths to date. Texas, OTOH, has had 2,655. California has more than 6,000 deaths. New Jersey at 15,000 Massachussets, who has had about half the cases Texas has, has 8,198 deaths. I'd say Texas is doing rather well in comparison. There are some common denominators here, but I'll let you figure that part out.
  9. After some digging, it appears that a player now being rumored to be trending Texas (will commit soon) is Shemar Turner. I was actually trying to find out about an OL committed elsewhere who has been talking seriously with Texas recently. No luck there.
  10. No, I think Doc is right about the why. Connor was a once in a while thing so you really can't use that as ammo here. A broken clock is right twice a day. Hand hasn't been here very long and only now is seeing his recruits become players. So the jury is still out on him somewhat. The best thing that can happen is for Texas to beat LSU and OU and beat OSU for the conference championship, and hopefully a berth in the CFP. Our coaching staff quietly thinks this is not only possible, but probable. We're not out of it yet. But we have to deliver to get them. It wouldn't hurt is Bama faltered a time or two this season.
  11. There really is no comparison between Ebola and Wuhan virus. Wuhan has a mortality rate of 0.26% Ebola's first pandemic had a 88% mortality rate while the second had 53% mortality rate. It was a far deadlier virus.
  12. I think the issue is with the dad, not the brothers. Thats just what I've heard. And yes, odd given that he's an alumni and former player.
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