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  1. Bill O'Brien. Ivy League education, Penn State playing better than anyone predicted the last 2 years, and coaching up a great true freshman QB in Hackenberg.
  2. Shocking............ So many injuries and inept on offense. What a 180 from last year.
  3. From Port Lavaca. UT 2005. Been a huge sports fan since I was a little girl. Living between DFW and San Francisco. Love this new website. A lurker on OB and IT. Keep up the great work guys!
  4. Kansas St Michigan St TX A&M BYU Penn St UCLA TX St Missouri Washington Baylor 56 Oklahoma St 52
  5. Thanks again McPhaul! Saban or not, I have confidence Texas will once again become the gold standard in sports behind the vision of Patterson.
  6. I am down for DFW or SF. I spend time between these cities.
  7. If not Saban, Meyers, or Briles, how about Bill O'Brien of Penn State? He's done a lot with little talent under difficult circumstances. As for NFL guys, I like Ken Whisenhunt, San Diego Chargers' OC. Philip Rivers is having a career year.
  8. Mora could be the next Pete Carroll. Time will tell, but I like Saban or Briles for now. Excited about Patterson and the future of Texas Sports!
  9. Definitely agree with you on conference affiliation. Big 12 is a dying conference. Texas is much better than this. My personal preference would be Pac 12 and then ACC.

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