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Everything posted by SFlonghorngirl

  1. No wonder I sucked at softball. LOL... I blame the bats, not my talent. ;p
  2. Why can't Texas recruit "scorers?" In basketball, we have a hard time recruiting shooters. In baseball, no one can get past 1st base in one hit.
  3. Baseball's not my forte, but if this team is like the SF Giants, playing small ball and defense/pitching, then I know we're winning the WS.
  4. joeywa, i gained 10 lbs looking at your food porn.
  5. That sounds amazing! Better than adding Sriracha!
  6. Yup. We (Asians) eat it often, especially if it's cold or if one is sick.
  7. I actually had home made chicken pho after golf. Definitely a step up from porridge. Probably have another bowl in a couple of hours.
  8. So Jealous. All I had today was trail mix. And prolly eating porridge when I get home from golfing.
  9. Glad Warriors were smart about not trading him for Love. I was actually on the Love bandwagon.
  10. This Big Foot stuff freaks me out. My territory is the Waxahachie/Corsicana area and I drive often late in the evening when pitch dark in these back country roads where my bright beam lights are necessary to see. I fear Big Foot might attack me in the middle of nowhere.
  11. SHA, now what do you mean by inbreeding? They're sleeping with their own family members?
  12. How big is Big Foot? Now is Sasquatch totally different from Big Foot or same creature with different name because in different region?
  13. I would like a live in-game ticker if possible. For example, instead of using Yahoo Sports or ESPN to check on live up to the minute scores, a live ticker would be useful so it prevents me from switching back and forth from different websites.
  14. I believe in UFOs, Big Foot, Loch Ness, Unicorns, ghosts, immaculate reception, etc. Universe too big for it not to happen.
  15. Dennis, you're doing great! Baby steps, but you'll beat this buddy! I recommend making lentil soup, and pulsating it in food processor to make it easier to consume. Another soup with same process is barely soup. All hearty and will warm your soul.
  16. LOL.... I should stick to my day job. Drafting and managing a team is much harder than expected! Thanks for the summary JTD! Much appreciated.
  17. Missed you on TOS but glad you are here! And hope all is well with your adopted children!
  18. JTD, rate my draft from last year by production of rookies and trades too! I think I had 49ers, Giants, and Jets.

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