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  1. What does that mean? Like what advantages? And what is extending pitcher position?
  2. is the mound suppose to benefit the pitcher or batter? i suck at science. please explain.
  3. Wow! Small class! Last small class was with McCoy, and we dominated.
  4. With a couple of left over scholarships from the 2015 class, how many schollies do we have available for 2016?
  5. QB transfers: Whom do you think we can realistically land, if any at all?
  6. Yes, what did your daughter see? I find the unexplainable so intriguing.
  7. We probably need another treatment from you guys soon. Lots of weeds, especially in front yard.
  8. I find this so fascinating. SHA, do you know if they cook with fire or eat meat raw?
  9. Hope we land him, but I think this kid is tOSU bound. I don't blame him with Meyer being an offensive genius.
  10. Good read Chuck! Always look forward to your Cheap Seats and this recruiting version was very informative. ND can't come any sooner. I'm pumped!
  11. Guys, you can thanks me later. Put a reverse jinx on the less than 90 percent.
  12. Mack - TAMU Jamabo - UCLA Warren - Texas Brossette - LSU Lodge - Ole Miss Reed - Arkansas Baker - UGA Newsome - UCLA Locke - Oregon
  13. Finally, a Super Bowl halftime performance with songs I recognize. Yeah, I'm not very cool.

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