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Everything posted by SFlonghorngirl

  1. I actually like the Browns' uniforms. They're simple and clean yet different because of their rare team colors. Would love to see the brown/orange combo again.
  2. Have you been to any other majors? I've never been to any golf tournaments. LOL
  3. Jealous! Definitely a bucket list trip! Where do y'all usually stay and for how long since you have tickets for one day?
  4. Wut! I'm jealous! Is this your first trip to Augusta?
  5. All those tiny baseballs in your drink for your consumption
  6. Bad day for Chicago sports. Rose and Kane out.
  7. This was my interpretation as well. But then again, I have a low track record interpreting what men say and what they really mean.
  8. Is Heard a fast guy? Swoopes' quickness comparable to Heard is quite puzzling for me.
  9. Bill, that' s very empowering! Believing in yourself goes a long way!
  10. I know how he feels. Usually, I'm still in the same bunker after 4 tries.
  11. Good comparisons JG. Considering Texas is a football school, I believe Texas' benchmark should be on par or better with Ohio State and Florida.
  12. Well said Chuck. Dennis, thinking of you. I know you'll pull through. *bear hugs*
  13. Totally agree Bill. Can you imagine Myles Garrett and Daylon Mack on the DL causing havoc? I envy their talents.
  14. I hope you're taking your wife out somewhere nice tonight for abandoning her all afternoon.
  15. Curious, why UCLA? They might have a true Freshman start at QB.
  16. Does that mean, when we bunt, instead of traveling a few feet, the ball might drop into outfield as a legit hit?

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