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  1. The actual betting line is 6, not the 8 that is imagined in the original post. My bet is the team goes 6-6 this season (regular season wins being the substance of the Vegas line). I made it clear that if someone wants to make an o/u of 8 I will take the under.


    My direct answer to the direct question is I'm not betting a 6 win o/u but I will bet an 8 o/u if someone wants to take the bet and escrow the funds. Anyone who wants to bet the Horns offense under Shawn Watson will pull out 9 wins this season needs to part with his money up front. Im not taking any 9+ bets on credit.


    I have us at 6-6 and 8-4 at best.  I hope I'm horribly wrong and we win at least 9. 

  2. It's a pretty vibrant and cultured area. I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't lived in a Blizzard yet so we'll see how I'm feeling in a couple of months. 


    I haven't been there but I'll put it on the list. The relative ease and getting a 10/10 pizza up here is wonderful. With that said, I'm only three months in and I'm missing Mexican food something terrible. I've been to several places thus far but none of them can hold a candle to some of the worst places I had in Texas.


    Congrats on the move Blake! Love Chicago but haven't been back in over 10 years. 


    At least you're closer to those traditonal B1G schools.  Several B1G stadiums are on my bucket list! 

  3. Can't wait for this game. Who's all going? I'll be there! Got hooked up with free tickets!


    I'll consider it a moral victory if we lose by TD or less. Don't want embarrassment on national television.


    Hope our secondary's ready for the ND WRs. And traditionally ND develops great TEs, but I'm sure Malik will shut them down. \m/

  4. I'm a woman of my words. I'd like to eat crow and reluctantly say Juan Grande was right.  Even with a healthy Derrick Rose, my Chicago Bulls play a super boring style of basketball.  Anemic offenses do not equates championship teams.  Defenses elevate during playoffs and if teams are unable to produce points during regular season, they're not scoring during playoffs either.


    With that.......Go Warriors!  





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