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  1. Seems most of the players opting out at Texas are borderline anyway with regards to significant playing time now or in the future. I'm thinking some of them never return at all after sitting out all year and not being able to participate in any football activities at all.
  2. I don't care what you say, those were some bad-ass uni's back in the day.
  3. Urban is a great coach. But he's also a total scumbag as a human being.
  4. Yurcich is one of the top OC's in the country. Maybe top 10. If he can't do something with this QB room, no one can.
  5. Here's the truth as to what dad Brockmeyer has against Herman. He doesn't coach at Alabama. Anything else falls into the category of internet folklore.
  6. This. If you won't sing the The Eyes of Texas, can you still respect the decision of those who do? If you can't, you are a hypocrite.
  7. This is the most well-researched article I have read on The Eyes of Texas. As I said above, Sanya and a lot of other people have been severely misinformed about the song. https://www.burntorangenation.com/2020/6/16/21292505/a-historical-case-for-singing-the-eyes-of-texas
  8. Sanya has been completely misinformed about The Eyes of Texas.
  9. Well, I'm retired. But it's still true. Would much rather be on the course than sitting around the house. Although I'm going to tell on myself and tell you that it was bad enough that my 3 wood didn't survive the day And did I ever catch shit from the wife. She let me have it. Without saying a word.
  10. If not sometime in July, sometime after that. Sorry, bad day at the golf course and I couldn't help myself from being a smart ass. I know, I know. Like I need an excuse Nevertheless, my prediction will not be wrong.
  11. I guess the wife can still call me stupid anytime she wants to, right?
  12. https://www.burntorangenation.com/2020/6/16/21292505/a-historical-case-for-singing-the-eyes-of-texas
  13. The angst over The Eyes is total made-up bullshit.
  14. Going to enter the Transfer Portal according to Anwar Richardson on OB.
  15. Speculation that he is transferring and that Miss. St. is a possibility.
  16. Let me expand my thoughts for you and my impression from reading your posts is that you will not agree with this. But you really should take it to heart. Just because you agree with me doesn't mean you are right. And just because you disagree with me doesn't mean you are wrong.
  17. An open mind works both ways. Sometimes you have to give in order to receive.
  18. You will wait a long time for BLM to comment on the what is going on in Chicago. As in never.
  19. If someone can definitively trace the origin of the cheer back to that practice, I will absolutely retract my statement.
  20. Scipio Tex with his take on The Eyes of Texas. https://www.barkingcarnival.com/2020/6/17/21293666/the-eyes-of-texas-longhorns-football-athletics-racist-unity-school-song-racism-1903-athletics
  21. Pretty rich coming from a guy that said back on page 3 of this thread that "we are witnessing black people being killed constantly for being black".
  22. I'm pretty sure that I am free to respond to any conversation I choose to on this board. And it's not like you haven't jumped in on other convos that weren't involving you. So you really can't judge someone else for doing that. Amirite? And your judging people on here started on page 3 of this thread with your 11:49 pm reply to to sirhornsalot.
  23. But you told me that you don't judge others.
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