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  1. To play for a head coach that has amassed a 13-12 record in his first 2 years at Tennessee. And a team that is 17-20 in their last 3 seasons.
  2. Talk that Tarik Black, the WR grad transfer from Michigan, is likely headed to Texas.
  3. Going by the player ratings in the 247 Composite we are currently ranked 8th in 2021 recruiting. And we are 1 of only 8 teams that have a 5 star commitment. So, while things aren't going as expected right now in late April, I'm not sure that our recruiting can really be called sad.
  4. It does seem that way. But when I go look at the average ratings of current recruits in the composite, we are ranked 7th right now.
  5. I don't know but I'm thinking the game clock and score display might have been high tech considering it was 79 years ago and only 10 years before I was born
  6. Okay, The Brainiacs described this kid as a potentially excellent player. Based on his offer list, that's probably a stretch.
  7. Of course, Super K will tease us some more later this week. That's kind of sorta the business model that the pay boards operate by.
  8. The other name I've seen thrown out is Tarik Black. But I'm just not sure he falls into the category of "potentially excellent player".
  9. Probably makes sense that it is Zach Evans based on the TFB saying "not only will it add a potentially excellent player but it would take one number off the the board for 2021."
  10. And now, according to a random poster on OB, IT has doubled down on Owens moving to LB being true.
  11. And now, Anwar Richardson on OB says this is not true.
  12. Don't know if this is old news or not, but I just read on IT Humidor that Tyler Owens has been moved to LB.
  13. No, I mean I'm literally too lazy to do any kind of twitter search
  14. I don't do twitter so go ahead and tell us who you are talking about
  15. Gail Goestenkos from Duke followed Jody and coached here 5 years. She went 102-64 with a best finish of T-4 in the Big 12. Was 40-42 in the Big 12.
  16. Good leaders always are thinking 2-3 steps ahead. It is obvious he had his ducks in a row.
  17. Kind of disappointing to come on the board this morning and not see a thread dedicated to the new coach hire. This guy is one of the 3 best women's college basketball coaches and this is an absolute HOME RUN hire. In the last 3 years he advanced to the Elite Eight once and all the way to the Title game twice. His record during that time was 104-10! And he has beat both Baylor and UConn. The win against UConn was in the national semi-finals and ended their 111 game win streak.
  18. Very interesting article. Basically, only one player on the list has really done anything of any significance, Rondale Moore.
  19. As I said in my above post, the guy who posted that is an absolute total idiot. The shit he routinely posts is mind-boggling stupid which means he is a perfect fit for the Surly board.
  20. Keep in mind that this comes from the worst poster on any Texas-related board I ever read, Close To Jumping. He is an absolute total idiot.
  21. Yep. Pretty much everyone who read that knew he didn't mean it literally.
  22. Said that Ehlinger aggravated a previous rib injury during off-season workouts and that his winter workouts have been modified. Original injury happened in the LSU game and lingered all year.
  23. No argument she is highly qualified. My thoughts were strictly based on what kind of chance I thought she had of ever being hired as the head basketball at Texas.
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