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  1. I'm guessing a lot of his offers are committable, but damn, his offer list is pretty impressive for a 3-star.
  2. The movie, North Dallas Forty, paints a little different picture about O linemen
  3. Which is why I said "not counting W. Tyler and R. Moore"
  4. This roster table on IT that shows 14 OL (not counting W. Tyler and R. Moore) and 9 LB's. https://insidetexas.com/2021-roster-table-rough-draft-and-other-team-building-considerations/
  5. Just read through that thread. Interesting comments from Suchomel from this standpoint. From time to time, the mods over there drop hints about things when they know something. Not saying that is what he doing in this case but it has happened before.
  6. OB is saying that BamaInsider.com is reporting that Sark has made a substantial financial offer to Golding and that Saban is countering hard.
  7. "Yeah, someone that the pay sites don't know about." Don't underestimate this possibility.
  8. I saw that and I think what they are saying is very plausible. Lanning's agent pretty much orchestrated all of this and/or the Georgia side did.
  9. Okay, if this is wrong, blame Wikipedia not me Alabama - 43 of the 48 players drafted in the last 5 years are still in the NFL. Ohio State - 39 of the 45 players drafted in the last 5 years are still in the NFL Note: Of the 11 players "not in the NFL", more than half of them are listed as free agents.
  10. Well, my wife phrases it a little different. She says, "Is that really asking too much"?

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