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  1. There are currently only 3 sure-fire, can't miss coaches at this time. Urban, Nick, and Dabo. After that it's a crap-shoot. And there are a lot of coaches that were young up and comers that have been successful.
  2. I am obviously thinking of a different Nick Saban that coached at MSU from 1995 to 1999
  3. Finding the right coach is pretty much a crap shoot. Very few colleges have ever hired a sure-fire, can't-miss coach. It just doesn't happen. In the last 20 years, Urban Meyer is the only coach who really falls into that category when tOSU hired him after he has won 2 NC's at Florida. Bama getting Saban comes close.
  4. Not sure that anyone really saw anything in Saban while at MSU that indicated greatness. He coached five years at MSU and had one "great" year. His first four years, his record was 25-22-1. He went 9-2 in his 5th and final season there. From there he went to LSU where his first 3 years were not all that much different than Herman's first 3 years at Texas.
  5. Just got to love posters who have to tell you how great a fan they are. You are the best
  6. Okay, I'm on record as it being time to move on from Tom Herman and that I hope it's Urban. But 27-17 does not equal a miserable three and a half year record. That's just absurd.
  7. Would have no problem with that number. Would have much rather had it done before the Baylor game but would also try to get it done within the next week or two. And I'll say it again. Whoever is dealing with Urban better have their eyes wide open and better be know the difference between when someone is being sincere and when someone is bullshitting you.
  8. I saw that in their first game. The next game they stood in a line with their arms around each other facing the crowd during the song. Some held up their Hook 'ems and some didn't. I don't believe any of them sang but I could be wrong about that.
  9. I was being facetious because of you being pessimistic. Didn't mean anything by it. My wife tells me I can be a bit of a smart-ass sometimes.
  10. Admittedly going way out on a limb with that one. But thanks for the respect
  11. Then you are not going to like my post I think it happens much quicker than anyone thinks. Like before the Baylor game.
  12. I honestly don't think that there are many parents who would feel that way. Especially is their sons are really, really good. And I don't disagree that UM is a scumbag. But I also have no doubt he would make Texas elite again.
  13. This is what they said about Sam staying on the field. Still not sold on the crew at the Brainiacs. Do I believe that it is not a great look that the majority of the guys didn’t stay out there? Yes. Sure, it would be nice to show some unity by everyone sticking around together and standing afterward for the song. From the other side of the spectrum, though, they kind of DID show unity by everyone being on the same page and leaving the field. In that same breath, I think one guy choosing to stay out on the field by himself could also be considered not being a good teammate. J
  14. And by the way, can't believe that this title hasn't been changed already. I mean, come on, we don't even have a coach named Hermann Just messing with you, @Jim M.

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