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  1. Don't really give a shit what you think or that you visit other team's boards.
  2. If you are talking about the 2nd time when we went for it, I can agree. But I also didn't mind the call. Now, if you are talking about the 1st time we went for it, I don't agree at all that it was a critical coaching error. The coaches called a great play that would have resulted in a TD if properly executed, i.e. simply catching a ball with no one around you. That is not a coaching error at all. All the coaches can do is put the players in position to execute the play successfully which they absolutely did. And the players have to execute. Which did not happen.
  3. @psybj, feel free to leave this board. Preferably sooner than later. Your coaches, your players, and your fans are classless.
  4. They are both lying. And you are ignorant if you are buying the story that there was no AC in visiting locker room. This is a completely bogus made up story. And you know it.
  5. They just said on LHN that Collin Johnson was not 100%. Anyone know what's up?
  6. I know all these people are just writing those articles about Herman being in the running for the LSU job mainly because it makes a better story than what really happened. Bottom line, his agent did a damn good job of achieving the desired results. The Texas job was always Tom's first choice and the only way he might have gone to LSU was if it became apparent he wasn't getting the Texas job. He was never close to taking the LSU job no matter what ESPN reported. The folks on the Texas side just needed some "encouragement" to move a little faster.
  7. Wishing you nothing but the best. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I thought you were best mod/reporter on any of the 6 sites I frequent. And I mean it.
  8. And I don't really care what you think or have to say.
  9. All that was on that thread was a rumor that he has been suspended. But unless someone has seen something otherwise, that has not been confirmed.
  10. We're probably going to hear all week about the Herman to LSU crap. The problem is that they don't what they are talking about because Tom was NEVER going to LSU.
  11. Read reports/rumors on another site that Evans has been suspended 3 games.
  12. Was watching this and was just to fixing to tell the wife to quit cutting those damn onions when I remembered she was out of town.
  13. Here's what I'm reading regarding Roschon Johnson moving to RB. Johnson is no longer viewed as an emergency option. He has officially been moved to 3rd string RB He will get snaps in the La Tech game at RB. He will play the first 4 games of the season before determining if he will red shirted. Johnson met with the staff and expressed his desire to play RB this season'. And he no longer wanted to be the emergency option. Get ready to see Roschon lined up in the RB position at some point on Saturday.
  14. I'm a Hager fan just because he gave his all for the university and played hurt while doing it. Most of the time he was overmatched but he never backed down. Can't stand it when people run him down. That being said, we will be improved at that position. No question about it.
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