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  1. This is for all you negative nancies. The gap between how good OU played and how bad Texas played was pretty damn big. Yet, despite that gap, OU was able to only "steamroll" their way to a dominating (note this is sarcasm) 7 point win. Not only that, if we recover an onside kick with 1:49, we have a reasonable chance to tie the damn game. Let Texas play any semblance of their normal game and we probably win the damn game. Which I fully expect them to do the next we play them.
  2. This. I think the missed tackles just might be the No.1 issue we have. I got to believe that there is a high probability that we would have won the game if we had just cut the missed tackles in half.
  3. What are the cliff notes? Don't have the attention span to listen for 57 minutes And....who are those 2 guys?
  4. Really surprised, and shocked, by how we played and coached. Totally unexpected. Will be really interesting to see how both the coaches and players respond to this effort.
  5. I have seen nothing from either one that tells me KI or RJ will ever be a great running back. At this point, they are both average running backs that have the potential to be above average at best.
  6. So an unranked player committed to his first and only offer.
  7. Tell me, factually, how our injury situation compares to other teams. Until I know that, I can't say one way or the other that Tom's "methods" have anything to do with us having more injuries. Nor can anyone else for sure.
  8. While it may have looked that way, the play-by-chart doesn't support that theory.
  9. What is the evidence that the offense and coaches "felt the game was over and went hyper conservative" because the play-by-play chart doesn't support that "theory"?
  10. Texas is better than you seem to think they are. OSU is the 3rd best team they will play all year.
  11. Was at the game and didn't notice that we did this. Exactly when did we go into the fetal position on offense because I'm not seeing it from reviewing the play-by-play chart from the game and specifically the 4th quarter?
  12. There was no point in the entire game that they were playing to lose.
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