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  1. The University of Texas Changed My Life. Now I Want to Change Its Racist Traditions. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/university-texas-changed-life-now-160700017.html
  2. 'We’re Definitely Heading the Wrong Way': As Virus Cases Spike, Hurdles to a College Football Season Mount https://www.si.com/college/2020/07/09/college-football-season-status-coronavirus-concerns
  3. Houston is starting to look like New York City before the peak of its COVID-19 crisis https://theweek.com/speedreads/924461/houston-starting-look-like-new-york-city-before-peak-covid19-crisis
  4. Brain problems linked to even mild virus infections: study https://news.yahoo.com/brain-problems-linked-even-mild-virus-infections-study-102940044.html
  5. Ivy League Is the First to Suspend Its Football Season. Who’s Next? https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/07/ivy-league-suspends-fall-sports-schedule-football-coronavirus.html
  6. If Trump is doing everything he can about Covid then he's doing a terrible job. The numbers do not show that he's making America great again. Not when it comes to Covid. To be fair Trump is doing better than Bolsonaro. It was a tie until Bolsonaro got Covid. That broke the tie. COVID-19 Cases and Deaths, By the Numbers https://www.factcheck.org/2020/06/covid-19-cases-and-deaths-by-the-numbers/
  7. Oh yeah Trump cares about Covid.19. You would think he would want to protect his own supporters. At least until November. Health official: Trump rally ‘likely’ source of virus surge https://apnews.com/ad96548245e186382225818d8dc416eb
  8. Your horseshit is bullshit. White House Hopes Americans Will Just Get Used to Dying of Coronavirus https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/07/white-house-hopes-americans-will-just-get-used-to-dying-of-coronavirus
  9. More bad news. It looks like immunity from Covid last two or three months. This means that any UT player that has Covid this summer will still have to quarantine during the season if they around someone who has it. SHOULD TEAMS ACTIVELY SEEK HERD IMMUNITY FROM THE CORONAVIRUS? https://sports.yahoo.com/should-teams-actively-seek-herd-immunity-from-the-coronavirus-234449908.html
  10. Trump's plan for the Covid is to nothing and hope everyone gets use to it. So, the possibility of no UT fall then get use to it. TIME IS NO LONGER ON COLLEGE FOOTBALL'S SIDE AS MYRIAD ISSUES REMAIN FOR 2020 SEASON TO START AS SCHEDULED https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/time-is-no-longer-on-college-footballs-side-as-myriad-issues-remain-for-2020-season-to-start-as/
  11. All of a sudden there should be no talk of politics which didn't seem to be a problem until I posted on how Trump did nothing and still continues to do nothing which is affecting the UT football season. Unfortunately, politics has become part of UT football. First with the murder of George Floyd by police and the aftermath of the Eyes of Texas and now Covid 19 is the biggest threat to a UT football season in my lifetime. I agree that this board should be politics free unless it effects UT sports. Here's another article on the timeline that Trump wasted time to make the Covid 19 for the USA the worst in the world for those who say it's not Trump's fault and shit happens or is just trying to gaslight this situation. A DETAILED TIMELINE OF ALL THE WAYS TRUMP FAILED TO RESPOND TO THE CORONAVIRUS https://www.vox.com/2020/6/8/21242003/trump-failed-coronavirus-response
  12. LOL! This is Obama's fault, Falchi's fault , everyone but Trump. Trump had three years to fix what Obama did. what a loser! The Ten Weeks That Lost the War: A Timeline of How Trump Lied, Bungled and Screwed America in the COVID-19 Crisis https://thebulwark.com/the-ten-weeks-that-lost-the-war/
  13. Unfortunately, you are probably right. The unfortunate part is that when the country was shut down that was the time to ramp of testing and contact tracing like other countries. Too bad we have a psychopath in the White House who did not do these things. Instead he calls the whole thing a hoax. His great idea to go to Tulsa which was a hot spot at the time and hold an indoor rally really makes sense since he only cares about himself and does not care about his own supporter's health. If we had proper leadership then we may have had a full fall football season, but I doubt it now. At least we would have had better odds that the season would be played in full. I still haven't heard how the season is going to work. If one UT player gets Covid before the opening game then we could a large portion of the team sitting out the next two weeks in quarantine which would mean a forfeit or a loss unless the other team has even a worse problem. If it's an important player like Sam then he would be out for a least two weeks. Plus I had Covid in February and I had no energy for four weeks. Others that have had Covid has told me the same about their energy So, an important player who gets Covid during the season could miss or not be effective for four or five games. My best hope is to get in some games in the fall and finish the season in the spring. Don't know what the virus will be like in the spring, but we will probably have a new President who can't be as bad as the orange guy as far as the virus goes. Dr. Sheldon Jacobson told CBS Sports he expects a 30%-50% infection rate of the approximately 13,000 players competing in FBS this season. Based on his research, he also projects 3-7 deaths among those players due to COVID-19. "A few of them could end up in the hospital, and you'll have a small number who could die," Jacobson told CBS Sports. "I don't want to sugar coat it for you. I just want to give you the facts. … If everybody comes together under normal circumstances, we'll probably see that kind of outcome." https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/coronavirus-in-college-football-hospitalizations-deaths-projected-by-data-analysts-if-fbs-plays-in/
  14. You didn't see any dangerous BLM manifesto. What you did is see Tucker Carlson's 17 minute editorial on BLM on Fox last week. It was so racist that he lost 9 major sponsors including Papa John's and T Mobile that didn't want to associate with his racist views. Within a short period of time, your posting that racist garbage on this board. So if Tucker is a racist and your bringing over his racist shit then what does that make you. However, before I can say that Sir Hornsalot is a racist then I need an umpire's decision from Aaron. I don't consider it a personal attack just good character judgement. My hope is that Hornsports can do well and increase their members. However, I do hope that no current UT players or recruits view this board which could harm the team or recruiting. If Mike Gundy would have worn a Tucker Carlson t shirt the Okie State players would have been just as upset. Maybe you can start posting on the aggie board as a aggie. I'm sure aggie recruits would love your Tucker Carlson opinions.
  15. LOL! Did the pile of bricks have a sign saying property of antifa?
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