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  1. LANCERS WINS, ROBINSON SETS MORE RECORDS https://kvoa.com/sports/2019/10/19/lancers-win-robinson-sets-more-records/
  2. I told a friend at work who went to Salpointe. She said was going to the game last night. I told her all about Bijan and Texas and jokingly asked her to give me a scouting report. This morning she said OMG it looked like he was playing against a bunch of seven graders. She was also impressed by Lathan Ransom. My hope is that Ransom will switch after the season. He committed two weeks before Bijan when the rumors were that Bijan was also going to Ohio State.
  3. From the Astros to the 76ers to the Dolphins, teams across sports tank with future success in mind. The Houston Cougars now seem to be following suit—and raising a host of concerns in the process. https://www.theringer.com/2019/10/17/20918416/houston-cougars-deriq-king-tanking-experiment-dana-holgorsen
  4. For a full half, Canyon del Oro executed the game plan, bleeding the clock and keeping the state's big-school all-time leading rusher and now-scoring champion, running back Bijan Robinson, on the sideline. But it proved impossible to keep the Texas commit cooped up for long, as he exploded for a 165-yard third quarter to seal the 35-0 home win. https://tucson.com/sports/highschool/salpointe-s-defense-holds-off-cdo-until-robinson-breaks-through/article_c974ae8d-402c-5071-9c64-f0c0a6aa2896.html
  5. Here's a good description of Bijan that I saw. No need to worry about his speed. Reggie was timed at 4.33 so he does have an advantage on speed. Robinson’s grandfather Cleo ran track at Northern Arizona and played defensive back there his last year. He went on to become a Pac 12 official and currently works in the instant replay booth for the conference. He’s seen some terrific running backs in his day up close and personal, none better in his opiniton than USC great Reggie Bush. Robinson was on the field in South Bend when the Trojans beat the Irish in the “Bush push” game. He’s seen the former Heisman Trophy winner do incredible things. “He would just go all out,” Robinson said. “His thing was give it 100 percent all the time. His skill level, cutting real quick, the quickness, going from zero to 40 in three steps, that’s something Bijan can do too. He can be coming somewhere and those first three or four steps he’s yards down the field. When he makes his cut he can pick up speed real quick. https://247sports.com/Article/Inside-Salpointe-Catholic-standout-Bijan-Robinson-rise-to-five-star-recruit-Ohio-State-Texas-USC-133720608/
  6. Free article about Roschon from Inside Texas https://insidetexas.com/roschons-rise-is-no-surprise/
  7. I've read that Bijan has run 4.48. There is no way he runs a 4.77.
  8. Considering that the Kansas offense is 106th in the nation with a new offensive coordinator, I predict the UT defense will look at lot better.
  9. ESPN top 300 Bijan top UT at 22. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27845309/college-football-recruiting-player-rankings-new-espn-300
  10. Well there you go. We lost because of not enough hitting. Herman blamed some of the poor tackling on his decision to limit tackling in practice the last couple of weeks. "It was not a great decision," Herman said. "It showed." https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/sports/Texas-Defense-Going-From-Bad-to-Worse-at-Midseason-563129231.html
  11. I always consider tough teams come from tough defense. As you can see our defense is not tough. They are going down like flies. I see bloody Tuesday having a big effect on injuries. I have been following UT since the mid 60's and this is by far the worst season for injuries that I've experienced and so far we do not have a tough team. Defense: 511 Total Yards, 7.74 yards per play After putting together one of the best seasons in school history in 2017, defensive coordinator Todd Orlando’s unit has struggled to get the job done in big games for the second-straight year. The 511-yard performance is the second 500-yard game this defense has allowed this season, granted both came against two quarterbacks likely to get invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremony at the end of the year. If the season ended today, the Longhorns’ 453.3 yards per game allowed would be the highest average in school history, while the 6.4 yards per play would be the second-worst in school history. Through six games in 2019, the Longhorns have given up 2,770 yards, which if the trend holds would be the worst season total in school history, eclipsing last year’s 14-game total. These season totals will be inflated slightly over the rest of the bottom 10, as last year featured more games than any other season in the bottom 10.
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