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  1. What the heck has happened to our girls tonight? They look really out of sorts.
  2. Shows how little Oregon knows about football. They are like TCU-North. They think they're "all-that" until they lose a game or two they shouldn't then they scurry for cover. For a school that has NEVER done anything, they sure think highly of themselves. Think about these Oregon numbers for a minute: Postseason Bowl Record: 11-15 Conference Titles: 11 Consensus All Americans: 6 Heisman Winner: 0 National Titles: 0 Oregon has more uniforms combos than bowl wins.
  3. Ladies need to be more selective. Unforced errors and they keep trying to overpower UW.
  4. Somebody say big bust? :cool:
  5. Plenty of room on the bus man. You're in luck; we don't base acceptance on arm strength.
  6. Are you censoring us? Are you a communist?
  7. Nice Pete. But why is Lukus editing your posts? Seems like he needs to get a swirlie or a wedgie, or both.
  8. Well that certainly makes sense. I'm sure the 4.9 QB rating in the Baylor game was a real confidence booster to Case.
  9. Swoopes should play in the game, Case should video it. My 2-cents.
  10. Just blame it on jpj. It's all his fault.
  11. Back when I was at UT, I had some buddies up at SFA. I have had several nights that I don't quite recall that began at Crossroads bar in Nacogdoches.
  12. Heard is not on the roster yet and Case is nowhere near "polished." Swoopes should be getting reps. In the grand scheme of things, this game is absolutely meaningless, so if Mack does not get Swoopes into the game running plays when it counts, just add another season to the long list of his piss poor management of developing QBs. If there's one thing that really pisses me off about Mack, this is numero uno.
  13. Can I just go ahead and blame jpj for stealing all my "likes" from my profile?
  14. As soon as I read the post by Lukus, I knew he's somehow try to blame it on his dad. Poor Mr. Alderman gets a bad rap. He should really do something about that ne'er-do-well son of his.
  15. That one takes two clicks, not one. Call me lazy. I ration my clicks.
  16. I would like a link placed at the bottom of each thread page to go back to the Burnt Orange Board. Perhaps you can just create a duplicate link banner like the one at the top of the threads; See here: [ATTACH=CONFIG]446[/ATTACH] Is that possible?
  17. HUGE. I personally would have fouled the first guy to touch the ball on the inbound and taken my chances. We have now beat UNC 5 of the last 6 times we played them.
  18. Misses both; Holland follows shot and makes it in; 85-82 Now refs reviewing clock and possible offensive basket interference
  19. Yep. Need them both. And need solid D on Paige on the flip side.
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