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  1. Pierce said post game that they played like a young team today and I believe that is spot on.
  2. B9 Kennedy KS DJ 6-3 Ardoin IF single; Duplantier PR, steals 2B w/o a throw Hodo PH for Dixon, draws a walk Todd RBI single thru the right side; 1-run game; Runners on the corners Ellis KL on a really horrible call Horns fall 9-8
  3. T9 Mizzou gets a leadoff double Bunt single puts runners on the corners A comedy of errors plates one run and Mizzou holds on to a 9-7 lead headed B9
  4. B8 With 2 outs, Todd gets an IF single up the middle and Ellis follows it up with a single up the middle to put runners on the corners. Mizzou goes to the pen for RHP Dillard Zubia RBI single up the middle; Horns trail 8-6 WP plates a run during Cam Williams AB, Horns trail 8-7 Wiliams walks and there are runners on the corners. Faltine 4-3 ends the inning Horns trail 8-7, headed to the 9th
  5. T8 Another 1-2-3 frame from Kam, including two very good defensive plays by Dixon at 2B Horns trail 8-5 headed B8
  6. B7 Zubia lead off walk Williams with a big double to bring Zubia home That's all they can get but cut the lead to 8-5
  7. B6 Horns get a 1-out walk but strand him there. Fields on to pitch in T7, and Ford is replaced with Dixon at 2B Horns trail 8-4 thru 6 complete
  8. T6 Walbridge gets a KL for out 2 Issues a walk to load the bases, then gets a L1 to end it Horns trail 8-4 headed B6
  9. T6 Mizzou adds more. With bases loaded and 1 out, a 2 RBI single over Todd's head in RF Another RBI single, and that's it for Stevens. Walbridge to the mound with runners on 1&2, 1 out and Texas trailing 8-4.
  10. T6 Kubichek to the hill for Texas to start the 6th He starts the inning by getting an easy dribbler and sails it over Zubia's head. Puts runner on 2B; moves to 3B on WP KS for 1 out Then gives up 3 straight singles to plate two runs. Mizzou up 5-4, and Stevens in from the pen
  11. B5 Bases loaded, 1 out Kennedy hits a shot to 1B, 1B seemingly tags the bag, throws to home where Ellis slides in safely to score. Blue rules that Kennedy is out not due to the tag, but due to 'abandoning the bag' so he's confirmed out. Horns take a 1-run lead thru 5 complete, 4-3
  12. B5 Bases loaded, no outs Williams is walked on 4 pitches, game tied at 3 Faltine KS; 1 out
  13. B5 Horns get a leadoff walk from Ford and a bunt single from Todd Mizzou goes to the pen for a lefty Ellis works a 4-pitch walk to load the bases Zubia is HBP and a run comes in. Horns trail 3-2, Mizzou back to the pen again
  14. T5 Cobb with 2 quick outs, pipes a 3-0 pitch to the 4-hole hitter and he sends a rocket off the LEXUS sign in LF over the Crawford Boxes Next hitter gets a liner into the RF corner and is hosed by a great throw from Todd to Williams at 3B Horns trail 3-1
  15. B4 Horns start to wake up in the 4th. They get a couple of base knocks and plate a run to cut the lead in half. Texas trails 2-1 thru 4 complete
  16. T4 Nothing doing for Mizzou, strands a runner on 2B Horns trail 2-0 headed B4
  17. B3 Horns get a baserunner due to a WP on a KS of Ford, but he's left at 1B Horns trail 2-0 thru 3 complete Team is playing without a ton of energy right now, that needs to change.
  18. T3 Ford makes an E4 to put the leadoff runner on, and Mizzou manufactures a run out of it. Horns trail 2-0 headed B3
  19. B2 Horns get a 2-out single from Kennedy, but that's it. Thru 2 complete, Horns trail Mizzou 1-0
  20. T2 Mizzou gets a couple of baserunners but strands them Horns trail 1-0 headed B2
  21. T1 Mizzou gets a baserunner on a 1-out walk, and he ends up scoring on a WP that put him on 3B and an E2 on the throw to 3B that went over the head of Williams. Mizzou up 1-0 headed B1
  22. We're about ready to get underway here. Coaches are meeting with the umpires at the plate.
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