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  1. B1G to meet this week to discuss what direction they want to go.
  2. Received an update on Coach Gus. He is doing well and recovering at home. He may need to get the engine tuned a bit more, but they’re letting him get completely recovered first.
  3. Probably just a random media grab associated with the 2021 Recruiting thread. That’s my 2-cents anyway.
  4. SEC going to conference only schedule. That will eliminate the UT/ LSU early season matchup.
  5. Ohio State limits football game attendance to 20% with face coverings mandatory. Also no tailgating. This will be interesting to see unfold. Article
  6. Good news, JV is disputing reports he’s out for the season and that it’s merely a strain. Hope he’s correct. Verlander responds
  7. Copycat. Nice job with the logo. Love it. Really good look and yes, support HS with a cap.
  8. Update: Coach Gus came home today. He still has some work to do. Please keep him and the family in your thoughts and prayers.
  9. Coach Gus is being released tomorrow and will head home. Still a ways to go with rehab but this is a positive sign.
  10. @primal defense There is a myriad of people that have a hand in what is going on now. To point fingers at any one person, party, administration or locality is extremely short-sighted. Plenty of reasons that this may happen.
  11. Got a positive update today. Coach is looking better today and his condition has improved a bit. Keep those horns up for Coach.
  12. No major updates today. Status is pretty much the same as yesterday. Please keep 18 in your thoughts and prayers.
  13. Guys, let’s try to keep political views at a minimum. Several of you have made it very clear where you stand on the political spectrum. This thread should be for discussion about COVID, not for campaigning, bashing or espousing political views. Thanks.
  14. Coach Gus suffered a heart attack this morning. He is at Ascension Seton getting care. He is currently in stable condition and being treated for pulmonary edema. Please keep Coach and his family & friends in your thoughts and prayers. Gus is 89 years old, the winningest coach in Texas Baseball history and an all around great guy. HookEm #18
  15. I'm afraid CFB is about to say 'Hold my beer and watch this.'
  16. I think once everyone had a chance to step back and discuss, cooler heads prevailed.
  17. On the flip side, there are a ton of logistics involved for planning college football team/staff travel. Decision need to be made pretty quickly, as we are now less than 8 weeks from the start of the season. I don’t think it (competition with hoops/baseball) matters too much from the Ivy League perspective, but P5 conference will need to take that into account if they make the decision to move their seasons to the spring. There is a very real chance that we don’t see collegiate sports in the Fall, and are slammed with them in the Spring.
  18. So far the Ivy League has moved their football season to the spring, B1G and Pac12 have limited games to conference matchups only and now it looks like NJCAA will probably move their football season to the spring. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/njcaa-expected-to-announce-2020-junior-college-football-season-moving-to-spring-amid-covid-19-pandemic/ If you come across any updates for other conferences, post ‘em here.
  19. You might as well add peanut butter and banana to the list. Might not garner all the top votes, but I bet you get a few. It was a favorite of Elvis'
  20. Astros will kick off the MLB shortened 60-game season on July 24th, hosting the Mariners at Minute Maid Park. Game time is 8:10 PM Central. With a shorter season, and likely one of the few sports that are going to be on, I expect viewership to be very solid.
  21. Why do you have to bring the really hard-hitting questions up?
  22. Good to see you back around these parts, Jim.
  23. Just to put some icing on this cake, The State Fair of Texas has been cancelled. Closed for Business
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