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  1. Fields has made one appearance and didn’t look all that great. Ford has seen spot duty, but I think the younger players are what Pierce and Co are looking at for 2B. Also I think the younger guys might be looking better in practice at this point. On both we should keep in mind that early in the season, Pierce has shown a tendency to shuffle lineups to find the right mix of production, talent and leadership. I think this trend will continue in the coming weeks.
  2. T9 Dre allows runners on the corners with 1 out. Gets the next two with a K and 1-3 Horns win 4-1
  3. B8 Horns are able to load the bases due to some wild pitching from Sam's new P, but can't plate any runs Texas up 4-1 thru 8
  4. T8 Kubichek has trouble locating in the 8th, gets one out and leaves with a runner on 1B Duplantier is called on from the pen Gets a FC and a KS to end the frame Horns up 4-1 headed B8
  5. B7 Todd gets HBP but Ellis misses a sign and he's nailed stealing 2B Ellis walks New P for SHSU Zubia up, Ellis steals 2B, Zubia walks Williams up, Ellis back picked at 2B, Williams Ks Horns up 4-1 headed to the 8th
  6. Kubichek faces the minimum in T7 Gives up a leadoff single, gets a DP and a 4-3 Horns up 4-1 headed B7 Everybody Stretch!
  7. B6 Leadoff IF single by Kennedy but that's all they can do. Horns up 4-1 headed to the 7th
  8. T6 Kubichek on to pitch for Texas Gives up a couple of baserunners on a 1-out single and a walk, but gets 3 Ks to strand them Horns up 4-1 headed B6
  9. B5 Rogers starts out the 5th Kennedy singles, Ardoin with another single puts runners on the corners Pitching change Hodo walks, bases loaded Stehley FC RBI Todd RBI single Ellis moves runners to 2&3 on a U1 Zubia adds 2 more with a 2RBI single Horns up 4-1 thru 5
  10. T5 Hansen picks up Ks 5&6 in a 1-2-3 frame Horns trail 0-1 headed B5
  11. B4 Nothing doing for Texas in B4, 1-2-3 Horns trail 0-1 thru 4 complete
  12. T4 Hansen gets a 1-2-3 frame including bookend Ks; He's retired 9 straight Horns trail 0-1 headed B4
  13. B3 Texas gets a 1-out walk from Hodo, a 2-out single from Todd but that's it Horns trail 0-1 thru 3 complete
  14. B2 Horns retired 1-2-3 in the 2nd Trail 0-1 thru 2 complete
  15. T2 Hansen bounces back and gets a 1-2-3 frame of his own. Horns trail 0-1 headed B2
  16. T1 Hansen on the bump Ellis makes a rare error on a pop fly into LCF and puts a 1-out runner on 1B. A single and a walk loads em up RBI single thru the left side, but SHSU gets greedy and tries for 2 runs. Kennedy with a good throw gets the runner at home. Horns trail 0-1 headed B1
  17. Texas will be tested the next five games: SHSU (5-1) LSU (5-3) Arky (7-0) Missouri (4-2) Arizona (5-2)
  18. B10 Hodo gets a 1 out single. Cam Williams sends a bomb over the LF wall just fair for a walkoff 2-run HR. Horns win 7-5
  19. T10 Merryman comes in to get a 1-2-3 inning. Game tied at 5 headed B10
  20. T9 Diaz in to pitch for Texas Gets 2 outs, then gives up a single and a 2-run HR on B2B pitches. Bryant comes on for Texas Game tied at 5 headed B9
  21. B7 SAC Bunt moves 2 RISP DJ down with a KS Hodo KL ends it. Missed opportunity on a good start to the inning. Horns up 5-3 headed T8, and Duplantier comes on to pitch for Texas
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