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  1. I’m curious, if someone leaves OBs, why does that make them a snowflake?
  2. Nice recap Cheese. The BJ Foster situation will be interesting to follow over the course of the ‘bye’ week.
  3. I wouldn’t give too much stock into how/when/who stayed for The Eyes. Personally, I’d let it go. The school didn’t stop playing the song, so what if some of the players opted to head to the locker room. That said, I don’t believe you’ll see that in Baseball.
  4. I l’d have to imagine you’ll see a lot of focus on controlled drives in the 2nd half.
  5. Good thoughts Cheese. I’m holding you to that 10-1 prediction.
  6. Going to be interesting to see how fans comply with the no tailgating rule.
  7. 2023. Follow Donald on YouTube & Twitter. He’s on top of most of these recruits well before they are committing with videos.
  8. Yes, that’s from last night in Portland. I don’t go downtown, nor around any of the protest zones for that matter. Nothing good happens there and there are no UT BASEBALL fans there, which means my target audience is nonexistent.
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