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  1. Well now, I cannot speak for any hogwash cockamammie story like orders for whiskey being slowed to a crawl. I am doing my part and supporting the bourbon industry, likely to the chagrin of my lovely wife.
  2. This is very important, and good on you for doing this. Also, one thing to remember about this, not only are the restaurants in need of the support, there is an entire community of suppliers that provide goods and services to restaurants that are feeling a mighty pinch right now. All of that food, drinks, paper and cleaning supplies as well as the companies that distribute this to each restaurant are part of this. The foodservice industry will be forever changed when this is over. And I fear not in a good way.
  3. Brownsville begins Shelter-In-Place Wednesday at 10 PM.
  4. FYI, if you’re so inclined, our friends at Black Sheep Lodge and Haymaker have had to close. They have two separate fund raisers going on.
  5. Y’all please support your local restaurants in any way possible. These folks are struggling mightily right now.
  6. Day 2 without sports Safe to say Leach knows me pretty well.
  7. Excellent recap. Sad that the season is abruptly over.
  8. While the idea itself is probably the right thing to do, the possible long-term implications will be something to watch. Logistically speaking, going from baseball roster sizes of ~35 to possibly 50 creates concern. Funding of additional scholarships is an issue. If HS baseball season is cancelled, there’s a strong likelihood that some of the seniors that would be strong candidates to leave for the draft out of HS will instead come to campus. Scholarship limits will have to be waived and adjusted. What will be the limit on numbers? Will this affect the current 11.7 scholarships moving forward? What about how the locker rooms are set up? Currently there are prob ~40 lockers available at UT. What do you do for the extra 10 players? How do coaches manage their rosters with a possible increase of 25%? What about equipment and uniforms? Increased costs. For schools like Texas, where baseball makes money, that might be less of an issue, but what about smaller schools without the resources of a UT? If the NCAA doesn’t handle this correctly, and I have very little faith that they will based on history, this could be an astronomical failure for college baseball. And I’m only talking about baseball. There are all the other Spring sports to think about as well.
  9. The state of Washington has issued a mandatory shut down of all public schools K-12 beginning this afternoon through April 24th. Online classes will be taught for grades 3-12, although to what extent is TBD.
  10. Thanks. Shortest season I can ever recall. I was doing PBP on Twitter last night from a hotel restaurant before my flight departed. Didn’t have all of my resources so the game thread took a backseat. Appreciate the follow and the comments.
  11. And this sucks. Now I need Kleenex.
  12. Here’s the answer on TP. When one person sneezes, 20 people shit their pants. Seems like a real thing.
  13. Not sleeping. On a plane. It’s a combination of the two. Depends on the pitcher. Most of the time they set up where they are most comfortable, like a batter in the batter’s box.
  14. Many NCAA schools are doing the same. Conference hoops tourneys will be sparsely attended, if the conference even decides to host them at all. Also UT has announced a 2-week spring break for students. Bourbon stockpile: check One-wipe Charlie’s stash-check Briskets/Robs/Pork Shoulders in freezer-check Wood for smoking-check Ranch Style Beans-check Tortillas-check LHN-check I’m set.
  15. 401K is resilient, so it should get better though.
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