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  1. Everyone just needs to settle down and be patient. Just let things play out. All of these rumors are exactly that. Some are smoke screens because as mentioned in OP, there is not currently an opening to fill at this time. That said, Meyer could be hired, or he could not be. There's just not much to be gained by worrying about all the information being released right now.
  2. Welcome to the party. You're late. Catch up.
  3. There are plenty of sources giving insight on both sides of this. Let's just all be patient and see how this plays out. No need bickering about the minutia until something official is announced.
  4. Let's keep this on the other boards y'all are on. Don't bring it here.
  5. Let's see if the team can build upon a successful trip to Maui...errrr...North Carolina.
  6. Sometimes mistakes are made. The University of Texas should never be a proving ground for coaches. Open the checkbook and get a proven commodity. I believe that is what’s happening right now. Let’s see how this plays out before we begin hand wringing over the details of a contract that few if any have seen yet.
  7. It certainly appears that Texas is all-in on Plan A. If for some reason it doesn’t pan out, Plan B is going to get real interesting.
  8. Heard he was thoroughly vetted, but there was concern he would turn the Gatorade into wine and it would be problematic for the players mid-game.
  9. There's plenty to speculate about, and it makes for interesting discussion, but I believe the staff doesn't want to jump the gun and report anything that is not accurate. Plus, as mentioned, there is not officially an opening...yet.
  10. Good stuff staff. I’m staying patient and letting this play out. Lots of information (and misinformation) floating around, as everyone knows.

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