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  1. Who posted this? Was it Miller? Never mind. I see who.
  2. Brooks film looks damn good to me. Not a speedster, but reminds me of Dwayne Thomas back in the days of Tom Landry.
  3. I’ll give it a shot. One of two things. You don’t want to build a retaining wall around tree root structure. Or you don’t want to build a house with any hint of maroon color. What do I win?
  4. If we fired shaka now we could recoup his buy-out simply by paying a good high school coach 100 grand a year for the next three years. Plus we would have a better coach for those three years.
  5. I will give the retort. People in red states already know to stay at home.
  6. And if he isn’t careful where he sets up on the rubber can indicate what pitch is coming.
  7. I have tried to fire him each of the last three years. I’ve even offered to kick in a saw-buck toward his buyout.
  8. Does anyone really believe shaka smart has suddenly learned how to coach during his fifth year at Texas?
  9. Neither was our pitching. Or our defense. Or our offense. Or our baserunning. Piss poor play all around. Forget the umps, this one is not on them.
  10. Does DirecTV carry AT&T Sportsnet? If so anyone know the channel?
  11. Hopefully making the tourney (doubtful) will not give CDC an excuse to bring him back.
  12. Smart is a fraud. We would be better off if the players coached themselves.
  13. Probably an indication we are not getting Rakestraw.
  14. My guess is our defensive line coach has already been hired and it states in his contract he begins work the day after national signing day.Tom Herman has been excellent at keeping info secret.
  15. I hope after in nsd2 he deserves another raise. I’ll kick in.
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