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Everything posted by Bear19

  1. I’ll pass on this game. For obvious reasons. I would rather pay for my cap.
  2. I’ll take the POS. Either one.
  3. If it’s urban Meyer they will have a firm deal struck before firing TH. They would have to. Then sign the papers the next couple of days and announce it. jmo
  4. Unfortunately I was only able to give Lakeman74’s post one “like”. Here’s another one.
  5. Ketch is as much a fraud as TH.
  6. Has anyone seen any hard evidence CDC has the money to do it now? I haven’t.
  7. MB or anyone Didn’t Herman get his extension the year before CDC arrived?
  8. More than n once our defense lined up with our tackles almost out to the end position. That left a huge gap in the center of the defense and there was no line backer there. On at least one of those the quarterback ran straight up the middle untouched to the end zone. It was the most ridiculous defensive line placement I have ever seen. That is on Ash and Hermann. I was screaming at the TV each time it happened.
  9. He wasn’t even passed 2 yards.
  10. At some point in the second half Fatterson explodes on the side-line and gets a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. He sweats through a half a dozen towels. We coast. UT 48 Toads 20
  11. Just went back to your first post. I clicked on the link and it came up. How did you fix it?
  12. You’re asking me to refresh the page? What the hell is that? Seriously I did not see it. But truth is I don’t even know what Y2K meant. I’m an old fart. But now you’ve given me a clue. I will look on ESPN. and I appreciate the help.
  13. He’s a prima donna but I would hope Giles, Coburn and Sweat could keep his young ass in line.

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