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  1. Didn’t Whittington have two or three surgeries for a sports hernia last year? If so the guy just can’t catch a break. And apparently hurt the knee simply diving for a pass.
  2. I would recommend we all send emails to our athletic director or school president protesting LHN promotion of BLM.If someone already has it what are their email addresses?
  3. MB Send a couple of pics of the crowd if you can.
  4. Idiot Biden is more dangerous than almost idiot Biden.
  5. Ketch worked for Bobby Burton when Bobby owned Rivals. Orange Bloods was a spinoff from that. He had to have weighed somewhere between 350 and a ton. I couldn’t tell because I couldn’t see all of him. I shouldn’t and normally don’t make fun of peoples physical appearance. But the fat ass is dishonest and I wouldn’t trust him further than I could throw him.
  6. That 7% figure, even if accurate, has resulted in multiple deaths and millions of dollars of property damage. Fock them.
  7. The number of violent protests should be freaking zero.
  8. SHA and MB pissing on each other’s shoes. All is right with the world. We must be nearing a cure for Covid.
  9. I think Eagles is the better athlete, but at this point the coaches obviously believe Black is the better receiver.
  10. Just making a joke about the language many use on Twitter. Obviously Donald doesn’t follow that crowd.
  11. Joey Ask Donald on his tweets to please speak English.
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