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  1. Our loved football program is in a world of hurt. TH had his opportunity and has not performed. Losing quality Texas high school recruits is the final straw. TH needs to go. The answer is when. Action needs to take place sooner rather than later. Beg these Texas recruits to please hold off leaving the state as changes to Texas football are coming and your state needs you to stay home and represent it. And yes, that means letting TH go mid-season. It’s going to take a huge splash coaching hire to convince these recruits to give Texas another try. And that splash is
  2. No pro sports period for me this year. I am enjoying my Sunday and Monday evenings just fine without it. Doubt I am going to return.
  3. Rome would have killed the looters on the spot. They didn’t mess around with civil unrest. The lack of crime enforcement is maddening. Used to not think myself as racist at all but when I see this looting stuff happening I find myself wishing the owner of the store is a black that supports blm. Also wish the law was arresting everyone on the spot that is looting.
  4. Does this this mean we don’t give Herman a contract extension for winning the 3rd quarter?
  5. Today’s overtime brought to you by Ducks Unlimited. LOL
  6. UT wins a 3rd quarter! What do you say? Give Herman another contact extension???? LOL.
  7. How long until Sam gets hurt enough to have to leave the game? He is getting punished
  8. A lead in the second quarter! Big 12 Championship game here we come.
  9. “It’s illegal to make coaching game plan adjustments during the game right?” Tom Herman

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