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  1. The other part to this equation is allowing the transgender boys full access to the girl’s locker room.
  2. That didn’t talk long. Biden declared sanctions against China ineffective. Wonder what kinda deal ol’ Hunter’s got going? Still don’t think China interfered with our election?
  3. Biden gets the US right back in the Paris Accord. Environmental compliance costs will increase. And the cost of gas at the pump is only going to go up. Think China and Russia are concerned about their environmental compliance?
  4. Biden shuts down the Keystone pipeline. Supposedly this is to save the environment. So we can continue to burn fuel trucking oil thus putting hydrocarbons into the air and increase both traffic an the risk of highway deaths and that’s perfectly fine. But putting oil in a pipe line and reducing truck and rail traffic is horrible. Love libertards logic.
  5. Think the same amount of effort identifying the rioters in the Capital will be extended to identifying the riots in Portland? Aren’t the rioters in Portland domestic theorists? Or is.it only supposed Trump supporters that can be domestic theorists?
  6. Biden is China friendly; Trump, not so much.
  7. In all seriousness, the libertards were so scared by Trump and his call for individual freedom (less government) that the preverbal “yellow dog” would have been voted for over Trump. Biden got a lot of his votes as “anyone but Trump”. Harris’ only qualifications are she is a woman and viewed as black. Biden stated he specifically wanted a woman to be VP. Her being black was simply icing on the cake. She couldn’t even make it out of the first Democratic primary race. We are in for a dreadful first two years until the Republicans can at least get the Senate back.
  8. Yeah, but are any of them smart enough to be in MENSA? (Asking for a friend)
  9. Congratulations. You are now an ignorant white person with no knowledge whatsoever of Dr Martin Luther King. Or so says HornsUp aka “punk ass”. I would consider it a badge of honor.
  10. Wasn’t talk to you, you punk ass. Not sure even Jesus loves you. LOL. You can’t even agree on basic human decency.
  11. Rotty, It’s Sunday. How about you and agree Jesus loves you and Jesus loves me and together he loves us both. Know this is a political thread and we don’t agree on politics but just thought it would be nice to have a day we call a truce. And in honor of Martin Luther King Day tomorrow, I hope you and I can agree everyone should be judged on the content of their character and not on the content of their skin pigmentation.
  12. The poster listing blm protesters looting and burning stores and assaulting police is due out any day now. Make that posters, as in plural.
  13. House Committed Six Violations of the Constitution During Impeachment: Alan Dershowitz https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/house-committed-six-violations-of-the-constitution-alan-dershowitz_3659455.html Download our app to read more at https://ept.ms/DownloadApp Damn that Constitution. Keeps getting in the way of the libertard’s agenda.
  14. https://conservativefreedomnetwork.com/another-dem-was-just-arrested-and-charged-with-8-counts-of-election-fraud/ Don’t you just love it when facts prove how wrong the libertards are? There is no voter fraud my ass.

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