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  1. Need a good dominant rebound game tonight. This will tell me whether they are for real or not. Hook ‘em
  2. In a 3-3-5, you are not going to get a get pass rush from DE’s if they are in a 4 eye (inside shade of the tackle). You have to rely on pass rush from LB’s and safeties. You can widen the ends but that leaves your linebackers playing two gaps and are weaker against the inside run. There are teams that do it well, but recruiting big time D linemen would be difficult I would think. If I’m a big time DE, I wouldn’t want to play in that scheme. just my thoughts
  3. Had another thought. It’s a damn shame fans can’t enjoy this team in person. F’n COVID
  4. Good half. I still wish we did something other than one on one or high pick and roll on offense but the game is changing. I’m seeing much more of that in HS when I watch my nephew. They do throw it in to the post this year which was almost nonexistent in previous years. This team is FUN to watch! I’m becoming a believer. One more half like the first please. Tech won’t go away
  5. Maybe he’ll have a chance to shine there. Gotta look at the positive
  6. I don’t think he had a choice at the time. I thought Shaka should go, I’ll admit it. I’m glad to eat crow because I think Shaka is a great dude and representative of UT. If you don’t like Shaka the person, you need to check yourself.
  7. Great win. Kept plugging along and took advantage of the big shot opportunity. Congrats to Jones!!! I tough defense, toughness, and effort were great. Offense lagged at time but WV is always good at mucking things up. Winning these types of games is big. I’m starting to become a believer. Not sure they are #4 team in the country, but they are good. Hook ‘em
  8. Thanks Joey. I hope they keep the midweek games. My nephew plays for a “midweek” team scheduled to play in Austin.
  9. As far as pass rush, ideally you eat up the C-G with the nose, leaving the 3 technique and the two outside one on one. We ran twists and slants too when needed.
  10. I don’t like the 3-3-5 because the 3 man front is easier to run on. Also creates larger lanes for a mobile QB to scramble. You have to blitz someone every time to create pressure. Proponents will say they can send multiple blitzes and confuse the offense and this is true....sometimes. I coached a 4-2-5 and prefer it. I just haven’t seen the 3-3-5 run well many places. West Virginia does, Cincinnati does, to name a couple. We did not under Orlando. No scheme is perfect however. There’s strengths and weaknesses to all.
  11. After watching (I had to record the game), I didn’t think the Horns played real well but in years past, they would have lost that game. I’m all about finding a way to win. Ugly wins are still wins! My thing is, will this team keep improving over the course of conference play. If they do, they have a real chance to do something.

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