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  1. I'm sorry, what did Lakeman74 post? I was distracted.
  2. Welp... I guess my entire weekend will be free if they get rid the Eyes. I finally stopped watching the NFL this year. Actually kind of freeing not to be stuck in front of the TV on Sundays, well that and apparently, the Cowboys suck from what my coworkers tell me.
  3. This team is lucky not to be 1-2... 1-3 is coming up fast after next week. Yea Coach Mensa.
  4. HaHa... We've cut every single one of them at least once! They keep coming back... Any ideas on ways to kill the root system?
  5. Any suggestions about eradicating chinaberry trees? My mom has some land near Lake Belton and they seem to grow like weeds.
  6. I think I have just gotten very tired of the constant addition of politics into sports. Most people have enough crap to deal with in their everyday life. For me, I would tune out the world for a couple of hours and live and die with my teams. Now we are constantly barraged with political messages and activism. Right or wrong, I wasn't a big fan of the month-long wearing pink for breast cancer. Yes, I support breast cancer awareness, but the whole awareness for this, awareness for that got a bit old. But, then again I am wishy-washy, because I did like the Cowboy's Thanksgiving Salvation Army p
  7. Somewhat sadly, as a huge football fan, I've figured out I don't have to watch and follow the activist NFL. I don't need the aggravation and enjoyed last Sunday without the NFL. If UT and the NCAA pursue the SJW and activism route much longer, I will have the entire weekend free. I don't blame the kids, as they have been brainwashed for any number of years, but I do blame the organizations that don't have the sense or backbone to stand up to this stuff.
  8. I definitely want Johnson... It looks like he can give 110%!
  9. The annual Chickenshit Saturday will also be affected... WEEK 12 (Nov. 21) UL Monroe (Sun Belt) at Arkansas New Mexico State (IND.) at Florida Georgia Southern (Sun Belt) at Ole Miss Alabama A&M (SWAC) at Mississippi State UL-Lafayette (Sun Belt) at Missouri Wofford (Southern) at South Carolina Troy (Sun Belt) at Tennessee Louisiana Tech (CUSA) at Vanderbilt
  10. It's a shame Chicago Black Lives don't really seem to matter. 100 people shot and 14 killed over the weekend... surely of those were Black? I'm still waiting for the BLM comment on that weekly horror.
  11. Thanks to all for discussing about OAN. I found I do have that network on Uverse and checked it out. They had some hour long news story about whether hydroxychloroquine was effective or not. Pretty informative. Dr. Lozano in Garland, TX was very persuasive and positive about the drug's outcomes even though she had a difficult time getting pharmacies to fill prescriptions for a while. It definitely doesn't have the production budget of the larger networks, but I'll check it out from time to time. Hook'em!
  12. Get this... I was suspended yesterday from work for 2 weeks (have to use my PTO), with 3 other people, because we all participated in non-essential activities over the weekend. This included dining-in at a restaurant and 2 of the folks went to the beach. The owner almost decided, and may still decide to close the company for 2 weeks because of those audacious set of actions by us renegades. This pandemic is making some people lose their ever-loving minds!
  13. Just got back from 311 day in Las Vegas. Great time. 311 is celebrating 30 years. Also, The Tragically Hip - RIP Gord Downie, Canadian Band that used to come through Austin a bit. Great stuff! Kaleo - just released a new album. Really liked their first one. Rev. Horton Heat - Awesome guitarist. To mix it up a bit... Diplo's Revolution on SiriusXM... EDM stuff.

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