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  1. Always have believed Sunday’s are for sweeping. Even if I’m not a huge fan of the #WinStripe unis
  2. The worst worked big time tournament I’ve ever seen. Umpiring sucks at the collegiate level but that tournament should have great umpires. It did not.
  3. I am reassigning some recruiting areas by county so I’m in for the long haul tonight hanging on your every word @joeywa
  4. This Sam team will be a tournament team in May. Good win.
  5. Actually Kearney was having an affair with one of her athletes and possibly giving improper benefits like housing to said athlete. While I don’t condone Applewhite not keeping it in his pants he was not in a position of power or authority over the trainer in question. Sleazy and Shady and Wrong? Yes, Yes, Yes... unheard of nope
  6. All, When I was coaching, we had a guy that had been around the block, hell he was the hitting coach when I was a player and was still there when I came back to coach at my high school Alma Mater and he said the same thing anytime one of these things came up... guys only voluntarily leave a place for 1 of three things in this order... 1. Better situation (better chance to win, closer to home family, dream job) 2. Promotion- G-5 to P-5, position to coordinator, coordinator to HC. 3. Money - and usually these are the ones that don't work out. Just keep this in mind as this plays out. And remember, we are all Texas fans (with a couple of aggy trolls, hi guys, on occasion) so we all think this is be all end all. Let it play out... believe it or not recruiting will be fine and having Carrington on the road is a plus.
  7. This has previously been my favorite use of LHN. It was the annual Zeke and Zonk show. I’m so disappointed.
  8. It takes a little more to make a champion my friend. I am a flex all 454 guy but it’s on back order. Skip won’t make the trainer give it to me! It’s that stuff that don’t stink.
  9. I just want to bunt a lead off double 1 time so our old friend Armadillo Slim’s head can explode!!!
  10. Finally. Crap I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to put this out. Man the Houston Tournament will be crazy!!! I think I’m going to go hang out at MMP for that whole weekend.
  11. I will gladly Send some one a crisp $1 bill to anyone that will go on Texags the next time one of these jackoffs spout SEC SEC and merely say you know Vanderbilt is in the sec as well. I know they won’t understand the argument but shit I’m tired of the SEC bullshit
  12. Although it was kind of nice to see some names I haven’t seen in awhile. STP comes to mind
  13. I’m getting all posts as centered. Using Safari for iPhone
  14. Briles is scum. Has been since Stephenville. I’m a level 1 source on that. That writer is a jerk off. His last paragraph is proof of that. Did I mention Art is scum.
  15. I can’t imagine the feeding frenzy around here if Auburn comes in and beats them like I think they will.
  16. I’m getting it now trying to read Matt’s column
  17. And usually especially with a QB in that situation (something minor that doesn’t necessitate a prolonged stoppage in play to get them off the field) a coach is going to burn the timeout anyway so that the backup can get a few snaps warm up the arm and take a deep breath.
  18. Thanks Mark how could I leave that off F aggy rat bastards
  19. To quote the always quotable @Bear19 F aggy
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