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Everything posted by 63_Texas_1

  1. Isn't that his job to get the "A team" to show up? SMH
  2. The fact that there are polls on TH's coaching decisions goes to show fans (and assume BMDs and others) have no confidence in him. The plug needs to be pulled. Harriet Johnson said it well when she talked about TH, the leading a**hole in the state.
  3. Ok. LOL What is the story with the video clip? SMH
  4. I know the broadcasters went bananas with that idea, but is there proof TH told players not to score? As much as he misses on the details of other things, I am hesitant to give him credit for anything.
  5. Parhetic! FYI - My post on masks don't prevent Covid-19 using CDC link was taken down within one day by FB. As I mentioned before, I"m going to post same thing one week after tbe election and see whst happens.
  6. Does he know that all of the plexiglass he wants to be in restaurants requires oil? The wind turbines requires oil lubricants. It takes diesel for the big trucks and cranes to move them into place. Trains use diesel to transport wind turbines across the country. There are a lot of related industries that require oil that i am not going to waste my time mentioning.
  7. From yellow dog Democrat to dementia crooked Democrat
  8. You need to keep in mind how he changes his story on fracking (among other topics).
  9. Sounds like to me someone is feeling some heat. The appearance of the planning of the 50 year anniversary of a national championship is more like that of a The Three Stooges episode.
  10. Texas is going to celebrate 50th anniversary of the 1970 national championship and the band won't be there? One thing for Coastal Carolina to be ranked higher. That's pathetic. For this to happen is completely dysfunctional. Who is in charge?
  11. To quote Britney Spears, "I did it again." FB has deleted the above post. I am going to perform a test. I'm going to post the exact thing one week after election and see the response from FB.
  12. From reading about Troy and Buck's opinion of flyovers, I'm not sure that will help. I didnt hear nor see so I didn't hear the tone of the delivery. I just wonder if the dialog wasn't on purpose. Just wondering, no proof.
  13. FB notified me I posted false information about Covid-19. Therefore, they deleted it. I posted a link from CDC. FB says it wasn't from WHO. Well, lets see how long the CCP deletes this. This is from a study between control and case groups on contacting Covid-19. Here are the results of the study of the effectiveness of wearing a mask. In the 14 days before the illness onset: 1) 71% of case patients and 74% of controlled participants reported using cloth mask or other types of masks when in public GOT the viris. That is a 3% difference between control and case groups and
  14. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. SMH
  15. Herman ar #2? Wow. If anyone needed further proof of what procrastination look like, look at USC. Is Gundy on the hot seat because his players didn't respect or like his political views? Ok. State, good luck finding a better coach...well, in terms of success on the field as oppose to who talks smooth political views. It is not like he pulled a Woody Hayes and hit a player. For reference on talking political views, see Herman.
  16. I never imagined that Coastal Carolina would be ranked ahead of Texas. SMH
  17. This is an interesting concept, since BLM (organization) is well funded. Any lawyers care to weigh in? https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/class-action-lawsuit-filed-against-ohio-black-lives-matter-protesters/ZL3EOXOKYZAK5BX2ZZDJO24PZE/

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