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  1. As this drama unfolds, it doesn't matter what he said, she said. What matters is if UM decides to take the job or not; thus, what UM decides is what really matters. The rest is conjecture (which sounds like middle schoolers gossiping and the paid sites LOVE that). Remember the Saban episode, especially the ridiculous flight tracking and house hunting/real estate fiasco. SMH. Now think about Albert Einstein's quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
  2. The ship has also sailed bc Dabo signed a contract extension with Clemson recently. $93MM over the next 10 years. He's locked down pretty tight. You are right. I probably should have posted was we had our chance.
  3. That ship may already sailed. Before Charlie Strong was hired, Dabo offered to bring his whole staff to Texas. The posters at IT and Texas Rivals (Ketch) laughed and made jokes about Dabo...Like who does he think he is, he has won nothing; Why does Texas want a hillbilly from Clemson, etc. Yes, Eric N and Ketch was LOL at the posts. Remember, Eric N was the biggest cheerleader for Herman. Dabo has everything he wants and asks for at Clemson. It has been noted that Alabama is trying to make plans to get Dabo when Saban leaves (Dabo played at Alabama and was on national championship team).
  4. SHA, I guess you forgot the clown rant: I don’t care what you idiots think. I’m smart than a lot of you. That’s just the facts. Deal with it. Good day. That is why I go by the old saying: Just because a circus is in town doesn't mean you have to talk to the clowns.
  5. I guess I watched a different game. Sam was off on a lot of deep throws. There could have touchdowns on accurate throws. I admire Sam, but let's be honest: Sam was inconsistent.
  6. Bullshit! Herman has been failure before the EOT. He came into this season with piratically a whole new coaching staff. This is Herman being a bad coach it has nothing to do with the EOT. One thing WE ALL can agree on is Herman is a horrible coach. Herman sucks!
  7. Two running plays is almost 1:10. ISU scores with 1:25 left. Mensa my *ss.

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