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  1. This game is over. Mack is a horn. The TCU visit won't happen, and he told Sumlin thanks but no thanks.
  2. I believe he is referring to one whose father is a coach and is currently one of three committed QB's to an ACC school
  3. That Chambers will not possibly be here after NSD.. Don't know if true but will be interesting to see. He posted it within his "Boot Camp" thread.
  4. UM convinced him that he would have a better shot at a head coaching job next year staying where he is with Braxton Miller returning than going to Texas with N unproven quarterback.
  5. Remember who will make Sexton the most money by getting him the Texas job (hint: it is not Fisher). This signed extension gets Fisher significantly more money at FSU moving forward with Kirby Smart getting a nice raise at Bama. However, conversely, perhaps the no buyout clause, allows for Fisher to have leverage against Bama to get even more money and Smart to get a nice raise as the new HC at Florida? Interesting times, indeed!
  6. I came to Cleveland for residency training and stayed for fellowships. Got married and have never left, although that might be changing some time in the future as I have finally convinced my wife that there are greener pastures outside of Cleveland. Damn, I miss Texas! Glad to hear there is another radiologist on the board as well.
  7. Interventional neuroradiologist and MRI expert as well as Senior Medical Director for a large pharmaceutical company. Absolutely love what I do.
  8. This is like the "12 Days After Christmas" with a new name circulating each day. First it was Franklin, then it was Strong, now it is Gruden. This is playing like a perfect Belmont smokescreen.
  9. Agree with McPhaul about Pat. However, things are further along than Pat is letting on.
  10. I agree completely that he would be a very comfortable hire, without the allegation hovering over him. No large university, in its right mind, would hire him until the investigation is complete and a trial carried out. That is my point. Texas cannot afford to hire Franklin at this time IMO
  11. But he does say that Powers would support Franklin, which makes no sense at all given the allegations surrounding the Vanderbuilt program at present. I am not saying that the players are guilty (the case has not been tried) or that Franklin is culpable in the least. However, as the head of that program, it places a very dark cloud over Franklin as a potential candidate anywhere, much less a program like Texas. How could a university president of any institution support a candidate with this much negativity surrounding him?
  12. My question for Chip would be: if Powers will not sign off on Saban because he does not "win with integrity", how can Powers sign off on Franklin and support him with the rape allegation hanging all over the Vanderbuilt program? Something is a little off here IMO.
  13. That is the exact opposite of what I was told. I was told that Powers would not fight any name that was forwarded by Patterson/the committee

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