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  1. If figured he was an automatic to Arkansas.
  2. Aggy's top 2 recruits -- a kid who did not play this season after he was declared ineligible, and a kid who was sent home hours before a state championship game. Yep, sounds about right.
  3. Well, and if Arky actually has this hire correct, the Hogs should also be able to be more competitive against aggy than it has been, and even in Arky's poor state they have been competitive with aggy the past 2 years. So 5th is no guarantee. LOL.
  4. Happy for Rhett. I covered him when he was a QB in high school here in NW Arkansas. I thought he would have been a good fit for us as well. He had a parting of the ways with Malzahn, who is a control freak and had to go out and prove he could do the job on his own.
  5. So this "reporter" turned off the camera and put away the microphone, then interviewed and quoted the kid anyway? Putting away the camera and microphone generally means an off-the-record conversation not for publication. Yet this "reporter" did a full-on interview that he published. Nice. This is why recruiting "reporters" are often considered slimy, unethical schleps.
  6. I think Harrell can be a good OC, but there is a reason the Leach offense is called Air Raid. Too much passing and not enough emphasis on the run game. Hire Lashlee and you get the Malzahn offense. Hell, hire Kendall Briles and you get the Art Briles offense. Just kidding. Do. Not. Hire. Briles. I want an offense that spreads the defense out and uses the power run game. But Lashlee separated himself from Malzahn because Malzahn is a control freak and would not let Lashlee do the job he was hired to do. Herman might be the same way.
  7. I said this last week, too. Lashlee is from the Malzahn tree and the offense is based on a strong run game. Lashlee and Hand have a connection. Lashlee is the guy I want. Make it happen, Herman.
  8. Applewhite is rumored to be the new OC at Arkansas according to what I am hearing.
  9. As expected, Morris to Auburn as the OC. The second part of the package will be his son Chandler signing with Auburn.
  10. I covered Ash when he spent 1 year on Bret Bielema's staff at Arkansas in 2013. He's solid and would be terrific DC at Texas. He stayed one year at Arkansas and quickly hit the exit outta Fayetteville. On the OC search, I think there are better fits than Graham Harrell that would utilize the run game more, and if it were me, I'd be interviewing Rhett Lashley at SMU, who is part of the Malzahn tree. Malzahn has always built his offense around a power run game, using the spread to create space for the backs and QBs. With the RBs that we hopefully have next season, we need an OC who believes in run-first. Another plus is that Lashley has a relationship with Hand from their days at Auburn.
  11. Who expected regression. Hell, we were all expecting to challenge OU for the B12 championship. Two-year starter at QB, All-America WR, our RB added 20 pounds of muscle from last year. We need to hire Urban Meyer. If we want to win? Hire him. 3 natties speak for themself.
  12. I am so over this team and the excuse-making coaching staff. I watched this game and just could not help but think what would Matt Campbell do with the talent across the field from him. Why would any elite recruit want to play for this?
  13. O'Grady has had issues at every level from high school to college. He was suspended at least 3 times, arrested for a DUI and had issues going to class and workouts. Amazing physical gifts. Good luck to him.
  14. Top 25 poll released today: Utah, SMU, Cincinnati, Minnesota and App. Freaking State ranked in the Top 20 and Texas is not. Pathetic. And I don't want to hear about injuries or other excuses. Coach Mensa needs to take a cold, hard look at his staff this offseason and make some uncomfortable decisions, and if he can't or won't make those decisions, then he needs to go with his assistants.
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