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  1. So if Urban Meyer were a no-go, where would Texas go if Herman were to be escorted out? The candidates are less than plentiful. Luke Fickell? Matt Campbell? Hugh Freeze? A coordinator? I want Herman gone, but if it's not Urban, then who?
  2. And Matt Campbell again proves to be a superior coach to Mensa! I realize the bar is not very high. It's time for an #UrbanRenewal.
  3. I want a QB who has shake and bake, one who can be as effective with his legs as he is his arm. Yes, Sam is an adequate north and south runner, mainly on size and strength. I guess I'm hoping for a QB with escapability from a rush, who can keep plays alive with his legs, who is a serious RPO threat. I've not seen Ewers play and perhaps he is all of those things, but he's not the only one. I also think we might already have that guy on campus ...
  4. LOL! Go Cards??? Stanford is not the CARDINALS, they are the CARDINAL, as in the color, not the bird. But good for you.
  5. This win does not, any way, change my mind on Tom Herman. It's time for Urban Renewal.
  6. I'm watching Bama v. Georgia and watching Jaylen Waddle dissect the Dogs' secondary. So that made me do a quick scan of the rosters of both Bama and Georgia to see how many other Texas are on their rosters and who they have verbals from for 2021. The only way to change this is to change the director of the Texas Shit Show. Urban Meyer would do that. Here are the players I found on the rosters. Bama Jaylen Waddel/Houston Episcopal Drew Sanders/Denton Ryan Jase McClellan/Aledo Marcus Banks/Dekaney Matthew Barnhill/Waco Midway Damieon George Jr./Houston North Sh
  7. Hell, we're not even peeing like champions anymore, much less playing like champions.
  8. I heard his narration of this weekend's rivalry and twice he referred to it as Ou vs. Texas. He cannot even get that right. It's Texas-OU, mensa, not the other way around. Would you please just GTFO.
  9. The NFL coach I would love to see on the 40 is Mike Tomlin. I know it won't happen, but I have always thought he was a helluva coach who does not get the league-wide respect he deserves. Most NFL guys won't consider college because of the recruiting. Unlike the NFL, college coaching is year-round, 24-7 and requires a lot of ass-kissing for the boosters and BM donors. Can you imagine Bill Belichick as a college FB coach? We've screwed up this hire twice now. And Herman probably will return in 2021, but anyone who watched the last two games should easily be able to see that the program is not be
  10. I was never hot on the hire of Herman. It was better than what we had, but not by much. The problem with Herman is the same as it is with a lot of coordinators ... he can't hire staff. It's hard to find THE GUY. I would fear the same thing with Joe Brady. There only a few elite THE GUYS out there. I would put Urban Meyer in that elite category. But with Meyer comes baggage. Like a whole truckload of baggage. Is that a deal-breaker? I feel like Meyer will be hired somewhere, the likely being USC. I don't know if Del Conte has the Del Cajonies to make a hire like this. One thing is clear: With T
  11. Rest in the knowledge that at some point, maybe this year, maybe next, that Orgeron will do something or say something to bring the LSU program down. That is his track history, and that does not change.
  12. Need to keep in mind this is the same Orgeron who coached at Ole Miss. Did he suddenly become a great coach? No. He caught lightning in a bottle. Eventually, Orgeron will do something or say something that even LSU can't fix, and that will be the end of O's run. It's not a matter of if it will happen, but when.
  13. I saw Chase Jackson play last night here in NW Arkansas. He made it to the 2Q, then missed the rest of the game. I'm OK with him signing with TCU.
  14. Looking forward to seeing Choctaw, Okla. WR Chase Jackson this week. This Choctaw team is loaded with D1 studs apparently. And their QB is a 6-4 sophomore.
  15. THIS is the juice we have needed. When you land a program-changing 5-star QB, that changes ERRTHING.

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