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    5th generation Texan. My great great great grandfather...which translates to my Dad's grandmother's grandfather was the Governor of Texas who signed the legislation creating the University of Texas. He was also the first dean of the UT Law School. He was called the "Old Alcalde".
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    Longhorn sports, football, golf, guitar, my kids.
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    Technology sector
  1. I would add "Jazz" to that list as well if you have any love for music. Keeping with the music theme a few more worth watching are.... 20 Feet from Stardom (just won the Oscar for best documentary) Sound City Muscle Shoals
  2. My sister has both lived and been a realtor in Kingwood for 25 years. I reached out to her to ask her advice on roofers in the area. The names she gave me were: Wesco - 281-359-1122 4 Star Roofing - 281-359-roof I hope this helps.
  3. My bad, you are correct...missed Vaughn. If he's making the call based on 5 positions then.... Watson - QB coach Wickline - OL coach Robinson - RB coach Wyatt - WR coach Then the OC will be the 5th coach and there will not be a TE coach...which is fine with me. The only TE coach worth having is Tim Brewster anyway. Interesting that neither of our coordinators will coach a position. That's a bit of a different approach but works for me.
  4. Not true...you can have 9 total assistant coaches. Right now we only have 3 defensive coaches confirmed. Charlie himself is the the 4th defensive coach...since he'll actually spend practices coaching instead of schmoozing with MMD's. We can potentially have 6 offensive coaches if that's the way he chooses to make up his staff.
  5. I totally understand and agree. I'm am not and will not defend what he said...the way he expressed his frustration was indefensible. He should have said nothing about Strong beyond he looks forward to great success from him. His choice of words and criticism of an innocent party in Strong completely destroyed any legitimate point he may have had.
  6. I'm not going to defend his statements...they were indefensible. That said, I suspect he was trying to compare Charlie's career record to the other candidates who were never interviewed or offered. Saban has 4 MNC's, Fisher has 2 as a OC and is obviously playing for one as a HC, Gruden has a Super Bowl ring, John Harbaugh has a Super Bowl ring....etc. The primary legitimate criticism anyone could level at Charlie Strong is he's only been a Head Coach for 4 years and only had 2 good seasons in those 4 years. His 2 good season both came with a VY caliber QB. What happens if he doesn't have
  7. Randolph, that's simply not true. Without Greg Abbott and Robert Rowling among others it would have not mattered what the alumni did. Btw, who do you think stirred up the alumni in the first place?
  8. Here's where it gets complicated. If it wasn't for these guys we would be looking at 6-7 more years of Mack because Powers and Dodds were never going to do anything about it. These are the guy who retired Dodds, and because of Powers actions were forced to force Mack out....not something they wanted to do at all. Then they personally selected Patterson to be AD to execute their vision for the future of UT Atheletics...which was for us to be the indisputable Gorilla of D1 sports. If Patteson thought hiring Strong was the clear cut path towards dominating the football landscape he should hav
  9. Dizz, there is a reason Red was pissed and Mack was classy. That said, Red's comments were inappropriate and not well thought out. There is no defending what he said. To me, he should have distinguished between Strong....who did nothing wrong....and his anger directed towards Powers and Patterson who in the minds of some betrayed the guys who either put them in their jobs or have protected them in their jobs. These are not the kind of people you betray without repercussions. Red's ESPN interview was reactionary and not particularly well thought out. However, he has a legitimate beef. He
  10. I need to see how rest of the staff fleshes out...especially the offensive coordinator position. I also need to know who is going to be starting at QB. It's going to be difficult to get a realistic/accurate read on this team until we've seen them play a legit opponent. It looks like we've got a couple of them on our early season OOC schedule (BYU & UCLA) and a couple more in our early conference schedule (Baylor & OU). By the end of the OU game we will have faced 4 legit opponents in our first 6 games of the season. I'm not sure I remember the last time that happened. Coach Stron
  11. UTK66, the "hiring committee" was intended to represent the interests of the BMD's running this deal and were represented by Steve Hicks, Bobby Stillwell, and Robert Rowling. These guys matter...a lot. They were frozen out of the final decision making. That is a critical tactical error by Patterson that has cost him enormous political capital in the last 24 hours. Don't forget, these are EXACTLY the same guys who hired Patterson to do their bidding.
  12. Who did Strong impress in his interview? Patterson? That's not the same thing as interviewing with the Hiring Committee and blowing them away. If that had happened everyone would be on board. However, no one interviewed him but Patterson. Then Patterson pulled the trigger out of fear that Miami might get Strong rather than fully exploring going after Jimbo Fisher...who by all accounts was extremely interested. If your stakeholders wanted Saban first and foremost then Fisher would be the next best option. If Patterson blew Fisher off because of timing and his own personality issues with
  13. I'm guessing Patterson better be watching his cornhole...because that is a completely unacceptable approach on his part.
  14. Let me draw a corporate analogy for you that might help put this in perspective..... From the top of the Corporate Food Chain down to the Management level 1. Major Investors ala VC's, Majority Shareholders = Rowling, McCombs, Tillerson, Tom Hicks 2. Board of Directors = Board of Regents = Steve Hicks and Bobby Stillwell 3. CEO = President of the University = Powers 4. VP of Sports = AD= Patterson The Major Investors and Major Shareholders along with and combined with the BoR collectively are bar none the most powerful people in the equation. The CEO and VP of Sports ignore

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