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Everything posted by drgilbert

  1. I don’t remember if anyone has posted this yet
  2. And he will find a way to make sure they vote dem
  3. Those freakin cowards. I wish the person that gets hit from the back would be allowed to administer one hit on the individual that hit them. Then send the coward to jail
  4. I will never understand how anyone can be ashamed on their race. Are there white people who are racist assholes, yes. Their actions don’t define me though
  5. I wonder if his white friends know his thoughts on their benefits and how those benefits have helped them achieve what they have.
  6. More laughter. To me that shows his true thoughts on anything I’ve accomplished. It’s only because I’m white. I feel sorry for him.
  7. I had someone laugh at my statement that my whiteness never gave me any benefits. I don’t understand the laughter, unless they can prove that I benefited from being white. I don’t want some bullshit generalization either. If someone says that I benefited from being white then that is a slap in the face to everything I’ve achieved. No matter what color my skin I would have been successful, it comes from my upbringing and determination. I can understand having a difference of opinion, but trying to diminish my achievements because of a perceived “benefit “ is freakin stupid
  8. Being born white didn’t give me any benefits. My belief in God along with hard work has helped me get to where I’m at now.
  9. Oh look, they have a video of a peaceful protester. His story sounds like complete bs to me
  10. If this shit doesn’t make your blood boil you’re not human.
  11. So Cuba is involved in ballot harvesting

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