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Everything posted by drgilbert

  1. I appreciate and look forward to all the info given here. I take it for what it is and realize things Happen. Sorry you lost sponsors but you haven't lost me. #TEXASSTRONG
  2. My daughters boyfriend goes to Baylor so I am rooting for them. It is also Good for the big12
  3. Look folks we can't go off the deep end every time somebody post something. If you think Patterson is the right man for the job then trust his judgement. If you already doubt Patterson then you might need to buy another bottle Of your favorite beverage and drink heavily. I am going to trust the process.
  4. I think it was something on twitter. Have been hooked since the first time I got on the board. Thanks to everyone who keeps this site running and Chock full of info.
  5. Great coach 10-2. Sheesh we even won a few games with case anybody will Be a step above him. Get a great DC and OC and turn up the intensity and you Never know, good things can happen.
  6. I am pleased Patterson has put a lid on leaks for now. Will the lid still be Closed after our new coach is announced and we are back to normal?
  7. AC/DC, Mötley Crew, John Cougar, ZZTOP, Bee Gees, love rock and roll. Wife loves country.
  8. Thanks yours showed up. I have a notification on my phone from Tapatalk that says McPhaul sent you a message "Re: Accept my friend request!" -Horn Sports I can't find it anywhere to accept. Any advice? by the way, thanks for being a friend
  9. I usually view HS through tapatalk on my IPhone. i have had notifications that somebody had quoted something I said and I had somebody request me to be their friend. I click on the notification on my phone and it tells me There is no account in Horn Sports this device matches the notification. I have to sign in but I cannot find the friend request. i am now on a computer and I still cannot find the friend request. I would like to accept the request but do not know where to go or what to do. Sorry for my ignorance. Please help the computer challenged.
  10. Can someone explain to me why JF would come after he wins NC. I think he wins. Is it all about $ or is there Something else. Florida is a nice state with lots of talented kids. Also every year you lose kids and face new Challenges which should keep him invigorated at his current position. Does he have Texas ties?
  11. [ATTACH]510[/ATTACH]i hope I did this right. I wanted to show off my new Longhorn watch that my wife and kids got me.
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone. Be safe but have fun. HOOK EM!!
  13. I forgot about Phil, he was fantastic. By himself and with Genesis

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