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Everything posted by drgilbert

  1. We hit them in the mouth and they got up and are now hitting us back
  2. If he can throw the ball on our side of the field he can throw it when we get past the 50.
  3. Defense looks shaky. Offense not looking bad. Keep throwing the ball and the run will open up
  4. I wore a dress once for our powder puff football game. I wonder if they will let me have a go at it.
  5. Whiskey, beer or both for the game? Someone please help me make up my mind!
  6. I don't have a problem with a strict disciplinarian. I would be embarrassed if the players weren't kept in check and we had multiple arrests.
  7. Is our defense better than what CS had his first year at Louisville?
  8. Thanks Marian. Are there any other prospects there we should be keeping an eye on?
  9. There have been a few things posted about the recruits at our game. Can you elaborate on what was said by recruits as a whole and individually if you can.
  10. I read where someone slashed the tires on Turner's bicycle. Apparently he also loves Taco Bell
  11. Jerry the GM sucks. How does he let his ego get in the way of winning Super Bowls? If he would have left Jimmy alone there is no telling how many trophies he would have. I didn't know about the big check he gave Tom. I wish jerry would go away quietly and maybe Stephen will hire a real GM. I know, wishful thinking.
  12. Iowa Stare is terrible. I don't know that they bring anything to the table. Can we trade them for money and a team to be named later?

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