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Everything posted by drgilbert

  1. I don't care if he is the player of the year, if he did what it says he did then he needs to be gone. Stop the world and let him and rice get off.
  2. I got to watch Troy, Emmit and Michael Irvin. I loved if.
  3. I am rooting for ou because if they are undefeated when we play them then they are still ranked high. So after we beat them if helps our program.
  4. Can you tell Watson we have the advantage and for him to open up the offense!!!
  5. Well, if we play great you tell them, look you can be a part of this fantastic defense, if we play like crap then it is look you can start as a freshman. I think we need to offer Malik the opportunity to play wherever he wants, inside, outside, just get him here
  6. I guess our young receivers will have to step up. If we can get the ball to JW in space I think he can be a playmaker. We also need th get the tightends involved
  7. Is this a result of getting Turner or was last year's play the reason?
  8. I am also still a fan and always will be. Nothing worse than fair weather fans
  9. Can June still coach a potent offense? If so maybe he needs to move to Austin and do some consulting.
  10. Yeah, Monday was not fun. I had 2 aggies and 1 ole miss fan gang up on me. I think it is still early but it looks like BYU is playing better. I sure hope we play better and that the big 12 kicks the sec's butt every time we play them
  11. If CS is doubting himself after two games then he most certainly is the wrong MAN for the job. I capitalize that because I don't give a tinker's damn the color of his skin. Can we please move past that and focus on his coaching skills. If we must talk color the let it be burnt orange! Long live coach Strong and Go Horns! BTHO UCLA
  12. Since you brought up the comparison of BYU to UCLA I have a question to ask and would like everybody's opinion. My aggy friend and I were discussing football and he said South Carolina would beat BYU. I said he has 0 facts or stats to back up that statement. So who do you think is better right now BYU or UCLA?
  13. Got in a workout then watched my cowboys get their as kicked as romo again forgot what team he is on. I wish I had found a hobby instead of watching football. This weekend sucked.
  14. I don't understand the criticism of Swoopes. He had 3-4 dropped balls that would have him over 75% completion rate. Two deep balls one was caught and one overthrown. The kid did great. Even VY couldn't win with that piss poor playcalling unless he changed every play at the line of scrimmage.
  15. I don't think Watson read the article on how to prepare the second string QB. We were very successful in shotgun and quick throws to the receivers. We drove from our side to their side using that strategy, then on 3rd and 3 we run up the middle and stall. The personnel was executing the quick throws, the play calling was bad. IMO
  16. It was definitely a team and coaching loss. I also think Watson's play calling was pretty bad.
  17. Swoopes was 20 of 31. If you add the three drops he is 23/31 which is over a 70% completion rate. We should have stayed in the shotgun and thrown quick hitting passes, when we did if worked. Watson's ability to adjust was not good. Obviously the defense failed to execute on BYU's first two possessions of third qtr. it was a team loss. Let's hope they can get it fixed.
  18. 34-7 hill still playing is bronco being as asshoke coach. Hope he does not get hurt.
  19. I don't think the defense was tired the first two drives of the second half. They just kicked our ass. We still don't have the heart we need.

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