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  1. Monarch, I don't think it is negative that CFS is kicking kids off the team. He is cleaning house so what he is doing may be a black eye on MB but is a positive for UT. Multiple parents and recruits(VAHE) are embracing the core values every time CFS kicks a malcontent off the team it is proof positive of his resolve
  2. A) Sleepy Hollow The Last Ship. Tyrant. Bones. Rush. IMO the acting in these shoes is good.
  3. SHA have you ever used dry oatmeal on any colonies? I have used it a couple of times with mixed results
  4. Marian, tell us if Makik wears an aggy shirt when Sumlin comes to visit
  5. Bevo would not need protecting. He would have stuck his horn in the opposing player. Then tossed him ten feet in the air.
  6. Don, if Kylar Murray is a first or second round pick do you think he chooses baseball over college football?
  7. Isn't Murray moving up the draft board in baseball?
  8. My aggy friend said he has heard rumors of some linebackers being told they won't ever play and some of them might transfer. Doesn't sound like big time talent leaving according to him
  9. I would rather schedule home/ with LSU than ever play aggy again.
  10. I have read that the coaches are out visiting recruits. Any idea on who and how it is going?
  11. As a Cowboy fan I approve the pick of Brown.
  12. Sarcasm is a beautiful thing when done right
  13. I think the poster who is dissing Swoopes is only looking at the won/loss records. Heard won 2 state championships and Swoopes went 1-9(I think) his senior year. I like Swoopes. I think he gives us the best chance to win now and now is what matters to the program and the recruits. I do hope we can get the ball downfield a bit more.
  14. If you love the game it is never too early. I am pretty hyped about the upcoming seSon myself.
  15. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone, and she's always gone to long, every time she goes away. Everybody sing!
  16. I understand the growing pains on offense, but I thought our defense would be better. I have been telling anybody who would listen that I thought our D-line would be the best in the country. Guess I was drinking the kool-aid and not being realistic
  17. Was Tank playing at the beginning of the third when they had that long run?
  18. I realize the coin toss was botched. In spite of that we had the ball with the lead and couldn't run out the clock or score again to give us some breathing room. They take the lead, we get the ball and can't go score. So in spite of the coin toss we had two chances at the end to win and we didn't. I think in the end the coin toss was irrelevant
  19. Well folks it was a disappointing loss. But with God's help there will be a tomorrow. God bless each and every one of yo hand God bless our Longhorns! Good night
  20. I am conflicted with being proud of our players. Two penalties on punts, two holding penalties on same offensive lineman, up by 4 and defensive back let's receiver tub by him, we recover a fumble then drop a pass and can't pass block, too many missed tackles. It was a complete tea. And coaching loss. I am sad.

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