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  1. They are 0-7 on third down we are 3-9 for third down. We have to have a better conversion rate than that
  2. You know I am concerned about us scoring, but if we double the first half it is 42-0. I have to learn patience and just let us work on continuity and getting better.
  3. We are winning, and maybe it's just me, but I am concerned about our offense. Thank you defense.
  4. Wish I was there!! But with a lot of help from my brother I have the LHN!! I get to watch the game !! Go Horns!
  5. Since we are talking about future opponents is anyone watching BYU kicking ass right now? They look pretty good right now
  6. Now Brent is pushing for UT to play aggy. I don't like Brent. He is a jerk.
  7. We can't win the perception battle this week. Even if we win by 100 points it won't be as impressive to the recruits as was aggy is doing tonight. Freakin gamecocks SUCK.
  8. Malik Jefferson is on twitter talking about how good tamu is looking
  9. So the question is, is tamu offense that good or are the cocks just a limp defense?
  10. Glad you made it safely home

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