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Everything posted by drgilbert

  1. I thought it meant we ruined this state. 😃
  2. Street the only issue I have is saying our fan base has turned into the fan base looking for a moral victory. For some reason I have a problem with that. Maybe I am splitting hairs, don't know. I am extremely blunt and sometimes too open with my opinion. I don't want sunshine pumping or all negatives, I just want honest opinions from UT fans. And yes I can handle the truth. I will be patient with CS because I think he can turns this around. I am looking for progress not yea we only lost by 10 that is a moral victory. Just my two cents.
  3. I saw Lauren Beard has committed to play volleyball for UT. Don't know anything about her, just thought I would pass it on.
  4. I am not looking for moral victories, I am looking for progress. We need to continue to show improvement on both sides of the ball. We also need to make better halftime adjustments maybe to some a moral victory is synonymous with progress for me they are two different things.
  5. We are a fickle bunch aren't we I enjoy any info on anything to be honest. Although football is my favorite
  6. You know killr it has been quite a few years since I was actually excited to watch the Cowboys play. The last 3 years in particular have been disappointing I hope I won't get crushed again. At least this year they look like they are playing with some passion and heart. May the best team win.
  7. Sorry to see you go Darrell. I really enjoyed Crossfire. I like the inside info no matter what it is called. I wish you could have stayed and been a part of the community. With losing the 49% I understand why you are leaving. Good luck God bless you will be missed
  8. Killrjoe tell them to bring hell with them, they still can't stop our offense. Texans are going down.
  9. I think the B- is a bit high. He had a 59% completion rate and missed 2/3 deep balls that would have been scores. I am a fan of Swoopes but he was not as sharp as he was against UCLA
  10. Romo has definitely grasped defeat too many times. But for one magic night the Boys looked good. Bring on the Texans!
  11. Congratulations to my Cowboys on their complete dismantling of the saints.
  12. I don't think the playcalling was that bad. We went deep quite a few times and Swoopes missed some wide open receivers. Swoopes did not look good throwing deep except for the TD that got called back for holding.
  13. Reminds me of when I use to wear the ever so popular mullet. Any other ex-mullet heads here?
  14. Sorry doc if I made you upset talking about boobs and rear ends. I thought we could joke around with a community of friends that don't take ourselves too seriously, did not mean any disrespect
  15. Screw it, we don't need him. We have the freshman linebacker turned TE that will fill the void. Sorry I have forgotten his nane
  16. What is worse public perception, Strong kicking these kids off the team of these kids getting thrown in jail in a couple of years? Let's just let the process play out and enjoy the progress we have made. If these recruits can't handle the core values do we really need them?
  17. Yes sir Mr Monarch I have read your posts. This is about your post talking about negative national headlines. Is it a negative or positive that CFS is holding steadfast? I see the as a positive. If you cut out the cancer that is positive. Again this is only in response to just one of your statements not your love for UT

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